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      Found 218 results

      1. Hi Im from the UK looking if anyone planning to go australia on working holiday visa by late 2018 or early 2019. I am in two mind to go traveling solo plan it all myself or be with travel buddy, or go with them travel group for first couple of weeks, i am hoping start regional work first so i could be eligible for 2nd WHV and give me more time to travel spend time there. Have couple of question too. 1. where would be best season to go to find regional work, as i seen on many forums from nov to jan busy period, where everyone looking for work also most expensive time for getting flights which i am trying not to go for. 2. Where would you recommend i should start off first, i was thinking to do western australia to do work. 3. Banking as i will be transferring money before go out there. as well back and forwards to uk while in australia which bank would anyone recommend so i not paying fortune on transaction fee on exchange rate. i have seen HSBC which i could open in Australia not pay any fees while transferring money back and forwards to uk will need to double check this. Any tip or recommendation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
      2. UK migration agent based in Melbourne

        Is someone able to recommend a UK migration agent based in Melbourne? I need to seek advice from a UK Migration Lawyer/Specialist.
      3. Hi all, I need to apply for my Australian citizenship. However, it appears I've lost my British passport. I seriously don't have the money to pay for both a citizenship ($230) and a new British passport ($270) what with being a poor uni student and all. Does anyone know if passports are absolutely required? If so, I'm in a spot of bother.
      4. Chef 457 Visa

        Hello This is my firs post so i hope i get it ok. Is there any UK Chefs/Cooks that have been granted a 457 visa and how was the proses as in medicals and do i need to get my NVQ2 AND 3 Skills assessed. Thank you any help would be great. :biggrin:
      5. Hi, This will sound really stupid to the outsider, however it's our situation!! My son was born in Oz 10 months ago and so is an Australian citizen. Both parents are British citizens 'otherwise than by descent'. My daughter and I are lucky enough to be dual citizens. He is eligible for British Citizenship by Descent and therefore we can/ should automatically apply for a British passport for him. However, we have taken so long to make our final decision to move back to the UK and been so clouded by the process that we didn't realize that it would take 4-6 weeks for his British passport to come through, and the website says ideally allow 6 weeks (because it's a first passport). I guess I based it on the fact that it took 2 weeks for my daughter's first Australian passport in the UK. And any previous renewal of our passports irrespective of nationality have all been returned within 2 weeks. We need to return before then as I am due back at work on 18th February. We went back to the UK for a month in December, and so he was given a standard holiday visa for our trip on arrival. Ironically we traveled on our Australian passports all the way as I had been told that you shouldn't swap your passports over in the air?!!! Anyway there were no worries either way as we were visiting family for a holiday. Is it possible for us to travel on our respective passports, I'm guessing all of us on our British but him on his Australian - him on a 6 month holiday visa, but as soon as he arrives we apply for his British passport and therefore no problem with him staying. I have read on previous forums, issues around Border control and him not leaving the country within 6 months would mean that he would be classed as 'overstaying'. We could have a short holiday in France within that time and him leave the UK on his Australian and then return on his UK. I we were to declare that we are returning for good but he doesn't have the British proof and they don't feel that we should give him a holiday/ visiting family visa would we be in alot of trouble? Would there be a problem with him entering twice for the same reason within the last 3 months? He obviously has no proof of being British except for our proof: birth certificates, passports, etc. - and we'd have out passport application form and supporting material with us. We tried contacting the relevant organizations in both countries but keep on being re-directed to the website which don't answer this specific question, and yet I'm sure we're not the first or last. The inlaws have said that they would post the application for us (as it would be much quicker and then they could sent the passport to us) but I think we need to attend an interview for a first passport, and if someone else goes instead of us with proof of ID and consent we still need to be in the country. Anyway, has anyone had any similar experiences? Thanks loads.
      6. Hi all I am in the process of putting in an application for WA Police as it appears they are still recruiting overseas bobbies. One of my friends has already been accepted and he is now just waiting for his visa. The main issue for me is the whole concern of the standard of living and jobs for my wife if we make the move. I know the standard of living thing is sometimes personal but I would just like to get an idea what you guys would think of our potential move....so here goes. I would hope we would like a 3-4 bed detached house and it doesn't need the major mod cons of swimming pool etc. I would think we would bring a 20k deposit ($30k) at least and would set an initial budget of $350,000 dollars for a house. Is it going to be possible to get a mortgage/afford the mortgage and all other associated costs on the one wage of a Police Officer. I think the wage will be $75,000 dollars taking into account my previous service. How much is the take home on that? The house would not have to be near the beach as I wouldn't mind driving but I wouldn't argue being withing walking distance if possible. Mainly it would just have to be in a nice quite area with a few shops, pubs and places to eat out near by. Basically so we have no less that what we have in our small town of Silsden (near Ilkley) if anyone knows it. My wife would hope to find a job soon enough but we would need to know that we could get by without struggling initially and would obviously rent in the first instance. I have been told not to work out the cost of living in pounds as it's just not realistic. The obvious increase in salary is attractive but if the household costs, commute costs and general living costs are way more than here in England I would like to know. I think what would be the best help possible would be someone who has been in the same boat recently and has had the same budget's in mind. How have you got on etc?? I have also been told that if successful I would be posted in the metro area. Is the public transport good or would I need a car? I have been told cars aren't cheap in WA. I would only need a small family car around 3-5 years old I would think. My current car is a small 1.2 petrol familiy car that cost us £5000 at three years old. So some sort of comparison would help. Well if you've got this far I really do appreciate your time just for taking time to read this thread. Your help will be greatly recieved Thank you Lee
      7. Hi, Myself and my partner are living at the Northside of Brisbane. We have a beautiful 8 month son and would be keen to meet other Irish/British families in Brisbane for BBQs, play dates etc. It would be good to connect with more people from our part of the world. Cheers x
      8. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone plays footy anywhere near elsternwick in Melbourne ? Kick abouts or a team not to fussed just missing the game ! Im 18 and British by the way been here about a month. Ryan
      9. Hi there I have just joined this site and wanted to say hi and my reason for being here !! I am a UK citizen currently in Nz and i have just sent off for the 461 visa as my OH is a kiwi, and her brother and dad both live in Perth where we are hoping to go. I would love to hear from anyone who has been in the same situation and would be keen to give any first hand advice. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan
      10. According to Australian immigration and citizenship minister, Chris Bowen, this year has seen India become the top source country with the largest number of immigrants to Australia. When visiting recently, Mr Bowen told The Times Of India: "The strongest link between Australia and India is people to people through immigration. India has for several years been our third largest source of permanent migrants. This year so far, India has been the largest source; it has beaten China and the UK." In the past there has been some negative press regarding attacks on Indian students when studying in Australia. Regarding this subject, he told The Times Of India: "Those incidents are in the past. Indian students are now again one of the highest numbers in Australian universities". Also mentioned were recent positive changes to the Australian international students program, potentially enabling more students to apply for the Australia visa application for students.
      11. Hello I write for a British women's magazine and I am looking for British expat families who have moved back home. I am looking for a woman (35+) who would be happy to be interviewed over the phone about why you decided to move back home. You'll also need to be OK with having pictures of you and your family published. If you're interested, or if you know of any British expat families who have recently moved back to Britain who you think would be interested, please PM me In your PM please include: - a photograph of you and your family - your age - where you moved from and to - why you decided to move home again Thank you for your time. I'll get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if we'd like to interview you. Many thanks
      12. Hi all, My dad has just booked to come out to visit us in Adelaide next week through a travel agent in the UK. I don't know the full story but when it came to applying for his tourist visa online, they could not complete it because on his passport my dad is listed as being a British Subject and not a British Citizen (he was born in Ireland). He is going back to visit the agent today to see if they can help him further with this, although a visit to the Consulate in London may be in order. My question is has anyone on here had a similar issue and was it a problem in obtaining a visa? The brief research that i have done indicates that there are two types of tourist visa; a subclass 671 which is the ETA that most people will get and then there is a subclass 676 which is a more comprehensive application. Thanks for the help in advance. Rich.
      13. Hiya, I may have the opportunity of working in Perth with the St. Johns Ambulance service as a Paramedic. Is there any British Paramedics working in Perth that could tell me the best accommodation, travel, cheapest air fares, etc. Many thanks Bill
      14. Australian dream fades for Brits - report "THE number of Britons emigrating to Australia each year has almost halved, according to new figures published by British media. Britain's Office for National Statistics has released data showing that residents of Blighty are leaving at their lowest rate for more than a decade."
