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    Hi appreciate if anyone can guide me. I had a PR, the travel facility was expired in Nov2020. I was able to obtain a RRV suucessfully in Nov2020. Although, my preliminary books are done for 1st week of Aug; looking at the airport / flights situation, I am afraid i might be on a rocking boat near to expiry of my existing RRV. My Q - can I reapply for a RRV now immediately to be on a safer side. Generally it takes 3m for a response. However, if I reapply for a RRV and then travel into Australia before a decision is made - will it cause a trouble for me and family upon landing. Appreciate any advise Thanks E
  2. Expatriate123

    Resident Return Visa 155/157

    Hi thanks for your info Just received grant notification for an year
  3. Expatriate123

    Resident Return Visa 155/157

    Thanks Currently I have funded a 3rd of capital on my friends restaurant business that he opened in a Mall in a Melbourne. Apart from thag I have transferred my siginificant savinga into an Australian bank account that I opened just start of 2020 in anticipation that I will relocate by mid 2020. And unfortunately due to the travel restrictions it is hanging. Moreover, I am bit hesitant to travel during these times with my 3 year old, travelling more than 20hrs
  4. Expatriate123

    Resident Return Visa 155/157

    Thanks Marisa I am currently offshore, and unfortunately do not meet the 2 year requirement. I have explained in a detailed request letter on circumstances based on which I had to move out of Australia before even 2 years. Fingers crossed. Is there a way that I can contact the authorities and will it impact the decision if I do contact them by telephone or email
  5. Expatriate123

    Resident Return Visa 155/157

    Hi appreciate if anyone can provide some clarity on the rules. The travel facility on my PR expires end of Nov2020. I applied for RRV last week of August and submitted the docs to demonstrating my ties to Australia. The global processing time reflected in my ImmiAccount is 5 to 68 days which was last week and I have not heard back from authorities anything yet. Anyone hanging in similat situation What steps should I initiate to obtain a response Welcome your thoughts please E
  6. Expatriate123

    Resident Return Visa Document Upload

    Thank you for the note I am aware of Paul - also noted some positive responses on him. Wikl get in touch soon with him
  7. Expatriate123

    Resident Return Visa Document Upload

    Completely agree I need some serious advise and help and will approach one
  8. Expatriate123

    Resident Return Visa Document Upload

    Thanks The issue is I never used an agent during original application. I did it myself.
  9. Expatriate123

    Resident Return Visa Document Upload

    Thanks Paul for the info - I know you have been providing guidance in other posts as well. I will initiate the RRV appln right away. I do not meet the 2years criteria unfortunately - so only can prove that I have been accumulating certain savings in OZ bank account which I will be spending for our living -not sure if they will view this as beneficial for Australia I will reach out to you separately Just one more query - if I apply for RRV, whilst my current travel facility is valid and a decision on RRV is negative before my travel facility expires, I should still be able to get into Australia - right?
  10. Expatriate123

    Resident Return Visa Document Upload

    Hi good to know you got instant approval. Can you please throw somemore light on your case. My travel facility expirea Nov2020 and not sure if we can fly. 1. Can I apply for RRV right away before expiry of the existing travel facility 2. How did u establish ties back in Australia - i do have bank account open and transferred some savings there - not sure if that is valid doc 3. Any other advise or suggestion of recommedation so that I will apply right away 4. Turnaround time from Homeaffairs and did u mention any specific reason for applying RRV Thanks
  11. Thank you - i have booked and had to cancel twice in April and May due to cancellation of flight and closure of airport. Very much agree to you on seats on the plane. Emirates advised me that i need to wait until 15 Aug. Me and my family are almost set to fly. So hopefully not wait until Oct.
  12. Hi im jumping into the topic, I have my SC189 visa on which travel facility ends in Nov 2020 and therefore need to get into Aus by the due date. Planning to fly in Oct mid. However, have been following updates that now the Govt is putting restrictions on number of incoming passengers as well as we need to bear the cost of quarantine althought we can request for waiver. Will be interested to know if anyone has planned flights in next few days / weeks
  13. Expatriate123

    Migration travel with Coronavirus

    Hi need some guidance. My travel facility on my PR189 visa expires in Nov2020. Although I am planning to fly down to Australia after sometime late Aug2020 when the virus situation is expected to be under control. However, I just heard some news that some flights will put a hold on all flying to Australia. And also few middle eastern flights have been asked to limit the economy passenger to a very small number and so prices are now sky rocketted. Any one with travel plans soon, please share / advise, if no flights then hiw do we plan to travel to be within the due date.
  14. Expatriate123

    Extension of visa deadline

    Thanks...and as you said i am just waiting for flights to start and off we go... yes 14 days quarantine on arrival, not sure thought where the immigration authorities will put us up for quarantine.... we will be landing in Melbourne Looking at flights as well. Looking at options of Flying either on Emirates or Qatar or Cathy pacific - Singapore is closed unfortunately
  15. Expatriate123

    Extension of visa deadline

    Thanks ..... my PR states cannot enter australia after 28 Nov 2020. At this stage when there are indications that immigration laws will be tougher, not sure how the govt will review the RRV and how lenient they will be to accomodate such a request I am hoping the air travels gets eased and we will be able to enter before 28 nov 2020....