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  1. Returnhome

    Bungalow in Britain

    Wow, had no idea they were considered old people’s houses lol. Not the case in Australia. First time, I have ever heard of that stigma.
  2. Yeah, I don’t get the attraction of Perth lol
  3. Funny, as an Aussie, I have encountered the same issue over here. Both my British hubby and I are very friendly and outgoing people. So it’s not all Aussies or all Brits. I think it’s more the area and the personalities. I’m currently in the South of England. Some of our dearest friends live up North.
  4. Congratulations! I’m going to use Pet Air because it’s run by vets and has got a lot of good reviews.
  5. I did my husband’s but slipped up on not realising I as a sponsor needed to also have my UK and OZ police checks, which are now fine, thanks to this forum. I have also contacted the global service center when stuck on something. I found the sponsor visa, pretty straight forward for me, saying that as an Aussie with English husband. I could easily understand what was asked and what they required. Standard government forms. I think for people where English is not their first language or they have a complicated case where they live in different countries and other issues, they are better off with an agent for sure. Also, family visas and work might be better off through an agent. You could create the account (I’m pretty sure, I didn’t pay until after I completed and submitted the form ) and go through what you’re asked, so you can see if you can do it on your own. The sponsored partner will be asked about employment history, get sent for a medical, both of you have to submit police checks. You need to provide evidence the relationship is real; photos, shared accounts or responsibilities, emails etc, it’s just a matter of gathering it all together and uploading it. Some people submit tons of evidence. I just upload what I felt was a reasonable amount, enough, I certainly didn’t go overboard. Again it depends on the individual circumstances, how much they have to prove to the department, especially with the tricky cases.
  6. Wow, no wonder you’re excited! Good luck
  7. So that was a letter request or on the dashboard?
  8. Returnhome

    Move to Sydney

    Hi, Sydney Suburb Profiles https://www.sitchu.com.au/sydney/living/ https://goodmigrations.com/city-guides/sydney/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Sydney_suburbs Once you narrow down your list, enter the suburb name into these sites https://www.microburbs.com.au/NSW/Sydney/City/City-of-Sydney/Sydney demographics of each suburb with safety, internet etc https://www.homely.com.au/search/suburbs-in-sydney-greater-new-south-wales Suburb reviews Hope this helps !
  9. Returnhome

    Qantas Temporary Ban on Snub Nosed Breeds

    Quick google search and older articles come up about deaths of those types of breeds. 2017 https://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/how-many-arrive-alive-grieving-pet-owner-wants-fli/3188051/ 2014 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11207530 “A North Shore veterinarian, who did not want to be named, said it was not uncommon for dogs to die during transit.” I think the bottom line is if you own one of those breeds and you must transport it interstate (and this is going to be be an unpopular opinion) drive it. Even if it takes you a couple of days, at least your dog is still going to be alive at the other end. Let’s face, with those breeds, you’re playing russian roulette flying them. That’s why a lot of airlines refuse to fly them.
  10. Congratulations! All the best.
  11. Returnhome

    3rd world scenario again grrr

    Yeah, rarely experienced them when I lived in Sydney. However, where I live now in a semi-rural area in the UK. Every time there is a bit of wind.... lol
  12. Returnhome

    Is it the right thing?

    Tappers, can your son finish his schooling via correspondence? Also, with pets you are going to need to get your pets rabies vaccines (last 3 years- though sometimes they might need a booster ) and then you need to wait 8 months before they can be approved for travel. So try and get that done around the same time as your visa application. I don’t think you will regret Australia. Good luck with it all!
  13. Wow, immigration is certainly working hard to get through so many visas. March, April, May, June visas have been granted this month. Well done to the department! At the rate they are being processed, who thinks they will get some August ones in there in February? I’m really hoping they will find my husband’s easy to process.
  14. A lot of people seem to get it right at the end before the approval. So how exciting!