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  1. natandkev24

    Kindy for 189 visa holder?

    Hi, we landed in Perth last week and have started to get organised with all paperwork and medicare etc. When I went into centrelink to see if my daughter (4yr 4months) could start some sort of pre school/kindy I was told she would not be eligible as neither I or my partner have jobs yet! We both have 189 PR visas and I was informed by an Australian friend that she would be eligible to start from January 2020. Does anybody know any details on entitlements for PR visa (without jobs at present as waiting for trans Tasman recognition to be authorised for current job) Thanks in advance
  2. natandkev24

    Passport requirements when moving on 189

    Thanks everyone, will probably leave until next year as struggling to find time to get everything ready! could do without trip to Newport
  3. Hi, we are making the move at the end of November and my daughter has 15 months left on her passport- does anybody know if you need a certain amount of years left on your passport before emigrating? Any help would be appreciated
  4. natandkev24

    Opening Australian bank account from UK

    Thanks everyone, great advice! I’ll have a look at ING and make sure I keep uk accounts open.
  5. We are due to land in Oz (Perth)in November and want to look at opening a bank account before we arrive. Does anybody have any knowledge on best banks to use and if it’s possible to set up without an address? also best way to transfer money? any information would be appreciated
  6. natandkev24

    Child Visa 101

    We submitted 101 visa in November 2018, still waiting to be assigned case officer. I've rang the Canberra office for more info but the only thing they can say is the processing time can be up to 14 months
  7. natandkev24

    Tax on money transfer from UK to Australia

    Thanks @rammygirl if we received it when we are living in Australia would it be taxed then? It may come slightly later you see- depends on sale of a house (not ours)
  8. We are wondering would we have to pay any tax on money that has been gifted by a family member? We are still in the uk and may possibly be moving at the end of 2019 so just want to know best options. Thanks
  9. natandkev24

    Child Visa 101

    Hi, myself, my partner and 3 yr old have 189 visas, I am just applying for my 11month old now and just have a couple of queries about the forms if anyone can help? it asks for evidence of our permanent residence (foreign passport containing evidence) - but our passports don't contain any evidence, so I'm presuming it's all on there electronically (we activated our visas last March ) has anybody else just sent a certified copy of their visa document? Also can a payment be made through my immiaccount even though it doesn't contain details of this 101 visa application? The hurdles of filling forms indepedantly thanks nat
  10. natandkev24

    Adding a baby after visa grant

    We are going in feb to activate visa then coming back to UK , need to sort out business out before we make big move.
  11. natandkev24

    Adding a baby after visa grant

    Thanks for that snifter, AJ if I apply for the visa when it is born its not likely to be declined is it?
  12. natandkev24

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Ours only took about 1 week, then the long wait begins after everything is submitted! Fingers crossed for speedy grant ! X
  13. natandkev24

    Adding a baby after visa grant

    @Bound4Tassie hope you don't mind me butting in the thread but I have just been granted my 189 visa and need to enter before Aug 2017, but I want another baby in the UK first. Do you know how easy the process is to add a newborn to the visa? I imagine they would be almost guaranteed entry if the rest of the family have?? Many Thanks
  14. natandkev24

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Hey, we are going over in feb to make final decision on where to move to, Melbourne/Adelaide/Perth it depends on where we can set up our business successfully. (Haven't been to oz in 10 years) We will then come back to UK to earn some extra cash before making final move down under. Does this sound stupid or should we just go out on a budget and keep fingers crossed! We are excited about visa but confused
  15. natandkev24

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    VISA granted today!!! Hip hip hooray!