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  1. blossom

    Advice please.

    You definitely need to tell them.
  2. blossom

    UK child bonds

    Thanks @Alan Collett those are the parts I'd read previously about it. So if I'm understanding it right the child bonds count as shares rather than the interest part right? And I'll need to get them a TFN each and lodge for them. What I'm not sure on, the interest earnt is tied into it for five years. Do you declare how much it's gone up each year or after the five years when it would be released? The amount they would earn should mean they don't have to pay tax anyway. Do you also do tax advice for sole traders? I don't need my actual tax return done but would love to get some advice on what to claim, how the stock take affects your tax etc. If you do, if you could send me a PM with your rates that would be great. :-)
  3. blossom

    UK child bonds

    Thanks very much. I'll check out those links. It looks like the interest over 5 years would only be a couple of hundred quid, so not a huge amount. I also suggested the premium bonds in my parents name to my mum who pointed out that if they were to need to go into residential care then it would get very complicated as that would count as assets in their name.
  4. blossom

    Benefits available to Permanent Residents

    My partner has recently come off newstart. The 'help' was an absolute joke. You have to turn up once every two weeks and they haven't got a clue how to help. They never gave him any help with cvs or cover letters. He ended up finding work on his own but they made him fill in forms so they get a bonus for finding him work. They are lucky it wasn't me as I'd be refusing.
  5. Hi all, my grandma has left some money for my daughters and my mum wants to match it, so they'd have £2000 each. I'm really struggling to find the best way of investing it. There doesn't seem to be the same kind of ISAs and childrens bonds here, but my mum doesn't want it just put in bank accounts. She's talking about putting it into children's bonds in the uk, but I can't see it being anything but hassle by the time they can cash them in. I'd love to hear how other people have invested money for their children in Australia. Thanks :-)
  6. blossom

    Benefits available to Permanent Residents

    I've never noticed anyone say they could get newstart on the 100 visa. You can claim some benefits. Parenting payment, rent assistance, family tax benefit, paid parental leave can all be claimed straight away if eligible.
  7. blossom

    UK child bonds

    Thanks very much They do say it's possible. However, they'd still be subject to tax over here I think as it goes by where you live and here they seem to tax kids from what I've read. I just don't seem to be able to find much info on similar things over here. :-/
  8. blossom

    UK child bonds

    Hi everyone. We are in Australia. I have two children born here. My grandma left my children £1000 each and my parents want to match that and put them in children's bonds in the uk (I can't find similar here). Has anyone done this? It sounds like it could get complicated being in a different country.
  9. How much longer do you think you'd have to stay for them to get fed up of you and decide to actually make you redundant?
  10. blossom

    457 visa and resignation

    Yeah. No matter why you leave, they have agreed to pay for you to leave the country.
  11. blossom

    457 visa and resignation

    I'd give fairwork Australia a call. They are very friendly. And yes they are required to pay your flights home. Just that though and they can choose which airline etc.
  12. blossom

    Where to study...

    Lots will offer a bit of a chat for free. Actually looking into specifics might be a bit more. But in the end, a couple of hundred dollars is nothing compared to what it could cost you to come here, pay course fees, the whole move, visa fees, limited work capacity for a couple of years etc, possibly for no gain at the end. I had education agents telling me I could use courses to get PR which there was no way I could. Thankful I checked their advice myself (2 out of 3 actually told me I could get PR from a course that I couldn't).
  13. blossom

    3 Years ban not sure

    My husband overstayed his aus tourist visa by 10 months. He got a three year ban. We travelled all over the world, including the USA more than once. We never once with any country had an issue with getting a visa.
  14. blossom

    186 visa

    Are they keeping the same abn?
  15. blossom

    Where to study...

    I wouldn't personally trust a recruiter. I've never seen one who's actually been Mara registered. Get an independent agents advice. As for the IELTS. As an English speaker it's not that hard to get all 8s. I didn't revise at all and managed it.