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  1. Neill1888

    Gas fitter ( service engineer)

    Hi Rob i have been thinking that to be honest about the gas fitter role not much kicking about anywherebut i didnt think it was that bad not even doing tightness tests thats just crazy goes against everything we have been taught lol. I did apply for a job on Seek repairing gas fires and heaters and the lady asked for my CV and said as soon as i have done the training in OZ to call her she said its 3-6 months training ???? but i am not really that bothered i will do anything once i arrive even if it is something totally diff but it is a shame doing all that training and being the best in the business at what we do in the UK and then giving it all up once we are in OZ !!!!but whats for you will not go by you as they say thanks for the offer to help sure i will pick your brain over the next few weeks / months what is it you do now in Sydney then ???? Thanks again Neill
  2. Neill1888

    Gas fitter ( service engineer)

    Yeah I am on a 190 visa for the state of Victoria but we are going to Perth on a holiday first to see friends then heading to Melbourne it's been a long road get the visa it's took us 2 years but thank god it's here now can't wait 22 days left
  3. Hi all its only 22 days now till I arrive in Oz (Perth)on a permanent visa but still no luck when it comes to work. I have been told I need to go back to college for 3-6 months once I arrive but what's the chances of finding a job without going to college right away ?? I have been a British Gas technical service engineer for 11 years NVQ level 3 and would love to carry on doing this role once I arrive even if it means being a trades assistant until I retrain, if any Gas service and repair company's are out there in WA give me a shout plz. Any help is really appreciated on this. Thanks in advance :wink:
  4. Neill1888

    GAS and HEATING Engineer

    Visa now granted flights booked 16th June next year just need somewhere to live now and a job :biggrin:
  5. Neill1888

    Emirates discount codes ??

    Thanks guys, Need to fly from Glasgow so Emirates or Quantas are our only option. Will check out IOM.
  6. Neill1888

    190 VISA lodge in September 2013

    Hi all thought we'd share our experience. Invited to to apply for our visa 12/08, booked medicals 06/09, all went perfectly, we did these before we were allocated a CO, sent our police checks to the CO yesterday and our visa was granted today!!! It only took one day for them to grant our visa! I cannot believe how quick it has been for us. hope this gives some hope for everyone that has applied recently. It will al happen before you know it. Good luck!
  7. Neill1888

    Emirates discount codes ??

    Hey does anyone know if there are any discount codes available for Emirates flights or is there website prices the cheapest that we are going to get my wife works for the NHS and some times they get a discounts but not sure ???? My brother is also in the armed forces and they get alot of discounts on certain things but same again not sure if Emirates do discounts for either plz help ??? looking for flights for next june time Thanks in advance
  8. Neill1888

    Visa Granted This Morning :D :D :D

    Thank you so much we are all so excited !!!!!!!! i have felt like an aussie since we started this in feb 2012 :jiggy: stick another shrimp on the barbie :jiggy:
  9. Neill1888

    Visa Granted This Morning :D :D :D

    Finally our visa has been granted :jiggy: We only sent our police checks away yesterday and they called today to say our visa was granted, I am in total shock!!!! Expected it to be at least a couple of months before the decision was made. Time to celebrate and let the reality sink in. We are looking at flights and its scary to think we need to book these asap and get a leaving party etc sorted :arghh: I'm off to settle my nerves with a well deserved bottle of prosecco and will commence with our research and planning tomorrow. With special thanks to Immigration2oz for making our dreams a reality.
  10. Neill1888

    GAS and HEATING Engineer

    Hi clarke9876 things starting to move along now thank god! case officer assigned, medicals done and police checks done, fingers crossed visa granted b4 xmas :biggrin: just need to save like mad so working everyday British Gas have to offer so we have enough $$$$$$$ where are yous based ?? If there were any positions within your company I would need to start looking into areas and schools for the kids ect
  11. Neill1888

    Static caravan or caravan site VIC area

    Thanks for that info it looks nice there is so much to take in !!!! we have seen some really good priced houses to rent but would like to sort something like this for the first few weeks to get us sorted so when we land there is no hassle, how much roughly was these apartments for a week ££ ????
  12. Neill1888

    GAS and HEATING Engineer

    Clarke9876. Defo will contact you as soon as I get our dates sorted hopefully you can help me in the right direction with work thanks
  13. Neill1888

    Gas engineer looking to emigrate

    Hi thanks for that we are new to all of this lol we have sent our expression to interest away in June so just waiting on that coming back b4 september they said then hopefully be over for next June time fingers crossed we have been looking at regional Victoria just wherever we can get work once we are over really !!! we will do anything to start off !!! we plan on spending the 1st few weeks exploring the place and finding somewhere we can settle the kids so excited
  14. Neill1888

    GAS and HEATING Engineer

    did any of yous make the move ?? i am heading to Melbourne next year really hard to get any info on jobs or getting my qualifications transferred i am a British gas engineer and have been for 14 years its a nightmare !!!!!
  15. Any gas engineers made the move yet so hard to get info on jobs before you go isnt it ???? i will hopefully be there next year (Melbourne British gas engineer 14 years experience )