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  1. mhaffie

    Passport photos

    I think it refers to paper applications, one photo each I believe is acceptable, they can duplicate the photo’s themselves.
  2. mhaffie

    Visa free

    Bermuda, weather, pace of life, it’s a bit lacking in the retail dept, but New York isn’t too far away, absolutely love the place, bit pricey tho, I’d need a lotto win [emoji2]
  3. I’m sure we’ll hear well before then, I still think that’s why we were asked to arrange Medicals straight away, they never used to do that, we are all checking obsessively, I agree it’s frustrating but I’m hoping we’ll all have something to celebrate soon (ish) [emoji849]
  4. I’m not very patient at the best of times but this is all-consuming, I can’t remember what I focused on before I applied [emoji848] I think the forecast for you is good again tomorrow, I hope you get to make the most of it before it cools down again.
  5. Hi Laf, that really made me laugh, I’ve been gardening today too, finishing off what I started the other day, no shorts but the wine was present [emoji2] I know I’m not going to see any changes but I still have a little peek, my other half reckons he’s going to change my password, he’ll get no Sunday roast if he does [emoji6]
  6. Hi jicms ... yes the weather is beautiful, we’ve certainly waited a long time for it, I just wish it was a little more regular, I too love the warm evenings, the sunny weather certainly puts a spring in your step, I detest the winter, moving to a warmer sunnier climate is definitely a big pull for me, enjoy your gardening, don’t forget to stop for a few glasses of wine [emoji6]
  7. Sounds lovely Jon, I’ve been gardening this morning, it really is a beautiful day, really lifts your mood too, same again tomorrow [emoji106]
  8. I haven’t seen many updates on UK applications either, I think seeing lots of cases being processed quickly builds your hopes up, I still think that it won’t be long before we hear, the more info we upload and the more organised we are hopefully the easier and quicker the decision will be when they do get round to us [emoji4]
  9. Park or pub lunch sounds lovely, some time in the sun will do us a world of good, I reckon a case officer won’t be too far off now, pointless asking us to do Medicals straight away if it’s going to be months before they look at it, my guess is there’s a bit of a slow down because lots of people have applied noticing the processing times were shorter, hopefully we aren’t too far down the list.
  10. Just checked account, medical back, no further assessment required, thank god something has happened....hoooooorah, back to waiting again [emoji6]
  11. Hi Laf, I don’t think you can help worrying you’ve done everything right when it’s so important to you. I was happy to wait to be asked for the police check but not sure how long things are taking now and just thought it might save a few weeks of unnecessary delays. I don’t think they will ask Warren for a police check, he left Australia when he was four and although he’s returned many times it’s only been for holidays. It’s pretty warm here today, it’s so lovely to feel the sun, it feels like winter has been here forever...we are off to the Gower tomorrow for a nice coastal walk, fingers crossed we have the temperatures the met office have been boasting about. I hope you get to enjoy some of this lovely weather, it’s never around for too long, I’ll update when I hear anything [emoji4]
  12. I’m sure it will be ok, when the uploads are done you get a green tick, it hi lighted anything in red that wasn’t right, try not worry. What’s a sponsor certificate? That’s a new one on me [emoji15]
  13. Hi Laf, it just asks you to add their details if a case officer has been assigned should the report be going direct, but the report will come to you and you’ll scan it and attach it to your application, I Just left that section and completed the rest of the application, mine went through ok and I received an immediate acknowledgement and receipt.
  14. Hi Laf, From what I’ve read they hardly ever contact the ‘endorsers’ it’s just someone that can verify who you are, that’s the only part they would play. Form was very straightforward, all the info they ask for is stuff you’ll have to hand from your visa application, proof of address, passport pic, passport. I’m in South Wales, I don’t think our temperatures are that impressive, I’ll just be happy to see the sun [emoji2]
  15. Hi Laf, Just wanted to let you know I’ve had a re think about police check, I sent off for it today, I thought I’d get it done so my application is ‘hopefully’ ready for them to make a speedier decision, I’m in no mad rush, but we’d like to organise flights for our trip and my partner has limited holiday availability at work, I think it takes about ten days approx, which isn’t that long really, I’ve not had any notification yet that my medical has been received, I’m rubbish at waiting patiently [emoji849]