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  1. Yea I think I'd get the regional work out of the way too. Probably head to Brisbane for that!My next payday I'm going to just go ahead and do it. Have you heard anything about the companies who do a couple of days intro to Australia and help you get set up with sim/tax etc?
  2. Exciting!! Do you know where you're hoping to settle at the beginning? I just need to bite the bullet and click submit on my application.
  3. Not in the UK, but Ireland. I know this topic hasn't been active for a while but wondering if you're making the move? I'm looking to head over by June 2019.
  4. Joanney

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    Yea I had planned on the 190 after starting this thread. I knew then that the 190 would be a better option for the 5 extra points! ?
  5. Joanney

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    I settled on 'Science Technicians nec 311499' ?
  6. Joanney

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    Yea I will look about getting my test booked asap! Thanks ABG. I'll look in to whether or not the vetassess is something I need too. Hi Raul. Yes I'm aware of that, obviously it was one of the first things I did.
  7. Joanney

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    Okay wow. That's brilliant! Do you mind me asking for a breakdown of your points? Mine would be - 15 for my degree, 20 for superior English (fingers crossed) and 30 for age. I'll be 25 when applying ?
  8. Joanney

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    That's a shame. I think if I got points for superior English after the test, I could make 65 points but still a push to get that. I think I may accept it will either be wait 2 years or head out on a WHV!
  9. Joanney

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    Thanks Richard! Regarding the Skills Assessment, do you know if I need to complete a VetAssess form to gain the points? Or is it worth my while when I don't have 3 years yet? Damn, I'm not sure I would reach 75 points until I have at least 3 years experience. I completed a 9 month internship while studying also but it still wouldn't bring me up enough. I'm wondering now would I be safer going over on a WHV and looking about getting sponsored while I'm over there? ?
  10. Hi All!! Currently looking at submitting an EOI for the skilled visa, and to be honest I'm struggling.. ? So my situation is I am 24, 1 year graduated from a B.Sc Environmental Science, been working since graduation in a relevant job (6 months in one place and currently 6 months in my new job). I'm from Ireland, so do I need to do the English Language assessment, or should I be doing it anyway to gain points? I will have no problem getting confirmation of my 1st job but don't want to ask for anything in this one yet as I am enjoying it and don't want them to know I won't be staying past 1.5yrs. Any way around this, copy of current contract maybe? I assume I will have to submit to VetAssess also. I want to do it on my own as it's already expensive enough without paying an agency. Any help is greatly appreciated!! ?