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  1. landv

    Hyundai Getz for sale

    Going home and need to sell. Hyundai Getz, 1.4, 5 door, 2010, manual. New tyres, full service history, tinted windows, REG until August. 67500 km on odo and in excellent condition. $ 7500 Perth NOR
  2. landv

    Australia....not the fairytale most people think??

    What makes you think that your daughter will benefit from growing up here? What will she become and/or gain by living here? As a mum of a two year old girl, I'm genuinely interested. I have thought about this a lot since my daughter was born, and by looking at the bigger picture and long term, I think ultimately she will benefit more ('more' being the keyword) from growing up in the UK. But I understand, it's a very personal decision.
  3. landv

    What annoys you most on PIO? Part deux

    The question should be who annoys you most rather than what annoys you most on PIO :laugh:
  4. landv

    Why are Aussies so insecure?

    That is so true
  5. landv

    Why are Aussies so insecure?

    They aren't just insecure, but have a huge chip on their shoulders too. Some of them are quite frankly, just simply arrogant. Not so much the women, but the men. In actual fact, Aussie men make my skin crawl... the macho attitude they're trying to exhibit...little do they know it isn't clever, it isn't big, and it certainly isn't impressive... it's just pathetic.
  6. I bet... I'm getting some really disturbing mental images right now..:laugh:
  7. Funnily enough, my hubby mentioned exactly the same thing the other day.
  8. Same for me, I had only one cold during my four years here, back home I used to get nasty chest infections on top of bad colds too at least once a year. Interesting isnt it? It must be the dampness in the air.
  9. Oh yes.... chavs! I did think of putting chavvy towns with dreary council estates on my list, but I did mention postcode snobbery....:mask: And yes, will avoid the home counties this time.
  10. I really hope it will be the same for us too.
  11. I know we are all immensely looking forward to moving back to good old Blighty including myself, but occasionally I do a mental reality check what I won't be too keen on to see/experience again. I only do it, so I can prepare myself and won't have a massive wobble in the first months or the first year. I'll start off: - getting up half an hour earlier in midwinter in the freezing cold and dark to scrape the car - foggy, damp, drizzly, dark days that seem to last forever - parked cars everywhere... and I mean everywhere and having to stop every meter to let the traffic flow - paying council tax and whingeing about the council (yet again) about not collecting the bins for weeks and not filling in the potholes on the roads (amongst many other things) - the price of petrol - looking for parking spaces - driving on the motorway - postcode snobbery and toffs - working for the NHS again (I'm very apprehensive about that) - getting payed monthly - January & February May I add that the reasons for going back far outweigh all the above, and this thread is also meant to be a little tongue-in- cheek.
  12. landv

    Are you an Oz8er?

    I don't hate Oz.... only occasionally (depending on my mood):cute:, after all, I chose to come here, made my bed now lay in it and all that. It's OK to hate it sometimes, occasionally we hate other things in life too... jobs, the boss, paying bills, the world, cleaning the house... you get the picture.
  13. I agree with Verystormy, I think it mainly depends on someone's mindset and individual perception of the place and/or people. Personally I find this place very superficial, lacks depth, crass and harsh on the eye.... and at times, 'in my face', and these are some of the many reasons I loathe it here.
  14. landv

    The curse of Facebook.

    Absolutely. In the end, I just couldn't fight against that yearning anymore and I had to accept the fact that I can't settle and immerse myself into "forever life" here. The realization was hard and it felt like some kind of defeat at the time, but it has also been a life lesson to remain true to myself.
  15. landv

    Australian expressions

    :biglaugh: Also, getting a happy meal from Maccas........... awesome maaaaaaaaate (and they're all nodding in agreement) :cute: