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  1. Thank you so much for the information. I didn't realise sorting pets took that long. I am having trouble finding out how many pet friendly rentals there are. This will be key to my argument for getting her out there.
  2. hope73

    UK bucket list ideas

    That's a really nice idea.
  3. hope73

    UK bucket list ideas

    Thank you so much everyone. Great advice and ideas.
  4. hope73

    UK bucket list ideas

    Fantastic ideas, thank you. We took the children to Liberty's recently - definitely has the wow factor! I love the Savoy idea.
  5. hope73

    UK bucket list ideas

    Thank you for taking the time to reply with such detail, you've made some really good points and gven me lots to think about. Buckingham Palace, the London museums (again), The Globe and Madam Tussaud's keep featuring on our list. You make a good point about not wearing ourselves out too much though!
  6. hope73

    UK bucket list ideas

    We are on track to leave the UK in July. Our children are Primary Aged and so I wondered if there was anything we should put on our list of things to do before we leave the UK? We live in the South East of England, about an hour from London. Thanks
  7. We are FINALLY on target to get to Aus for July 2017. I am Kiwi and my husband has his Visa. We have tow primary aged children. We know exactly where we want to move to: Medowie in Port Stephens, NSW. (I went on a reccie in Dec). At present he plans to resign in April and as he needs a 12 week notice period we can't leave until July. We are planning to rent our house out. Our pet cat is still a bone of contention as I am desperate to take her (selfish I know) but OH is not! So that's where we're at. Can anyone copy and paste a To Do List that we can follow please? As much detail as possible would be hugely appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  8. hope73

    To rent UK house out or sell up?

    We are hoping to be there by Feb/March.
  9. In the current economic climate, what does everyone think is best?
  10. He's open to a new challenge as am I. I'm a primary teacher and i don't hold high hopes for getting a job in that sector.
  11. Appreciate your direct response re our cat. I now definitely think she'd be happier if we rehomed her. She catches loads of creatures on this side of the globe so best to leave her here! Everyone she meets falls in love with her so rehoming her shouldn't be too difficult.
  12. She's not an indoor cat at all and to be honest it would be easier all round if we didn't take her but she is the most adorable cat I've ever had and she has so much personality so leaving her is very, very difficult. Rehoming seems very selfish but so does putting her through all that stress. I wouldn't even consider taking her if she wasn't a young cat (only just turned 3). Husband says rehome her. Anyway, we're still waiting for his Visa to come through (via me being a Kiwi) so I guess we've got a lng road ahead yet.
  13. Thank you for your reply. Juggling the move with a cat in tow is really worrying me! I think the quarantine is about 3 hours drive away from where we'll be as well. How often did you visit your cat? Did you find your cat settled in ok? I can't even imagine how cats cope with the flight! But leaving her behind and rehoming her also breaks my heart as well. Difficult to know which is the least selfish option for her. I would be gutted to have to leave her behind as she is completely adorable.
  14. I am attempting to register as a teacher from the UK but my application keeps demanding a Working With Children Clearance Check number which it seems can only be obtained once I am actually in Aus. Help please?
  15. We're on track to move in Nov/Dec! There's still so much to do but at least hubby is properly on board now! I am concerned about finding a rental property with a cat in tow - plus they are SO expensive! Our cat will be in quarantine for ten days so we'll need to find a rental as soon as possible as we'll be staying with my brother initially and I don't think it's a good idea to try to settle her into his house and then a rental. What's very annoying is I have seen the perfect house online (at a good price) that I would buy tomorrow if I could! How do people manage the move with pets? Weirdly as well our kids will probably go straight into the Aus 6 week summer hols, which will actually be a nice way to settle them in after the stress of the move. At least they can spend days on the beach rather than going straight into a classroom and I won't have to rush to put them into schools. Online information about Nelsn Bays is quite sparse. I'm glad I have been there before and have family there (although they're not THAT helpful!).