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  1. Pixie77

    Moved back - update

    Hi we found one agent wouldn't rent to anyone who hadn't been in country for 12months! But apart from that no issues. We have references & houses ale contract. But make sure you register to vote & get a bank account asao to give you a credit score (depending on your time our if UK) paying I. Advance is also a big hit we've found even the offer to do so has changed things.... Goodluck!!
  2. Pixie77

    Advice on move

    I'd start trying now if you've had issues, get citizenship and see where you're up to. We moved back in July with our 3&1 year old- family support has made a big difference! Goodluck x
  3. Pixie77

    First winter back

    So it's our first winter/Christmas back in the UK for 6years, I'm loving the cool, fresh, sharp weather, wrapping up warm. I'm hoping for snow-our children have never seen it. The Christmas lights in the dark & cold still bring a sense of excitement to me. And Bonfire night - I love it, Halloween the kids loved it-no clue what it was about but trick or treating = happy kids. I'm loving belonging, it makes me smile at the English-ness of things-queuing for everything, the driving - waves/flashing lights- to say no you first, thanks etc. Little things that of course you live without & don't really think of but once you're home you realise you missed. So leading up to our first proper wintery family Christmas with our children, parents, siblings & extended family I'm so confident we made the right move & so happy we're here. Dont get me wrong, we've had a financially rough ride & still haven't secured a house yet but that will come & it really feels life is too short to miss out on the people in your life.....
  4. Pixie77

    Timeline for organising the big move

    We flew the day after house settlement, we sold one car but ended up leaving the other with a friend to sell-but honestly we needed it clearing house & we have 2young children. We moved out of house & stayed in hotel for 2nights before flight- which was great for us. I would say 60days settlement is loads of time. We used a large move cube & we booked flights when settlement confirmed. Goodluck!!
  5. Pixie77

    Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    Sorry if I'm repeating stuff, as a fellow stay at home mum & a recent (just over 3months) returnee have you checked out hoop? Or Mush? You need to get out to regular meet ups-playgroups, fitness classes with crèche etc to feel you have a life outside of the house-friendships will come from this regular meet ups and that makes all the difference. We've decided that this is it, we will not ping pong, but each to there own-remember the reasons you left, 1 hour to see family is nothing, try to make the trip regularly. Goodluck!
  6. Pixie77

    Super annuation

    Oh that's disappointing we were hoping to get it released early, I thought if he rescinded pr he could have it.... Hmm thanks for advice....
  7. Pixie77

    Super annuation

    OK thanks.... His super company have said they can release it & we've been sent forms so I'll go & double check. Thanks
  8. Pixie77

    Super annuation

    Hi my husband is looking at bringing over/releasing his super from Australia now we're back in the UK for good. We were PR & just wondering if anyone else had done this? What forms did you fill in? Thanks
  9. Pixie77

    We are home!

    We arrived home end of July to stay with my parents. The children. 18 months old & 3 now 4 are loving it, the 3 year old had the best family birthday she could have imagined. & we all feel it's been the best move. We've slotted in & are enjoying so much- playgroups that run through the summer- made friends already! The variety of cheap food, the weather, music, festivals. Etc we feel alive again. Best of all- babysitters!!! Hubby e moving down south for job in few weeks so things will change but so far it's great. Oh by the way we arrived using kids Oz passports & now getting UK ones- no dramas entering or registering for Dr. Etc. Easy. Preschool starts September as we deferred school place. No regrets at all, enjoyed Oz & now enjoying UK both have their strengths
  10. Pixie77

    Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    We arrived a week ago. Hubbie & I used UK passports but kids only had Aussie. No issue- he just advised us to get UK one for them to register them etc.
  11. Pixie77

    Reactions from UK family?

    We arrived back with our 2 children a week ago. Very rapidly approaching 40. We had lots of comments about how mad we were- even my dad! But we knew what we were doing..... a week in & I'm confident it's right for our family- kids are so happy to have family around... that's enough for us.
  12. Fly the 21St- wow that's next week!! That's settlement day too! Move cube coming in a week, it's all very real now!
  13. Just about to start the form- getting docs scanned in. How long does it take to complete approx? Thanks
  14. Pixie77

    Import tax movecube contents

    Thanks so UK resident? Or citizen? We've lived in Australia nearly 6 years but obviously still UK citizens
  15. Pixie77

    Import tax movecube contents

    So we've just booked our move cube & looking at documents it looks like if we list items bought here in Australia we will pay tax on them going into UK? Most of the things are bought here- some we brought with us- any ideas of % of tax charged?