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    We'll both of our Child Visas were granted today!

    I'd heard the London processing times had been moved to be much closer to the global processing times of approx 11 months, so I rang the Australian High Commission and subsequently sent them an email to plead that they be dealt with quickly as we only have 1 year RRV's which expire on 1st June and we can only make arrangements to sell the house etc once the kids visa's are granted. Thankfully it seemed to help as they sorted it for us today!

    There was some slight confusion as this morning they emailed me asking for the passport pages of our children (Form 47CH Document Checklist just asks for their birth certificates and says you can supply passports if you don't have their birth certificates, so I'd just submitted the Birth Certs!). I later sent him the passport pages anyway just to be sure. 

    He also requested that our children undertake medicals and provided me with a HAP ID, even though I had completed the question on the Visa applications giving details that they had already completed their medicals and I had supplied their relevant HAP ID's in that question!  I supplied him with them again today and he apologised for the confusion.

    The only concern I had after the grant is that it says the children have to enter before 3rd May 2018, which is even before our RRV's expire. We'll probably be there before then anyway but we do still need to sell our house. I was under the impression the kids would have 12 months from the date of their medicals which were in July, but it seems they've given the children 12 months from the date of my Police check which was required for the sponsorship.  As the kids didn't have their own police checks I assumed it would go from the date of their medicals. Ah well, just means we'll have to get over there before 3rd May.

    I'm half happy about it all and half sad, still a major decision for us to move away from our parents and take our young children away from their grandparents, it's a tough call.

    Need to look more into shipping now and putting the house on the market!

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    I’m wondering if anyone can help, me and my wife got permanent residency back in 2014 and we moved to Perth and lived there for 11 months before returning home due to family issues. We now want to return back and we now have 2 young children who we need to get visas for.

    I contacted the Australian embassy regarding child visa’s about 6 months ago and they said it was straight forward and I just needed to complete the 101 visa etc

    They never said it would be roughly £1750 per child, which is what I’m seeing online, is this normally the case? 






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    Yes sadly that's correct, it's approx £1,500 for a Child Visa, we just had to get 2 for our children, one of which was under 12 months old!  You'd think they could just be added to the parents visa's these days but sadly not!

    You need to complete all forms required for the 101 Visa by hand (Form 40, Form 47 & the Form to be completed by your partner granting permissions to take the kids, even if you're married and all going together!), they only accept paper versions at present.  I'm sure it will move to online one day...

    We've paid over £4k for our child visa's and 2 RRV's etc and we're still not sure if we're going to go back!  Expensive past time doing this and still having major struggles with the decision!

