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  1. What if the sponsor lived in another country, got police certificate from there and has not visited this country after the certificate has been issued? Does the certificate have "expiry" date? Realistically, if you have not visited the country , there is no way that you can commit a crime and the last certificate should not have expiry date. Asking because we had to get one from Canada and the process is really painful, with the fingerprints and consent forms they ask for when applying outside of Canada.
  2. A friend of mine just got his 457 transferred to a new employer and it took 3 days.
  3. DianaK

    Where to upload sponsor documents?

    Done with the pictures, thank you for the helpful hints and advice Any idea what type of evidence to attach as "Nature of household" except Rental Agreement and Correspondence addressed to both of us? I have already attached the Utility Bills and Joint Car Insurance to the "Financial Aspects" category. Thanks.
  4. DianaK

    Where to upload sponsor documents?

    Also, do you put any notes to your photos, like "Sponsor's family", "Local sports club", "Trip to Paris", etc.?
  5. DianaK

    457 to residency

    So there's no chance that we can stay after our visa expires next year Looks like it Although, this raises another question - was this information available at the time when the 457 was granted? Let's say in May, June, July and August people were granted 457 an they made decisions based on the assumption that in 2 years they will be under 50 but older than 45, and eligible for PR. Later on, the changes happened and the same people no longer qualify. I am curious when the info has been released? I might be wrong but in the case for a visa granted in June 2017 I do not think that the rules for age and residency were in place, which means that the government is backdating. Is this correct? Has the changes that we are discussing here been officially announced and implemented?
  6. DianaK

    457 to residency

    Lodged end of May and granted beginning of June 2017. Applicant was 46 years old at the time.
  7. DianaK

    Where to upload sponsor documents?

    We have enough supporting documents but as we are not picture takers we are a bit concerned if we can provide pictures that will also give them the variety that they might require. Like different locations, different people and activities, family members, how much intimacy they want to see on the pictures, etc.
  8. DianaK

    457 to residency

    I was just wondering - if you currently hold a 457 will you be affected by the changes to Residency requirement from March 2018? Meaning, do you have to wait two or three year before you are eligible for PR?
  9. DianaK

    Where to upload sponsor documents?

    It does make sense, I am going to upload them as one document. It is good to have an idea of how many photos people upload...more or less. It is something that we have to assume and there is no right or wrong answer, I guess
  10. DianaK

    Where to upload sponsor documents?

    I have prepared the same one document but then I wondered if they should be relevant to the categories instead.
  11. DianaK

    Where to upload sponsor documents?

    Hi, Also, how do you upload your pictures? Different pictures under each category, e. g. social aspects, nature of household, commitment to each other, or just as one file named something like "Pictures" and under "Other" Category? Thanks
  12. DianaK

    Zetland - any good?

    Lots of new apartments in Camperdown/Glebe, but just a little bit more expensive than your current rent.
  13. DianaK

    Anyone shipped nervous cat?

    We shipped an extremely nervous cat that is terrified travelling in a car to a point that he meows all the time and sheds like crazy. However, he looked great when we picked him up from the quarantine and seemed very timid. Obviously, they get over the anxiety during the flights. Just do not think much about it, the cat will manage.
  14. DianaK

    Anyone want to hang out in Sydney?

    We have met some lovely people that we keep in touch with and there is something for everybody. It is also worth it to become an Albatros member and to have access to more events.
  15. DianaK

    Anyone want to hang out in Sydney?

    Internations is a site for people who travel a lot(mainly) and who are temporary (some people are permanent) in Australia or another country. Lots of young people with different interest. This is the website: https://www.internations.org