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  1. srh82

    Driving in queensland? Tips? Advise?

    Obey the speed limits. The cops are fab at revenue generation and cameras are v well hidden.
  2. srh82

    Cost of living

    VS I don't know how you can say you are comfortable in the UK on £30k/year. You must be living mortgage free. £30k definitely not equivalent to $100k LOL. Yes rental market for apartments isn't great at present.
  3. srh82

    Cost of living

    So I would say $3000 in rent and $3000 living costs per month is reasonable for Brisbane. And I live here. No kids, 2 cats...run one car. Fairly quiet existence.
  4. srh82

    Where to live in NSW??

    I would have thought for a 4 bed, $1,000 per week minimum...
  5. srh82

    Dismal England reactions?

    If you have citizenship you are leaving the door open to return. I hope the family will appreciate that you are moving back for them. The risk is that you move back and family just carry on with their lives..
  6. srh82

    Good areas of Manchester

    Ashton is patchy, Monton better I would say.
  7. srh82

    Elderly mother

  8. srh82

    Elderly mother

    Have you thought about moving back to be with your mother?
  9. srh82

    Good areas of Manchester

    Or Marple or Woodley?
  10. srh82

    Good areas of Manchester

    What about Stalybridge?
  11. srh82

    Good areas of Manchester

    Have a look at Levenshulme. Used to be rough but not any more....
  12. srh82

    UK bucket list ideas

    Make sure you set aside some time to spend with extended family.
  13. srh82

    Pay income tax in OZ as well as UK?

    Get some tax advice. Try Go Matilda as they specialise in both tax jurisdictions. Surprising that you are FIFO and struggling to make ends meet! Wow!
  14. srh82

    Moving to Queensland

    I would 'undecide' you want to move here unless your wife is prepared to work as well: $75k is not enough for a family the size of yours here.
  15. Anything you can get for your business would be good and as others have said you don't want to give it away. $400k unfortunatoey will not get you a lot in Brisbane these days. $500-600k on the other hand is a different matter!