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      • By brock79
        I have a few questions regarding Form 1229 & 47CH.
        1)  I have completed 2 child visa applications for our children, so that's two 47CH's & two 40CH's. I thought I would need to complete 2 Form 1229's as well but on the main front page Question 2 says "Give details of each child for whom you give permission to be granted an Australian Visa" and it has options for 4 children. I presume I can just put both of our children's details in that section and then we only need to submit the 1 Form 1229?
        2) On the penultimate page of 47CH (the signatures section) who is required to sign section 57 & 58? So far I have just signed myself at 57 (Australian Values Statement) as I've completed the app on behalf of my child so I'm signing as the main applicant. At 58 (Biometrics Declaration & Consent) it mentions it should be signed by the main applicant (me on behalf of my child) and also by each accompanying person aged 16 or over. Does this mean that as we as parents will be accompanying our children to Australia that both parents also need to sign this section? That's what it seems like to me anyway. 
        3). I've seen people mention that you need to provide proof of funds, presumably in connection with the sponsorship, but I've not seen that requested on any of the forms? I know I have to provide payslips to show my employment for the last 2 years (I assume I don't need every payslip, just a few from the beginning and some from recently I hopefully to prove the 2 years?). Are there other proof of funds required as well then?
      • By path2aus
        Finally I am able to put together some sort of information about Child Visa application. This is not comprehensive guide, this is just what I did for my daughters visa last year. 
        Child Visa is a permanent residency visa for the children of Australian permanent residents. This is a paper application and cannot be done online at the moment. The process and documentation required are quite simple. I am just listing out what I did and what documents I submitted. This does not cover complex cases like divorce or non migrating parent cases. People who have information about the same can contribute to the thread.
        Forms Required to be filled out:
        1. 47CH - Application for migration 
        This is a straightforward form where you enter all the information about your child. Answer the questions as you understand. Don't over complicate things.
        2. 40CH - Sponsorship for a child to Migrate
        This form as the name indicates is the information about the parent who is sponsoring the child. 
        3. Form 1229 - Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years
        This form needs to be submitted along with the above two application forms even if both the parents are migrating along with the child. Both migrating parents have to sign this form.
        If you have complex cases like divorce etc, you might need to include other documentation such as proof of legal custody, Stat declaration from the non migrating parent etc. I don't have much information on that so will not be including that information as part of this instruction. People with experience can share their thoughts on the same.
        Supporting Documents
        1. Two passport size photograph of the child (Please follow the instructions on the immi website for instructions) - This is the hardest bit if you have an infant. Our daughter was just two weeks old when we tried to take her picture. It was really difficult as she wouldn't open her eyes for the camera (understandably so  ). The best method is put a white cloth on a table or a bed, make him/her lie down and take a picture. This is what we did. I don't think immigration could be too strict about a photograph of a few weeks old baby.
        2. Copy of Baby's passport - So after the baby is born you would need to apply for the passport obviously. This is needed before you can apply for the child visa.
        3. Payment for the visa - This is the tricky part. This differs by the country, so you would be better off looking at the following page to see what type of payment Australian high commission accepts. In India it was either cash or Demand Draft.
        4. Birth Certificate - This is required for the application as a proof that you are the legal parent of the child. Copy of the birth certificate needs to be submitted along with the application.
        5. Proof that the sponsor is a permanent resident/Photo ID of sponsor and spouse - This can be proved by copy of your passport. I included the grant letter also along with the passport copies of my wife and I.
        6. Proof of Funds - Included 3 months of bank statement. There isn't any specific amount mentioned on the DIBP website.
        There may be other documentation required if your child is adopted or step child etc. Please review the DIBP requirement for the same.
        You need to submit all the above documentation along with the required payment to DIBP and then wait for the VO to contact you for further instructions. 
        Depending on which country you are applying in you need to find out the application submission process. In India we needed to go to the VFS location to submit the application in person. In India, postal submission is not accepted, so we needed to go to our local VFS office to personally submit the documents.
        Once the VO picks up your application you will be asked for the following:
        1. Police checks for both you and your spouse - This will be for any country you resided for more than 12 months in the last 10 years. We lived int he USA, so had to provide the FBI clearance. 
        2. Medicals for your child - This is very simple process, you can find panel physicians from the DIBP website and provide the HAPID to book an appointment. It took just few minutes to complete the process at the doctor's office. 
        Once we submitted all the required documents, the grant was immediate. The day when we sent the final document, we got the grant notice on the same day. The overall process took just over a month for us. The delay was only from our side as we had to try and get FBI check done from overseas and it took some time. Getting appointment with a panel physician took time and then there was Christmas/New Year break. So I would consider the overall process to be less than a month for us. This is from my experience and what I did for my daughters Child Visa, people can correct or add anything I may have missed out. It has been 7 months since I did this and I am trying to recollect as much I could in putting this up.
      • By josierainbows
        I have a query, myself, partner and 19 month old child were granted our 189 visas last October. Myself and my partner activated ours separately through work and a family occasion, however our child's has not been activated. Due to unforeseen family circumstances our plan of migrating this year will have to be delayed until next year. Does anyone know what will happen if our child's visa is not activated before October ? 
        Thanks for any help with this