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  1. sazgeering

    References requested - good sign???

    Hey - I'm Secondary Science (chemistry specifically), I was very surprised to get an interview before I moved out - it was over the phone, so quite tricky! Thanks to all for your replies, I have been offered both jobs, I'm now just in a dilemma about which one I should go with! :-/
  2. Hi - pretty much as the title asks? I've had 2 interviews now and both have asked my head teacher and head of department for references (I am a teacher) - my question is, is this just standard practice or is this a good sign? Thanks if you can shed any light on this! :-)
  3. sazgeering

    Contraceptive injection - Perth?

    Thanks practicenurse - I might look into it - I'm just a whimp though, and after 3 years I'd probably completely forget when it would need to be changed! Those people in Oz on the injection - I've heard it costs about $16 for the prescription and $40 for the doctors appointment, I saw someone say the medicare refunds some of this - how long does it take to get some of that money back? Thanks again people! :-)
  4. sazgeering

    Contraceptive injection - Perth?

    Has anyone changed from the injection to the implant? Are the side-effects the same? for example I get a very good convienient side effect each month from the injection and don't want to lose it - so would the implant be the same? :confused:
  5. sazgeering

    Pet Air Scotland

    Thanks for your reply - I noticed after posting this that pet air Scotland is basically pet air UK - but still good to get some feedback on how good they are - so thank you for your reply! Being run by vets would definitely be a positive for us too - I'm a bit anxious about our cat making the journey, but I'm sure it'll be worth it - he'll love sunbathing when he joins us! :-)
  6. Basically what it says in the title - I have inks for tattooing and sealed needles for tattooing - will I be able to send them? We're using Seven Seas Shipping company, so I might message them too - but thought I'd ask here first in case anyone had experience of doing this before?
  7. sazgeering

    Pet Air Scotland

    Hey - has anyone used Pet Air SCOTLAND? I'm in the process of looking into quotes for my cat and wanted to hear any reviews on how good/bad, etc their service is? Thanks :-)
  8. sazgeering

    Contraceptive injection - Perth?

    Thanks ladies! I can't seem to find any other threads when searching - but will try to contact the centre in Northbridge and see what they say! I'm a bit of a woos when it comes to the implant - just can't bring myself to do that - also the benefits for me being on the injection - don't want to lose them if I don't have to! :-)
  9. sazgeering

    Contraceptive injection - Perth?

    Hey - do any women know if you can get the equivalent to the UK Depo contraceptive injection in Perth? I don't really want to change what I'm on just now, and might be leaving soon, so need to have an idea of whether I can get it there or not...its every 3 months so I'll need to make sure I get organised so that I don't miss the next injection. Thanks for any info! :-)
  10. sazgeering

    Byford Quarantine Station, Perth

    I'm very interested in this also - I hope that it doesn't close, could definitely do without the extra demand on our finances, let alone it adding to our baby's journey - its long enough as it is!
  11. sazgeering

    Cheap double room lets in Perth???

    Thanks MaryRose02 - Will think of that, would like to find a bit of a nicer place to stay than a hostel - I'm sure I saw threads here before that were for shared accomodation. Hoping someone can give us some more links. Will look into hostels though, it would certainly be a cheaper option, and I've seen some rentals on gumtree, fingers crossed!
  12. Hey everyone and anyone that can help! We are probably going to be heading out in July this year, but we really need to find a cheap place to stay as we are not sure we will have jobs secured before we move, and don't want to eat into our savings. We are a young married couple (27 and 29 year old), like a quite life! Quite happy to even rent a double room for a few weeks until we secure work and a more long-term rental. Anyone have any ideas or contacts? Thanks in advance! :-)
  13. Hey - my details are - 2009 - MINI One - Petrol - 1.4 - Manual 6-speed gearbox - Front Wheel drive - 40,000 miles - Aircon - Alloy wheels, piano black and red leather trim on interior panels, otherwise standard spec. - UK value £8000 - Red Book value - The 1.6 engine equivalent (the MINI Cooper) is worth $31,100 - 48,800 for my year of car. - Australian Market value (closest match was for a Soft Top, John works Cooper) @ $36,000, or a clubman version 1.6 @ $28,000 Thanks in advance! :-)
  14. sazgeering

    Warning - rant on new Wanted down under!

    Todays episode was uncomfortable to watch - I hope that they work it out..it did seem like he was railroaded into going on the show/making a decision for Oz over UK, and it must be so difficult with young kids - even without any parent influence, to be honest most yound kids would love it cause its like a holiday to them, the actual reality of moving wouldn't really register with them, like with adults. We're only watching the Perth ones really to get an idea of property in the different areas, but its so difficult to ignore the "stories" of the people...VERY frustrating to watch!
  15. sazgeering

    Warning - rant on new Wanted down under!

    I'm not wanting to offend anyone, but I do agree with the others, in that it would be good to see what the people being filmed actually know about the area they want to potentially move to- as it does seem a regular occurrence on these programs that they don't have much prior knowledge of essential things like housing and expenses.