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  1. Congratulations!!!! Wow, June, only two months before me! That’s awesome! Congratulations!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Congratulations !!!!
  2. Hi, I forget the offical title of the form but when you log into your account under where the documents are uploaded, under sponsor section it should be there, when you click on the headings and a pop box with description appears. There should be the sponsor form link for you to print out and fill out. It’s basically saying you agree to financially look after your spouse for the two years or whatever the waiting time is, before they can get government assistance.
  3. That’s awesome news, Sunseeker 20. Congratulations!
  4. Me too and I’m in August but that May application gave me hope, it’s climbing up there. Congratulations!!! That’s awesome we have an April! Enjoy your new life in OZ! Oh wow, another April! Congratulations!!! I’m sure it will be fast. Everyday I check for more people getting approved, it keeps me going. So greatful to everyone letting us know what months they’re getting through.
  5. Congratulations! I’m sure once you submit it, you will get good news.
  6. Congratulations JoeMcC !!!! April is a fantastic time to be leaving, you will be able to take your kids to the Royal Easter show!
  7. Hi, I haven’t used an agent either. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/888.pdf “For the 888 If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident and you reside outside Australia, your statement cannot be considered a statutory declaration under Australian law, even if it is made using this form or the template provided by the Attorney-General’s Department. However, under policy, your statement should be witnessed or certified according to the legal practices of the country in which you make the statement. Failing that, it should be witnessed by a person whose occupation or qualification is comparable to those listed above. This person should sign, date and specify their occupation at the bottom of the statement.” I personally can’t advise any further on that as I didn’t fill that form out. I gave them the names of a couple of our friends and their contact details. I think that might have been on the main form as I wasn’t going to do witness statements etc. I had lots of photos and emails to prove we are legit. I uploaded the police certificate right away and there was a request on the dashboard to make a medical appointment. However when I called immigration about a different question and mentioned I uploaded those things, I was asked did I get a letter requesting it as they only last 12 months. I don’t know what others have done. I applied in August 19 and in the process of applying for my security certificates (I didn’t realise) and will be uploading them, in the next few weeks. So I don’t think you need to get them done right at the start, though I think it’s best to get them submitted at least before the end. I have noticed when people get a RFI they are then waiting 3 or 4 weeks for the grant letter. For me, I want to avoid the RFI and not delay the grant, even though it’s just a few weeks. This forum is so helpful, and I also call immigration with a questions: If you are calling from the Americas or Europe please call our Global Service Centre (GSC) located in Australia on +61 2 6196 0196, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm local time in your country. Hopefully others will chime in with what they have done.
  8. Returnhome

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    Thank you both for your experinces. Good to hear.
  9. Returnhome

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    Or hopefully they will revise the training their handlers have.
  10. Returnhome

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    That sounds like a really nice break for them since such a long flight.
  11. Congratulations!!!! What a wonderful start to the new year and a new decade!
  12. Yes! It sure sounds it! I’m checking this thread everyday for everyone’s good news!
  13. Hopefully, it’s very good news, so congratulations! Please keep us informed once you leave.
  14. Congratulations agmc! This is so exciting to hear you applied in May! I’m only a few months behind you (August). Thank you for posting!
  15. Returnhome

    Has anyone used Qantas?

    That’s why I’d like other people’s success stories using them.