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  1. Mega agree, bring as much outdoor furniture as you can. we brought a v cheap B&M outdoor lounge set. After a couple of years outdoors, not undercover in the UK, plus 4 years out in the full sun in Oz, it still looks the same, nothing special, but just the same as when we bought it. 18 months ago we bought a "specially made for Oz weather conditions " outdoor lounge set. Its always been under the roofed alfresco area, gets caught only when the sun is low, or going down, never full on heat. Its falling to bits, needs replacing!! Whenever I've been back to the UK and I go somewhere like a Dobbies garden centre and see the beautiful outdoor furniture, like nothing I can get here, I just want to get a container and bring a load back.
  2. Would have loved to have brought my duck down quilt but was told it wouldn't get thru customs. they don't have a tog system here, so putting two together is really the best you can do. and beware....we went from a double bed in the UK to a king size here. Its a great bed but v expensive to buy bedding for
  3. fifi69

    My travel thread

    Aww...when you leaving?? You've had such an adventure, great memories I hope. Travel and experiencing new places is the best thing ever.
  4. fifi69

    Collecting a dog from quarantine

    It will all depend on what price you can get the flights for and the weight of your dog. We had to do this 3 years ago with our two labs. First thing is to get quotes from the pet shippers, ie Jetpets, Dogtainers, etc. This will let you know what price you need to better, then head onto the websites to price up flights to Sydney and back. Only Quantas and Virgin will allow your dog on so the return flight will need to be with one of them but you could use one of the cheaper airlines, Jetstar, tiger to get to Sydney . your dog is calculated as luggage, so you only pay for anything over the luggage allowance. Our two combined weight came in over 80kg but it still worked v cheap. You would need to check if you can use the crate that they were in to get here, if not you can hire crates cheaply and the company will bring to the airport for you. You need to book your dog direct with the airline, no forms, just a phone call and you don't pay for the dog until you get to the airport, ie they weight them then tell you the exact amount, although you will already know roughly how much your dog weighs so will have a good idea. So in the end it all depends on what comes in cheaper and if you want the hassle free route and not have to fly over yourself. The other difference is if using a company then your pooch will fly on a cargo plane, obliviously if they fly with you then its on a passenger jet with you (still in the hold though)
  5. Weather forecasters said it would rain late evening, top temp of 21, which was close to the high of 2000:cool: Nah:mad: its been rubbish, raining, overcast and cold all day
  6. Went to the chest freezer in the utility room to get some sauusage rolls, that's the freezer that is mainly for party food, unexpected guests etc. must have had a few over shops in the past, because it was quite full of some lovely forgotten stuff lol. Mmmm feast:smile:
  7. fifi69

    what are you doing right now?

    amazing!! This too is why we love Aus..remember why you came.. We love the outdoors and for us its about making the most of what nature and the weather has given us. Wishing you the best out outcome in your health struggles xx
  8. fifi69

    what are you doing right now?

    Hey thought I would pop in and say hi properly this time!! an unusual weekend day for me. I'm at home. Think that last happened a couple of years ago when we first moved to this house. Normally we are to be found out and about enjoying the delights of Perth and surrounds. OH and his mate are out in the garden doing manly things ie concreting foundations for gates. We had a pool put in the other week, so its all systems go in the back yard. been nice catching up on the threads, seeing what everyone is upto. Another exciting time for us coming up shortly is the chance to apply for Australian citizenship. Can't believe we've done 4 years, its been a friggen amazing time, loved it and know that there is plenty more good times to be had here in Perth
  9. Wishing you all the best for the move and your new life in Perth. I did send you a message via messenger, not sure if you got it?
  10. fifi69

    Bad Losers

    Kev....could we persuade you to come out of retirement to run for the position of PM?
  11. The beach is lovely, so much space, as in all beaches here lol. The sea is beautiful and calm. We are v lucky to live here. No, not going to the meet, my Sundays are spent with family and close friends....
  12. its an amazing place, we love it down there, but don't have to worry about kids and live a bit more SOR than you, so its an easy day out for us, don't even have to worry about taking food, cos so many lovely eateries about. This morning OH just picked his brekkie up at the bakers in Dunsborugh, while I had a look round the market lol
  13. People that say all beaches are the same...no there not, especially in Perth. i don't like the choppy beaches anymore, and just stick to the sheltered bay ones now. You can see if there is any nasty jelly fish for one. In my area, I avoid Secret Harbour beach, great for the surfers though. I like Warnbro for the dogs, PK is good for the jet ski, Shoalwater is nice, but can be hectic with wind surfers. Today we had a lovely day out down in Dunsborough, stopped of for brekkie, a few farm type shops, a few hours at the v calm Eagle bay beach, a couple of stops at the local wineries there with a bite to eat. Then back home. every weekend is like a holiday living here:wink:
  14. fifi69

    Holiday in Scotland - Where to go?

    With children your age, I would agree that aviemore would be a great base for at least three days, so much to do in that locality and a great place if your kids prefer wide open spaces, as opposed to larger built up cities. lots of other places I could recommend, but if your only in Scotland for a week then you don't want to spend it traveling. If you do go to aviemore, check out the Landmark centre in Carrbridge, a great tree top walk for the kids there, plus lots of other stuff.
  15. Oh wow, a new adventure for you. cant help with any of your questions, but just wanted to wish you good luck. My OH worked most of last winter in Sydney, so I would pop over to see him lol. I really liked the CBD and the other "tourist spots". Thought it was a v easy city to get about in. Found it on a par with or slightly cheaper to eat and drink than Perth. It was def colder than Perth!! Personally the suburb OH was working in was dire, it would make Rotherham look like paradise haha, and while sat on the train from the airport it was like that for the whole journey, but a different direction would bring nicer places. Stay clear of any Wests venues, like UK working men's clubs on steroids!!