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    how to find cheap house furniture?

    thank you so much for all the advice I wasnt sure if they done car boot sales etc so this is good to know. will definitely keep my eyes out for signs! hopefully there will be a chance to go kerb surfing in July. at least we have a month to find everything as we are fully furnished to start with. Few!! x
  2. Hi, my husband, 2 children and I, get to Perth on 24th July. we are staying in Mullaloo for 29 days and in that time will be looking for furniture to take to the house we decide to rent. I have been looking on Ebay ad Gumtree but just wondered if anyone knew of someone moving back to the uk etc that could help us out? Thanks
  3. Eddie10

    Butler to Belmont?

    Hiya, Need your help. We are emigrating to Perth in July and need to find a good area for our young family (1 year and 3 yrs old) We love Butler, looks clean and a lovely area to bring up the children. The only thing we dont know, how long will the commute be from Butler to Belmont? This is where my husbands office is.. Will this be too far?? Regards
  4. Eddie10

    to buy in oz or ship out from england?

    thanks for all the advice... have taken it all on board
  5. Hello, We are coming over to Perth in July but having a dilemma of what to take out with us!! is it easy to find bits for cheap when you get there or shall we just bring our beds etc with us? is there car boot sales or the oz version of this? thanks
  6. Eddie10

    Salary Concerns and rental

    Also, How long would the commute take from Duncraig to Belmont or Joondulup to Belmont? I hear the roads are not great??
  7. Eddie10

    Salary Concerns and rental

    Hi My salary has not included any bounses afterall a bonus is a bonus. I will get a expenses paid car also so will not require the train. Keep coming with those suburb recommendations though. At the current rate £48k is $85k (I know its coming down so quickly) I think we may need to be a little more clever with our money intially....
  8. Eddie10

    Salary Concerns and rental

    Hi I will be field based but my office will be in Belmont. We have looked at homes in the Duncraig area even as far up as Joondulup but are unsure if this is realistic or not. I have been told to not go above $550 a week. What would you advise?
  9. Eddie10

    Salary Concerns and rental

    Hi All I am a little concerned, we have just received a 457 visa and I have got sponsorship from my company in Oz (Rentokil) I have a wife and 2 kids, (1 and 3) My concern here is that I will be on the same money in Oz (90K) that I earn in the UK (48K) and I assume that living will be more expensive in Australia. We will be renting initially so can someone let me know how much we should spend on renting on my wage in a cheaper suburb of Perth?? My income will be our only income initially. Many Thanks
  10. Hi Guys I am currently looking into the cost of living in Australia to get a feel for what my family and I can expect. There is my wife, myself and 2 children (3 years and 9 months) We are looking for a rented property around $550 per week and my work is going to be based in Belmont. My salary, which will be our only income initally will be in the region of $90k before any bonus. Please can someone give us an idea on what we should expect to pay on monthly bills? Any suburb recommendations would also be welcomed. Should be out by August.. Many Thanks
  11. Eddie10


    thankyou... whats rego? i will used to all the new terms soon haha x
  12. Hello... i am moving to perth with my husband and 2 children who are 9months and 3 years old. we have been looking around the duncraig area as my husband will be working in belmont. any info on this area would be great? as a mum i feel a bit worried about the flight with the children... any tips on how to keep them happy for the whole flight would come in very handy? thanks xx
  13. Eddie10


    hiya... I have decided to sell my car in the uk before emirgrating to perth. i have been looking at cheap little run arounds just to start off with but they all say Excluding Gov Charges next to the price. can anyone tell me how much any charges will be etc just so i dont get any suprises when we come out there. thankyou
  14. just wondering if there is any easy ways of meeting people/ making friends in perth. we are moving there is june/ july.. my husband, 3 year old daughter and 9 month old son and I. it will be easy for my husband to meet people through work. is there toddler groups etc out there? i wont be working so want to keep myself sociable and busy so i dont miss home to much
  15. Hi Guys As the title suggests what have you done when intially moving to Oz, it takes 13 weeks to ship house contents (I am told) so what are the options once we get off the plane? Baring in mind TV's, beds, Sofa's etc will not arrive for another 3 months.. Is temp accomodation affordable and furnished. Maybe its cheaper to sell all contents and buy 2nd hand in Oz.....? Please help!!!?