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    Butler to Belmont?

    I think the words pain in the ass come to mind. My husband was doing this journey and it was at least 1.5hrs coming home, sometimes more. We are in hillarys now and it still takes from 50mins to 1.5 hrs if you dont time it right. He will be leaving before 7am and getting back after 6pm unless he can work flexi hours.
  2. lozzachino

    Pre-school/kindy in Perth.

    I know this is an old thread but my son is at Hillarys Community Kindy this year and it really is fantastic. It is linked with Hillarys Primary but it located away from the school which gives it a much more personal feel to it. My son is one of the youngest in his year and i was worried about him going to a large school with hundreds of kids but now he attends class with a total of 19 children and its wonderful. thei the website isnt massively up to date but its being worked on now, http://hillaryscommunitykindergarten.wa.edu.au. And their facebook page is very active if you want to see what they do as this is much more current.
  3. lozzachino

    Typical outgoings in Perth... Help!!

    Our bills for family of three are: rent 500 pw food 150-200 pw elec 50 pm gas 60 pm water 20 pm internet and phone 59 pm foxtel 99pm mobiles x 2 80pm for both health ins, extras only 53pm car ins 60pm for one care Childcare 70pw for two days a week Fuel around $250-300 for two cars per month we have another car which was paid insurance for the year upfront which was around $400, and we paid contents ins for a year upfront at $150 for the year. factor in all the other things you will have throughout the year, school fees and uniforms, drivers license fees - yes you pay for these! - car services etc. we still have more money left here than we ever did in the uk and we actually get to enjoy the weekends instead of being house bound due to the $&@! Weather or visiting family and sitting in their houses! $90k is very liveable if you aren't expecting to live the high life!
  4. lozzachino

    Burns Beach, Perth

    Burns beach is a very nice new are with the nice price tag that comes along. Its opposite iluka which is also an affluent area and across from kinross which is ok as well with older houses but still new compared to areas closer to the city. Its at the end of the freeway so makes it closer than going up to clarkson, mindarie, quinns etc, which is another 10/15 mins drive from the freeway. It may not have any shops but its a less than 5 min drive to currumbine shops with restaurants, cinema and petrol station, and not far to the train station. you could certainly do far worse than burns beach!
  5. lozzachino

    Uk tax return

    We do the online self assessment as requested by hmrc after we notified them we were emigrating via the non resident landlord form. They requested i do two years of self assessment rerturns, and my husband was requested to only do 2012/13, all of which have been done submitted and i even got a refund from two years ago, a whole 12 quid! not come across this form before, so wondering if its because they dont want us to know we can still claim a personal allowance? Can we? Didnt think we could if we did not live or work there for any part of the year?
  6. lozzachino

    Uk tax return

    Havent seen this before. We aren't claiming a personal allowance in the uk as we have no earnings in the current tax year besides one month salary for my husband. Our rental property is running at a major loss this year and we have no chance of actually earning an income from it until we sell it. i looked at the help page for how to fill the form in, it was 24 pages long! They dont like to make things simple do they!
  7. lozzachino

    Uk tax return

    Oh no what is this? Never heard of it. Only submitted the non residents landlord form before we left and then our subsequemt tax returns for the last tax year as requested by hmrc. what is this form for?
  8. lozzachino

    Uk tax return

    Thanks alan and alaska. We have filed our last two years returns using the online system so assuming we will be good to go on6 april. Only keen as hubby paid tax for this tax year before we left so keen to get that back!
  9. lozzachino


    Definitely worth trying. Harvey norman and good guys have always knocked money off when asked if thats their best price. Good guys even have a figure they can sell each item at which is below the ticket item. So if you ask, you get that cheaper price, dont ask and you will pay the ticket price.
  10. lozzachino

    Uk tax return

    Hi, does anyone know when you can complete your uk tax return for the previous year? Does it automatically open up on the self assessment online on 6 april or is there a delay? Thanks!
  11. lozzachino

    West Country folk?

    We moved from gloucestershire last year, have discovered Somersby cider at Dan Murphys, it is lush!! Not sure if you can get it at a bar.
  12. lozzachino

    The Great British Chippy

    Still open when i last stopped at dan's! Maybe they got sick of answering questions?
  13. lozzachino

    1.9- Suddenly wages don't seem so great in Oz.

    At the end of the day its down to luck. We moved money to aus in march 2013 when the dollar was pretty much at its lowest. Why? Because we were moving in april. Couldnt wait any longer. We now have to send money back to the uk next month to pay for a new boiler in our property. You get what you get, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Unless you have millions and exchange for fun, there is nothing you can do about the rate. we are far better off in aus than in the uk, plus we have the benefit of feeling like we are on holiday every weekend
  14. Each agent is different. One wanted six months paid up front or they would not accept us. Another just wanted a bank statement to prove we had the funds. So look around.
  15. lozzachino

    Removal company IRELAND TO PERTH

    Maybe try posting in the removals section, you may get more replies