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Found 7 results

  1. Has anyone ever regretted moving to Australia for reasons other than missing family and friends? Maybe money, jobs, weather, location, insects, health, something?! Me and my husband are due to move to Sydney from the UK in June, we have never been to oz before and if we dont like it we can just come back. We dont have any family or friends that we feel we will miss so thats not an issue for us. The only thing i hope is that i love my new job as much as i love my current one. Just looking for some negatives to level out all the positives i keep hearing...or are there no negatives?! Thanks
  2. Sun gets to hot in summer ,winters get to cold in winter . You have to do a funny walk over the sand in summer . Any more :shocked:
  3. Hi all, My oz wife, daughter and I are planning on moving to Sydney as her family live there. I have been trying to put together pros and cons of both OZ and the UK to see if there is anything that stands out but it seems to me that both have good points and bad. I am trying hard not to look at it though rose tinted glasses and know that the grass isn't greener over there. I would love to hear what made the done it's and the doing it's decide to make the move. Dan
  4. Just thought i would get a thread goin, been hearing all sorts of things so would like to have a balanced veiw from people who are out there doin it. State your name, where you live and your 5 posotives and 5 negatives! Cheers!!!!
  5. Honestly this did start of with 5 headings but I had to include one more, sorry. I realise that this is meant to be an 'ordinary' post, but as some of my posts have a tendency to do, it has become a bit too political, I apologise, I just cant help myself. Hopefully some of you will agree with me, some may not. But it would be interesting to see your point of view. POSITIVES 1. Our Ability To Laugh At Ourselves 2. Our Ability To Self-Deprecate 3. Our Ability To Not Want To Offend 4. Our Ability To Allow Free Speech 5. Our Ability To Follow The Rules 6. Our Ability To Look Toward The Future NEGATIVES 1. Our Ability To Laugh At Ourselves. Sometimes this can be too much. Whilst I agree that it is a worthy attribute, it can also give the impression to other countries that we are a push over. 2. Our Ability To Self-Deprecate. There are many other nations that will do this all too easily to us. At times we should scream from the rooftops that we still have one of the greatest countries in the world. 3. Our Ability To Not Want To Offend. At times this country needs to realise that not to offend can be misconstrued as weakness and makes us an easy target. 4. Our Ability To Allow Free Speech. At times certain sectors of this society should be told to shut up, and stop spouting their vitriol and contempt to all and sundry, (Abu Hamza was one of many that got away with this for far too long) 5. Our Ability To Follow The Rules. At certain times the rules need to be broken. We are often spoken to by those in power with abject disregard and told that we HAVE to do such a thing. At times, a little social 'anarchy' is needed, (not violence, just the barest mutterings of disproval). 6. Our Ability To Look Toward The Future. At times we as a nation forget what we have achieved in the past. What did indeed, at one time make us 'Great' Britain. Thank you. PS. I apologise to shanewyatt for kidnapping their post in the barest of detail. Hopefully they will overlook this.
  6. Hi, We have just come back from Sydney! We went there with our 2 kids and the In-laws for a family Wedding! I know it was a holiday for us..... but we just loved it! We are going to go back next year on a fact finder....eg to look at schools and find out what jobs could be available! What I really wanted to know is.....what are the negatives, apart from the obvious, leaving family and friends behind! Would really like some advice!!! Jayne xxx:goofy:
  7. Hi, Possibly a bit of a strange post. I'm new on PIO. I emigrated with my Australian husband to Brisbane in 1989 and lived in Petrie for nearly 10 years before returning to the UK. Now we want to return to the Brisbane area. The 'problem' is that the only job interview my husband has been offered so far is in Caloundra, a fair drive from our old 'patch' and our friends. I know little about life on the Sunshine Coast, but from all the posts on the forums that I have read everyone absolutely loves living in the Caloundra area. This is great, but it would be helpful to me to balance the picture (if it needs balancing!) by hearing if anyone has any negatives about the area, that way I would know the pitfalls to avoid. Your input would really be appreciated! Debbie :wideeyed: