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  1. GlobeTrotta

    What have you done today to get yourself out of OZ?

    Divorce is my only regret in life I should have made it work, tried harder, got counseling, firm believer in that. I was foolish about that one could easily say that - i would not disagree, c'est l'amour or is tel est l'amour can't recall (Such is love).
  2. GlobeTrotta

    What have you done today to get yourself out of OZ?

    If the GFC had not happened It would have been somewhat more convenient, but hey...70's werent great economically in London, nor Denver in 80's once you learn to live poor or shrewdly its easy peasy. Coming to Oz was not really a brainer UK was a mess by Dec 2009, so used last of capital travelled HK, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and NZ it was actually getting here supporting self and never getting proper work, despite MBA and 25 years corporate experience. Immigration could not wait to take my money..lol feed uetter BS about value I brought educated experience then reality. I have worked since 15 35 years but not here USA, UK, HK never an issue this naive country - you can have it overrated overblown and far too hot. Still no crime and its clean, and I now can go to NZ if I choose so no big deal is how I look at it. decidely upbeat, realist me, always have been, always will be. Jar is always half empty - thats the potential for something new untapped and what could happen, not about what you have or want to hold on to. Enough of this it's not Hyde Park (Sydney or London)...LOL Oh yes and my pension is okay so long as USA does not go bankrupt about 900-1000 GBP per month so just get to 67...10 years to go...bags of time...cheers to all who read...
  3. GlobeTrotta

    What have you done today to get yourself out of OZ?

    I 'av a plan and frankly me nan was right about taking it with you. I intend to use my retirement approx 900 GBP a month in a decade to just drive around the UK and see the sights then when time comes drive to a hospice or do a Louise and Thelma...LOL Sign of the times not a believer in that, more consequence of decisions we make in life sometimes we use far too much emotion and I have always favoured logic since it costs far less. Onward and upward...people in 40's were way worse off and my grandparents kept it simple so I now do too. Less to loose perhaps but far less to try to keep hold of and maintain.
  4. GlobeTrotta

    What have you done today to get yourself out of OZ?

    Where do I start, it didn't work out on just about all levels. So, I broke off a relationship, sold every asset I could and having wasted best part of 5-6 years and now in mid 50's it will be hard to recover but last decade moving from USA to UK to Aus between a divorce and exchange rates etc well enough said...got all my possessions down to a backpack and one tea chest is what i did identified what I need to live with and without - basically micro living or tiny house style. Sold anything there was 2 of reduced multiples of so many things we take for granted except those things necessary (pants and socks etc.) it took ages but everytime I downsized over time and kept going back I would find more to get rid off that I never used or could live without. You then realise how much junk we keep papers etc. I had already got rid of some 200 books in the USA, copied all CD's to back-up drive in iTunes etc. Does that help!
  5. That is such a bloody good answer I cannot even offer an answer now, I was going to say my dear old departed dad, maybe the ex wife, but honestly reading that stumped me and made so much sense given I sat my O'levels in 76, well showed up at least it was a cracking summer sun, tennis, and cricket need I say more. Tink sir you are a genius!
  6. GlobeTrotta


    As someone who grew up in London 60's and 70's and frequented the Valley, Selhurst Park, the Dell and lived to tell, Upton Park, White Hart Lane, Vicarage Road etc. the hooliganism was rampant, but the penning in of grounds of the late 70's and 80's was to stop some from running on to the pitch, it did little to deal with the violence in the 80's. One could still freely move about and get a kicking outside the ground or in it for that matter. The fact that grounds became pens; when you consider the thousands of grounds throughout Europe, matches played and fans attending, it is completely illogical to place any blame on the fact that there was simply too many fans in a confined space, that had nothing to do with hooliganism or the ground being penned. It did contribute to them not being able to access the fans, the fact that people were trapped and could not breathe was a consequence of hearding the fans into an ALREADY filled area. I can attest that well before Hillsborough in fact at the beloved Wembley we were often when filled to capacity well over 82,000 would pour in and you would get squashed through surges onto those old metal and concrete rails...I hate to think what it must have been like, panick would be the least of it. Fans were in no way a factor, other than to be corralled with complete disregard for their well-being in this instance. The only contributory factor of the ground was that it was penned. Had the fans not been forced into an obviously full enclosure, which a blind man could 'av seen, so to suggest they were a factor in this instance is absolutely repugnant, bordering. You mention Heysel well read this and you will a first hand account how well before this fans were also penned in, and while one can argue that fans contributed to this disaster there remains a degree of provocation. In no way did the lFC fans provoke Hillsborough. Here is the link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/liverpool/11635476/Heysel-disaster-of-1985-is-footballs-forgotten-tragedy-and-Liverpool-and-Juventus-minimal-reaction-prolongs-hurt.html
  7. GlobeTrotta


