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  1. BigJoe

    Partner 309/100 visa

    Good luck Waldo, I’m sure you will be fine.
  2. BigJoe

    Opening of international borders

    I’ve had both of my AZ jabs, no issues here in the UK.
  3. You can defer flying out within the first year if flights are an issue, plus the hotel cost is stupid money.
  4. BigJoe

    309/100 application

    I scanned mine at work and it saved them as PDF files.
  5. BigJoe

    309/100 application

    Log into your immi account and choose new application, then choose Family, then select Sponsorship for a partner to Migrate to Australia it will then ask for the reference number from YOUR Application and your date of birth. Then let your sponsor fill the form out and submit it. It will be connected to your application due to the reference number. To clarify it’s an online form rather than a form you download. Your partner/sponsor does this through your immi account.
  6. I'm sure Covid is having a huge impact at there end. They will having thousands of applicants to deal with.
  7. BigJoe

    Citizenship by descent_ infant

    It took about 3 months for my daughters citizenship to be approved, I applied in July 2019, and it was approved around the end of October. Bear in mind this was all pre Covid.
  8. BigJoe

    Citizenship by Descent

    When I did both my girls it took just over 3 months.
  9. BigJoe

    Help picking the right Visa.

    You can apply while your in Australia for a subclass 820 and get permanent residency with the subclass 801. if outside Australia it’s the subclass 309 followed by the subclass 100. Both the above are partner visas. A working visa will depends on your trade and if it’s in demand Down Under. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-finder
  10. BigJoe

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    Hey my sister is moving from the Gold Coast to the outskirts of Warwick, does anyone live in or around the area of Warwick? I'm curious as to what Warwick has to offer in the way of work etc..
  11. Great news on the job and house. Looking forward to your next video. All the best and stay safe.
  12. So any regrets 3 months on? How has the house and job hunting been, if you don’t mind me asking?