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Police checks in countries you lived in over 10 years ago


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We are using an agent for our PR application and have been asked to provide police checks for countries that we have lived in for more than 12 months in the last 10 years - Australia and the UK.


She has just found out that DH is a dual citizen of the USA but hasn't lived there since 2001. She says due to being a citizen he needs a police check from there too.

I can't find anything on the immigration website to back that up (only the 12 months in the last 10 years thing).


Just to clarify - he has nothing to hide but the website says it takes up to 12 weeks to process plus he needs fingerprints (which I've heard are a nightmare to get accepted!) so it could delay our application by some months.



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Thanks GlobeTrotta. The issue is whether we need to do it at all. I have spoken to a couple Americans - both have had problems. One had 3 attempts at the fingerprinting rejected (that they did in Queensland) and one has been waiting almost 2 months for the FBI to even acknowledge that it has been sent to them.

We need to be sure that we need to do this at all.

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All that`s needed is on the website :



there is a fingerprint card template that you can print out and either do it yourself ( they provide instructions) or go to the nearest police station and ask them to do that for you. We had to do both State of Texas and FBI checks and FBI took about 5 weeks ( that was 1.5 years ago). If you`re in the US, you can do it online now, lots of centers everywhere that do online submission and you`ll get your clearance by email in 3 days max. If mailed, it takes about 5 weeks still.

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