    While I was not there I have tutored MBA students on leadership studies for about 4 years about Duckenfield's actions as part of comparative leadership behaviour, so here are my two cents worth that are known facts. (For those curious we compared Enron, Kennedy and Dukenfield). *Beyond the fact that the police knowingly placed someone (Duckenfield) in charge with no previous experience in managing crowd control for this match * That he willfully ignored information passed on to him by collegaues, grounds officials etc. and proceeded to open the gates when advised not to. * That his decision making was based upon a dictatorial approach of what he thought was the best course of action * That he intentionally lied in testimony as a sworn police officer * That his actions can be construed under law to be criminally negligent as he failed in his duty of care So with those facts alone, not withstanding the stadia and its pen...how on God's green earth was it any of the fans fault, when they were treated like cattle and hearded into a situation that clearly was driven by one man's ill equipped knowledge, blind arrogance to ignore advice no to, and then lie when he had a duty of reponsibility for their satefy. Beggars belief anyone can blame these fans. They have been rightly exonerated. The cover up makes Watergate look like primary school...the fact that the truth has offcially come out and hopefully justice will for be served by the courts. The fact that he as lived for 27 years I hope he was tormented at night for his actions, pity it didn't come out sooner. YNWA
  8. Seven seas moved me from USA to UK 2007, then to Australia 2010, and back again been brilliant competitive and service was excellent like other poster I changed delilvery addresses they had no issue with that - I gave them ample notice. I only moved tea chest sized boxes. Best of luck!
  9. GlobeTrotta

    Seven Seas Worldwide - Baggage Shipping

    Have used Seven Seas three times on 3 continents and they have always been excellent. Delivery always showed up and cost was reasonable mind you it was only two tea chest size boxes now last time down graded to one. As to books they are far more expensive in Australia and I bought them regularly from UK at about 50% of cost.
  10. GlobeTrotta

    6 months back.....

    Goes with the adage about holidays, its not where you go, but who you go with. You can build most things with the right resources, starting with a job, place to live, partner, amenities that you desire.
  11. GlobeTrotta

    ........the day that changed the world,......

    Dave mate to have stayed out of the middle east you have to go back a lot further than post 9/11....if i recall weren't the British behind the 1916 Great Arab Revolt, add to that Lawrence of Arabia and dare I say the British Expeditionary forces in Basra 1914...so as perusual where there is a conflict Israel, Northern Ireland, Middle East the Brits have had a hand in it. By removing despots like Hussein one opens up pandoras box...th efact Al- Qaeda is now after ISIS could be great the kill each other off while we discretely do an about face and quick march the hell out.
  12. GlobeTrotta

    Would you house refugees in your home?

    So they damn well should they have brought this mess to the point that it's at, as their actions over the past 15 years have exponentially compounded the problems of the Middle East. They are just fortunate that they are geographically located where they are so the refugees are not knocking on their door. So when will the USA put the hand up - I wouldn't count on it any time soon they will let Europe absorb the brunt and the economic consequences and this thereby weakens Europes economy further. never trust the US politicians they never do anything unless it's in their interests - just look at history.
  13. GlobeTrotta

    Can you have a good time without drink?

    Just saw a Ducks Dont Quack episode and apparently you can it's scientifically proven, all that wasted money and all those hangovers I could have avoided....always the last to know. Thank God for Lee Mack!
  14. GlobeTrotta

    Would you house refugees in your home?

    Dave it's been a while! Look I have to question this too on the same grounds as you do and am in agreement. I can't help thinking that its a functional of political guilt for the decision making that has created such a mess of the middle east and I dont mean the past two decades this goes back to the 1930's as well. The consequentialism of politicians has resulted in the mess and that includes all allied countries, but i don't see the USA putting their hand up to take any - unless I missed that. I for one am a take care of own sort first then provide handouts, but that's hard to do when we stick our noses in everyones business and are easily led down the garden path by the almighty USA. Social and political diatribe over - hope you are well!
  15. GlobeTrotta

    I'm done

    Was chatting to a high ranking Vice Chancellor re similar situation here in Adelaide some 6 months ago, his remarks were similar, now he was from the USA and said here they dont like tall poppies and that when you come from the outside with all this experinece and overseas education, vision of how to do things differently not even better, just differently even though they have said they wanted that they actaully dont want to change the status quo - anyway it doesn't bode well for finding work. So essentially the way I read it was to dumb down the CV - to me this seems akin to not being any better than lying on my CV I am supposed to reduce the experiences I have had how is that possiblel say I didnt work there, delete successes, leave off education (another fact: apparently having a masters is intimidating and means you will command more money - which that dont want to pay - LMFAO) so that investmet was for nothing. Frankly, while the world has dramatically changed since the GFC I had never ever expected the utter frustration of being in such a narrow minded place really cant wait to leave in December. I long since gave up wasting my time sending letters applying for jobs that are so fundamentally basic only to be told that I dont have local experience - its a global world for f*** sake how hard can a call centre be when I have run multi million dollar call centres for Fortune 100 companies hello pick up a phone listen...its absurd and the UK will get me expertise gladly even when I was underemployed i was at least employed. the five experiment is soon to be over arguably the biggest disappointment is the mindset of people and clearly a system that is frought with complete stupidity at realising the value someone with extensive experience can add value. There is no lateral thinking here. Please note I am not speaking for the whole of Oz just my perpsective relative to where I have had to endure the inane stupidity of the Adelaide job market.