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  1. Also interested in this. See a few people had tests in March, not sure when the actual lockdown happened though.
  2. Jack91

    Emigrating to Brisbane

    So Shop Fitting? Fitting will most likely be assed by VETASSESS. Will probably require an interview (via skype with someone in Australia) and they'll check your qualifications. Also will require an English test (IELTS) as you'll probably not have enough points. Have you checked to see how many you will get? Roughly? Not sure what the benchmark is at the moment. Probably 80! Not sure on the rules of 18 y/o children. He would probably want to finish his degree before emigrating. By that time it'll be too late and he'll have to fend for himself applying. If you do get him on the VISA too he'll have to activate his VISA before the required date. That's a long way off anyways!
  3. Jack91

    Emigrating to Brisbane

    A couple of questions. What's your job? Are your entire family on the same page? Lots of hoops to jump through before you come over.
  4. Jack91

    When to apply for a RRV - 11 months left

    All good then! Sorry to high jack but another question, does taking holidays out side of Australia deduct from time accrued when applying for Citizenship. My 4 years is up on 29th April and am wanting to apply but have had holidays totalling a maximum of 80 days.
  5. Jack91

    When to apply for a RRV - 11 months left

    How quickly do RRVs get approved? Not wanting to high jack just curious!
  6. Jack91

    Vetassess bench joinery revision

    Being a joiner you should've studied making windows and doors at college, surely you haven't forgotten how to make them? If you've been a joiner within the last, lets say 3/4 years you should remember what to do. They're not trying to trick you they're just checking you know what you're doing. Haven't just gone to college to get a qualification purely on the basis of getting a visa! Chances are you won't have used a cartridge nail gun, they'll ask you about them. Different colour cartridges for different loadings etc.
  7. Jack91

    A little bit of a pickle

    My reply isn't going to be advice from someone who's done what you're planning on doing. What I would suggest, flip a coin, heads, staying in NYC and tails, moving back to Perth. When the coin gets flipped and it's in the air, you'll know which one you hope it lands on. That's your answer.
  8. Jack91

    Confused about the English test

    Joiner is still on the list. It is now assed by TRA. I'm a joiner and and on a 189 currently but I was assed by VETASSES, I'm sure the process is the same still. I can link to my journey if you wish. Also please feel free to message me if your husband wants any specific information related to the joinery part.
  9. Jack91

    Woman eaten by a Crocodile

    Play silly games win stupid prizes.
  10. Jack91

    British Corner Shop

    WE went to the UK in July and they Skips didn't even cross my mind!!! Genuinely annoyed with myself! haha
  11. Jack91

    Sunshine Coast or Brisbane??

    But if you do that you have to live in the Mackay/Whitsunday area...... ?
  12. Jack91

    British Corner Shop

    We go to a place in Mooloolaba called The Ole Lollie Shop. Sells lollies obviously from all over the world. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but still nice for a treat once in a while for sure!!! Currently eating the round pink and blue aniseed lollies from liquorice all sorts!
  13. Jack91

    Does God Exist?

    Absolutely not. I find the entire concept of religion a con and I feel they need to be scrutinised a little more closely. TAX avoidance is an annoyance for me.