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  1. chrishardy

    Child Visa 101

    Thank you Marisa! I did see that we’d have to have strong ties and I’m hoping my job offer and my wife’s job offer should do it. I think you might be right though and a migration expert might be a good idea! Thanks for the help
  2. chrishardy

    Child Visa 101

    Hello!! Can anyone offer me a little bit of help, me and my wife got PR back in 2013 and emigrated the same year. We stayed for a year before we had to return due to my fathers ill health. We’re now looking to move back with our two children who aren’t on our original visa(they’re 2 & 4) and I just need some help on what to do next. We obviously need to apply for a RRV but we also need to apply for 2x child visa’s...which should I do first?! Thanks in advance Chris
  3. chrishardy

    RRV expired visa help needed

    Sorry I just want to jump on this thread as I have a question myself that you may be able help with? We got PR back in 2013 and emigrated in the November of that year. Unfortunately my father got ill and we returned to the UK a year later to be with him. We are now wanting to return to Australia so need to know if it’s possible? I’ve briefly looked at the RRV terms and we don’t meet that as we haven’t lived in Australia for two of the past 5 years but I was wondering due to our reasons for returning, if that would be looked at? Also, we have two children now so would we apply for a RRV first and then the child visa’s? Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks
  4. chrishardy

    Child Visa 101

    Hello, I’m wondering if anyone can help, me and my wife got permanent residency back in 2014 and we moved to Perth and lived there for 11 months before returning home due to family issues. We now want to return back and we now have 2 young children who we need to get visas for. I contacted the Australian embassy regarding child visa’s about 6 months ago and they said it was straight forward and I just needed to complete the 101 visa etc They never said it would be roughly £1750 per child, which is what I’m seeing online, is this normally the case? Thanks Chris
  5. chrishardy

    PS3 compatibility?!?!

    Just wondering if anyone knew if my English Playstation 3 will work in Australia? I've got a friend who brought his back with him from New Zealand and we talked about swapping with each other but we have also got a lot of DVDs that we'd like to take over and I'm not sure if they'll work in Oz? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. chrishardy

    June lodged 190 Visa

    No we got a CO but we had already done our Meds and PCC before we got our CO, they just asked for form 80 from us both as we had already provided all documents they request online Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  7. chrishardy

    May 190 Visa Lodge Gang

    VISA GRANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  8. chrishardy

    June lodged 190 Visa

    VISA GRANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot believe it!! So happy! biggrin!!! Was half asleep reading the email on my iPad now I'm currently dancing round the bedroom!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. chrishardy

    June lodged 190 Visa

    Don't get me wrong, I am going to fill it out because I want the visa soon!
  10. chrishardy

    June lodged 190 Visa

    Initials RL, has anyone else had to fill out this form 80? Just had a quick look at it and wondering why we have to fill it out when we've already provided all out personal details?
  11. chrishardy

    June lodged 190 Visa

    Just opened the email we've been waiting for!! CO Adelaide Team 2!!! Just requesting form 80 for me and my partner! Biggrin?
  12. chrishardy

    June lodged 190 Visa

    We applied on the 25th and still no CO so I'm guessing there's a bit of a back log with all the people that applied before the deadline of the new visa prices?!? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. chrishardy

    June lodged 190 Visa

    5 weeks yesterday since we lodged our visa so surely it must be soon!!
  14. chrishardy

    skills assessment - plumber (general)

    I was finished for about 4ish I think mate No worries pal, let us know if you need any more info Chris
  15. chrishardy

    skills assessment - plumber (general)

    Hi mate, I did mine over in Belfast a couple of months ago! It was very straight forward if your an every day plumber, it consisted of looking at a drawing a doing a basic copper layout with a few mechanical bends and a few other things, we only had to solder our gas run and air test it as he saw that we where competent in soldering, we then had to do a soil and waste layout where you had to work out the degree of fall which was very easy. In the afternoon we then went into the classroom and went through a questionnaire/answer booklet and we went through the questions as a group but had to do some on our own but went through any we where stuck with after! Again nothing to worry about mate! I used the tools at the college as I flew over from Wales for the assessment which was fine. Hope all this helps mate and it goes smoothly for you Let me know if you need anymore information Too easy!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk