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  1. Who are you?

    Favourite smell - Vinegar on chips First job - Estate Agents Dream job - Health inspector Favourite pizza - Hawaiian (fresh pineapple) Favourite animal - Dog Favourite dog - Border Collie Favourite cat - any that don’t crap in my flower borders Favourite foot attire - trainers Favourite candy - black currant and liquorice What annoys you - lip slapping, sniffing, selfishness, bad manners in general What is the most visited website on your device - probably this of late Colour of your vehicle - Black Favourite holiday - Bermuda Night owl, morning or day person - night owl Favourite day of the week - Saturday Tattoos - None Favourite Food - Indian Favourite Drink - Tea Favourite day out - coastal walks Favourite colour - pastels Favourite vegetable - roasted parsnips Favourite film - The way we were Do you prefer Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter - Summer
  2. Hi Laf, I’m glad your medical is over, something else to check off your list. To be honest the booklet needs removing and it’s about time they updated the procedure. I’m not sure whether it would be an option going to your GP but it does makes sense. I’ve not done my police checks, like you I would wait till I was prompted, although I want my visa I’m not in any mad rush, other things need to fall in place first so I’m happy just to wait for instruction. I just looked through ACRO paperwork yesterday when you asked about the endorser, lots of people must encounter these sort of problems, so I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction.
  3. Hi Laf, I read through the front page of the requirements for the police check and could see what you were referring to, I couldn’t actually find any obvious answers for you but looked through ‘frequently asked questions’ it does say that if you don’t have anyone on the preferred occupation list you should contact the ACRO customer services team tel:+44 (0)2380 479 920...hope this helps [emoji5]
  4. Oh I hope it’s celebrate [emoji106]
  5. Hi Jon the hat, Good news your application is in, I’m sure they will locate everything, I would imagine lots of people encounter the same problems, hope you get some good news soon, best of luck with your application [emoji5]
  6. Hi laf, I’ve seen some screen shots of the online application and it does look confusing, I’m hoping it will make more sense once I see it in full...good luck with your medical on Wednesday and I really hope there’s no maintenance over Easter, it would just be my luck [emoji53]
  7. Form 888 - Australian citizen in UK

    Hi there, if you aren’t using an 888 form and your witness statements are being typed up as a declaration, then the same questions have to be answered, how often your witnesses see you for example and whether they believe you relationship is genuine and ongoing and the explain your reasons for this etc, they like at least two but I’ve got four, two from friends and two from family, you can send more but I don’t really see the point in sending in too many, waiting for people to return them can also be a long process. [emoji4]
  8. We completed the ‘paper version’ of the sponsor form a while back so we could just transfer the info online when we’re ready, saying that, I do know that it isn’t identical and I should expect some different requests to appear....we are hoping to get it all done Easter weekend, I just wondered whether a day in front of the computer was being optimistic. You sound nice and organised, I’m quite methodical and I’m hoping all my hours of planning helps when I start adding my attachments...lots of experts on the forums say that there often seems like there’s more than one place to attach something and you wonder if it should have gone elsewhere after you have uploaded it, apparently as long as it’s on there the case officers will find it and it shouldn’t be a major concern. Once I’ve got it all uploaded I’ll let you how I got on, I’ll be so relieved when it’s done [emoji5]
  9. Hi laf, That’s great news, bet you are relieved, how long do you think it took you in total once you had completed your sponsors form? I was wondering roughly how much time to set aside. Our nearest medical centre will be Cardiff, which will probably be about 40 minutes from me so not too bad. I really doubt you’ll be waiting 11 - 15 months from what I’ve read. Our snow is due throughout the night so I’ll not be venturing far tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  10. The applications do seem to be going through fast so it does make sense, I’ll be submitting mine soon, waiting for an 888 to come back from a family member that is no particular hurry[emoji849]
  11. Squares or Triangles

    Triangles, they look more appetising [emoji5]
  12. Morning, this sounds totally different again from what I’ve been reading, things must be constantly changing or there’s different options to take, I’m surprised about medical too, I thought they contacted you about this a little later on. Sounds promising tho... Keep us informed and enjoy your weekend and hope it’s not too cold where you are [emoji4]
  13. What is your place of birth famous for?

    Totally misread this .... ignore me [emoji849]