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  1. Jet88

    309 partnership visa applications

    Hi just to give you an update, we applied for the visa offshore and it was approved in 3 weeks so if you are thinking of applying offshore they definitely seem to be processing things VERY quickly! now to look at the shipping forums
  2. Jet88

    309 partnership visa applications

    Thanks @Bobby Jindal I think we are going to take the other route and move there when ready and he can arrive on visitor visa then apply for partnership visa there. It just feels like the time frames change so much with applying offshore its impossible to plan anything and if things improve and we can move at the end of the year then I want to do that and not have the risk of not being able to go as still waiting for his visa! Hope your move goes well!
  3. Jet88

    309 partnership visa applications

    Hey nice to see it only took 9 months (not 2 years) can I just ask what made u decide go go for offshore one rather than just move to oz then apply when there? Thanks
  4. Jet88

    309 partnership visa applications

    Thank you I am still working out how to use the site ! Posted in the visa section now (I think) thanks
  5. Hi , can anyone please give me clarification on how long 309 partnership visas are taking to process in London at the moment? I am australian, my husband is English and I am wanting to move back to oz end of the year but have read 309 offshore applications can take up to 2 years! Does it actually take this long? If so, are we better off moving to australia, my husband arrive on a holiday visa then apply for a partner visa when onshore (i think this means he can't work for 3 months?) TIA
  6. Hi, my husband and I (along with our 17month old daughter) are wanting to move to australia (realistically not until the end of 2021 with everything going on) I am australian but have been in the UK for 9 years and ready to go home! My question is has anyone recently applied for the offshore 309 partnership visa from the UK and if so how long did it take? (I read it is up to 2 years! ) or has anyone moved to australia and then applied for a partnership visa for their spouse once they arrived in oz and if so what were these timescales? (My understanding is they can't work for 3 months) obviously trying to start all my research now as so much stuff to consider/research so I will no doubt be posting on here quite a fair bit! Many thanks