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  1. My parents always get travel insurance as it covers all the extra things as well. My dad had an accident and needed to go to A&E and he was covered by the reciprocal agreement without having a card. At the hospital they didn't even ask for any proof however I did offer them his passport to photocopy which they did, and gave them my phone number. Sure enough, we had a couple of follow up phone calls to verify his eligibility. Everything was covered - xray, ct scan and all checks.
  2. Alaska

    457 insurance help

    Not sure if it will help or not, but we used Go Walkabout and their 21 day emigration insurance just to cover us until we were registered with Medicare. I am not sure if the criteria is any less stringent for a short term policy like this or not? I am also assuming that you would want to only be covered until you were registered with Medicare, and are from a reciprocal country!
  3. Alaska

    My Lamington Trek with pics

    Great photos. We have been camping there a couple times. Got put off though as my daughter got 2 ticks last time and my husband a paralysis tick in his hair that we didn't find until his head went numb! I will google the treatments you talk about.
  4. Alaska

    which agents did people use?

    Go Matilda! They were completely upfront when contacted them for a free assessment many years ago. We were not eligible for anything other than a 457 at that point and they told us straight up. I have since used their tax arm (GM Tax) and found them to be very helpful also.
  5. I know it's scary but being alone is fabulous. You can set your agenda, change your schedule at the drop of a hat etc without having to worry. I did part of my WHV with a friend from uni and whilst nice in some ways, it became quite restrictive and difficult at times. After she went home, I went on to have the time of my life to be honest as I could truly please myself and get the most out of the time. That opportunity doesn't happen too often in life due to other commitments, so grab it with both hands!
  6. Alaska

    Ex trying to get us sent back to UK

    Yes, unfortunately everyone is correct. Please let us know how you get on and good luck.
  7. Alaska

    457 insurance and reciprocal agreement

    We came over on a 457 from the UK and cancelled our insurance as soon as we enrolled with Medicare. We were entitled to pretty much everything PR and citizens are. I have heard of people who have had exceptions to this but we didn't come across any ourselves in terms of GP visits, scans, prescriptions and blood tests etc.
  8. Alaska

    Ping Pom feelings

    So you have done UK, Aus, UK, Aus? I hate to say it, but I fear that you will never feel settled and will always be thinking the grass is greener. Maybe you could look at it objectively and try and to see which one suits you best and just do trips to the other one for holidays. Only you can really answer which one that is.
  9. Hopefully they will improve the system. After we got to Australia, we got up to date with the different vaccines they had here compared to the UK. However it still took over 1.5 years and dozens of calls to get them to update our records as "up to date". My GP was trying as well. We were on a 457 so didn't receive any rebates, but if we had been it would have been even more frustrating during this long process.
  10. Alaska

    Can a 457 Visa holder own a share in a business?

    Hi Tony Sorry I can't help you with the specific question, but the obvious one to me would be - is there is reason you haven't applied for a PR visa? We were on a 457 (as we weren't eligible for PR at the time) but were able to apply under the transition scheme after 2 years for PR. Sorry if it's an obvious question
  11. Alaska

    Does Anyone Still Send Christmas Cards?

    I just send them to friends in the UK these days.
  12. Alaska

    Perth Vs Brisbane???

    I lived in Perth for a while when backpacking and loved it. I kind of had my heart set on it when we emigrated, however the job was offered in Brisbane. Honestly, I wouldn't be anywhere else now. I love Perth but the advantages with Brisbane are how lush and green is it is, how so many suburbs have great views, and the closer access to Sydney etc. I am sure Perth is too, but Brisbane is a great place to raise a family. I can't comment on the job situation in both places though. x
  13. I would've thought 20km would be ok Cal? The Gap just about fits into that and has great schools. Indooroopilly has some good schools. Toowong has a lovely primary. I have had friends who lived in the Chelmer area and loved it. Another resource for schools is the myschool website.
  14. Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex!!!! My parents rent from them (in Hendra near the airport) every single time and they are brilliant. They are the cheapest for all inclusive and include the most. They are also laid back and don't try to fleece you for anything like a lot of them do. Don't use Hertz! We had a nightmare renting from them.
  15. Alaska

    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    I work in a mainstream high school with a support unit, and it is fantastic. The support offered is great. Also, even for the kids that don't have a formal diagnosis, they are monitored and helped "unofficially" also - often they are in the same classes as our kids. There is more and more specialist training offered to support staff here which is really positive. One thing that you are probably aware of is that you will tend to get much better support from the state system than the private sector. I am sure there are exceptions, but as a general rule it seems to be the case.