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  1. jodipodi

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    Ok im still not sure I understand.We have been here in australia residing on a PR since May this year. When will we be eligible to apply for citizenship?....
  2. jodipodi

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    One year!!! Omg. Weve been here since May 1st. I thought old bill was 2 years wonder where i got that from?... Thats amazing hope it stays that way until at least May next year...!!
  3. jodipodi

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    What does this mean for PR holders? What are the citizenship requirements in terms of how long do you have to reside in Australia now to apply for citizenship please?
  4. We'll done you! You should be proud BC...congratulations xx
  5. Ahhhh Dom! You have a boxer! Or a mental mutt as I call them- ahhh I love boxers they're crazy! We have two bostons.....like mini boxers....and just as crazy....and double the 'bounce'!
  6. Ah great I'm sure you'll walk it! It's stability and security isn't it so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm sure you'll be fine though . Yeah the nails are good for pointing out jobs that need doing and telling hubby what to do ahahaaa!
  7. **double posted....my phone doesn't like me at the moment!...and no idea where the delete icon has gone to?**
  8. Enjoy your little getaway tink....and merry Christmas to you hope you get everything sorted as soon as possible xx
  9. Hiya Dom how you doing hinny? Still working hard I hope:cool:
  10. jodipodi

    Are migration agents really helpful

    Hi guys....just popping on to say ...if anyone feels it was my intention to scaremonger-then my apologies but it was not. And also I don't find any if my advice given in the best of intention preposterous in any way. Both my consultants wrote my letters supporting my medical history which were in no way helpful and I certainly do believe they could have lost me a chance of a visa. As -imo - i believe- could not having the correct information and advice on specific issues involved, and yes there was something in my case which had I failed to mention could have led to a three year ban. There are quite a few times on forums when I have been given preposterous and straight forward wrong advice. That is why I chose to get an agent....that and the fact I do not know all the ins and outs of it all and I myself have been wrong before many times. These are my views only, not everyone's and I appreciate that and respect that, but I stand by what I say regarding my own process. Good luck to the op though it's stressful, exciting and worth it x
  11. jodipodi

    Post a random picture of your day

    Not really a pink kinda girl......but I certainly enjoyed doing them!
  12. Wow this is right up my street....total boho....very gorgeous!
  13. Spice Girls - 2 become 1.......:huh: Bit soppy but definitely makes me feel Christmassy.
  14. jodipodi

    Are migration agents really helpful

    No not would- but could. There are a few silly mistakes I could have made up to now that could potentially lead to me being refused such as over claiming experience, incorrectly formatted medical letters which were not worded correctly, also me not knowing that if I had not disclosed other certain things could have lead to refusal and three year bans etc. I'm sure applications can and have been done many many times successfully without an agent...but just for us personally, it was not worth the risk of going alone.
  15. jodipodi

    Are migration agents really helpful

    I looked at it like this: how would I feel if I made a mistake that cost me thousands of pounds I'd taken years to find, hours and hours of overtime, university work, kids futures planned, a life put on hold etc....how would I feel if my last ten or so years of dreaming about a all the exciting things we have to look forward to were scuppered by one stupid , avoidable mistake? That's how valuable a good migration agent is. It's like an insurance policy on your effort to achieving long planned dreams.