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  1. Hi guys Has anyone here become conditionally rejected by ASMIRT (or any other organization) and was needed to take necessary courses in an Australian university to become successfully assessed? How long did it take? If it was less than 6 months, would it possible for the partner to get a visa as well? How much did it cost for you?
  2. Hello. Sorry, how much time did it take to get assessment by ASMIRT? In the website they say up to 16 weeks. By the way, I think you can be assessed as radiographer and immigrate as a radiographer as well, once you settle down in Australia, you can be assessed as a sonographer by AHPRA. Not all jobs(radio, sono...) require ASMIRT assessment, but nearly all of them require AHPRA assessment. These days for getting a 189 you need to have 90,95 points, but with 70 to 85 you can get 190 visa.
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    Hi everybody! Is Parramatta a regional city in NSW or it is one of the Sydney's suburbs?
  4. zara2009

    New point calculator from Nov 2019

    Yeah, you're right ! Thank you so much We will have 75 points after November, which is good! We should work on our English skills much more to get extra points.
  5. zara2009

    New point calculator from Nov 2019

    So 2 skilled workers = 1 skill worker who is just single! How could it be possible?! Thanks for your helpful response
  6. zara2009

    New rules for partner points

    So 2 skilled workers = 1 skilled worker who is just "single"! How could it be possible?! Thanks for your helpful response
  7. zara2009

    New rules for partner points

    Hi guys So if my husband has a successful assessment + IELTS 6 (each skill), we will get 15 points??
  8. Hi guys Does anyone know about the new point stream? If, for example, my partner has a successful assessment + IELTS 6, I will get an extra 15 points?
  9. zara2009

    189 for chef

    It was a mistake. sorry that bothered you!
  10. zara2009

    189 for chef

    Hi dear @DukeNinja I wanted to know that was there any exams for AHPRA assessment? Or for getting a state certification ? For example QLD certification...
  11. zara2009

    Radiography in Australia

    Hi Really thank you for your response Unfortunately there isn't any PTE center in my country, so we must go to other countries for that, therefore PTE is my last choice. Everything is stressful here, I sometimes fear to death when I think that I may not be able leave this country... All I can do is just trying... Thanks again
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    Radiography in Australia

    Hi @DukeNinja I really really need to ask you some questions...you have no idea how much I'm glad that I found you I'm a radiographer too , and I'm on way of assessment but got stuck in IELTS exam I just started learning English a year ago in hope of moving to Australia, so I'm sorry that I can't write properly beforehand Do you know in which cases should someone undertake clinical experiences to become assessed or qualified by ASMIRT? I was top student at university and my average was 17.70 out of 20, and my internship year average was 19.5 out of 20. And the university I graduated from is among best ones of my country and also Australia. I started working immediately , and, by now, I have 5.5 years of work experience in all parts of radiology except for MRI and Sonography. I'm so nervous about assessment...although my grades are good and I have enough work experience, I'm really worried about becoming conditional rejected. because they say in this case, I should undertake part of an Australian university course...And I can't afford it... Did you find it easy to become assessed? Do yo have any idea about what are they looking for? please help me ...