      15. Hi all I have been here since July 2010 and have played in a number of bands, most of which have not made it past the first rehearsal. I find the level of music ability not that great in Sydney and the music choices even worse (sorry Aussies you are great at a lot of things but music aint one of them) so i thought i would try this out to see if any other brits who can play would be interested in starting a band. I have been playing for over 30 years and have loads of gigging, session and recording experience and am looking to start either a straight covers band for pubs etc or a function band for corporate evnts weddings parties etc. My influences are mainly rock but not aussie rock, i like the Foo fighters, Nirvana, Hendrix, Muse, Arctic Monkey, The wombats, Two door Cinema Clu the list goes on. If we were to do a covers band i would like to play some of the above, however if a function bacnd then we would need to be a little more mainstream. At the moment it's me myself an I so need guitarist's, Bass Player, Vocals, Keys etc etc. If you are interested please get in touch. I have tried to put my contact details here before but they get removed. I look forward to hearing from you All the best Dave
      16. Anyone been though this? My son goes to an "outstanding" small town primary school (1 class per year). Everyone knows everyone and it works really well. The areas of Brisbane we are looking at all seem to have massive primary schools. I am a bit worried about the change from 1 class per year to about 6. Do sensitive children get a bit lost with it? Are bullying/problems kept on top of? I'd really appreciate any feedback, thanks.
      17. Hi All, I'm a recently qualified primary school teacher moving to Perth within the next 6-8 months. I'm wondering if there are any other overseas teachers who have got jobs in Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia and did you find it difficult to obtain jobs in Australian schools? What kind of process is involved? I'm a bit worried about the job prospects because of my lack of experience, I'll have a year of relief teaching by the time I go. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
      18. Hi hope someone will be able to answer my query as I am a bit confused! I have my flight booked to Melbourne, leaving Heathrow this Sat 12th at 22.30. My employer booked the ticket for me and the e ticket states that I am booked with British Airways flight 7318, but the operating carrier is Qantas? does this mean that the plane will be Qantas? and which airline should I use to do online check in with and to check my luggage allowance? Sorry if this has been asked before but I am feeling stressed and confused!
      19. Hi All, We moved to Mt Eliza from England about 4 months ago and are loving it so far! I'm 31, my husband is 37 and we have an 18 month old son and a new baby on the way (due in a week!). My health nurse mentioned that there was an English playgroup in Mornington, but from what I've read on here it doesn't seem to exist anymore - is this correct? If it is still running, could you please send me the details of where and when? If it's not going anymore, would anyone be interested in setting one up again - or just simply a general regular meet-up in the park, etc? We are currently attending some toddler classes and a playgroup, but it would be great to meet some like-minded people with little ones in a similar situation to ours. Thanks! Jenn
      20. Hi, I'm 20 yo with British citizenship and have lived there on and off as a child, but I'm moving back (finally! ) and needing to look for work and set up shop as a semi-adult. I'm going to be living with family for the beginning so any advice on how Australians are received as potential employees, looking for work,providing proof of address (proving to be something of a difficulty as it seems I need to have proof of address to get proof of address - have been going in circles with HRMC, DWP and banks) to establish banks accounts etc., and getting an National Insurance number would be much appreciated. Also, if there are any big cultural NO-NO's I should know please tell me! Thanks heaps in advance.
      21. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/passport.jpg[/WRAP]Nearly 800,000 British Expats appear to have decided against returning back to blighty with the UK's gloomy economic prospects and the recent riots believed to be contributory factors in discouraging a return to Britain. Earlier this year, Lloyds TSB International published it's 'International Expat Survey' which indicated 67% of expats had no plans to return to the UK – up 11% when compared to when the a similar survey was conducted 6 months previously. Further research by Lloyds TSB has now indicated that even more expats (69%) are planning to permanently stay overseas. 15% of them indicated that they had cancelled plans to return in the last 12 months. The survey indicated that improved financial prospects and the belief that the oft-quoted 'quality of life' is higher aborad were the principal factors driving expats’ decisions to remain living abroad. In spite of the economic hardship that many expats have had to put up with due to unfavourable exchange rate movements since the start of the economic downturn, 64% said they were still financially better-off living abroad, only 25% reporting that the cost of living was higher. Amongst the surveys findings: 74% of British expats said their 'quality of life' was higher. 68% of British expats say they prefer being based overseas. 51% of expats said that their new home was 'a better place to bring up children'. 'Feeling safer' - only 13% of expats said that their neighbourhoods back in the UK had been 'less dangerous' when compared to their local neighbourhood abroad. Tony Wilcox, managing director of expat banking at Lloyds TSB International, said that concern over Britain's economic problems, and the riots which took place across the country earlier this year, were likely to have cemented the decision to stay for many. “The perception from abroad of Britain is driven largely by what they see in the paper and on TV, and what they’ve seen this year is increasing inflation, low growth, unemployment, and the summer's riots. These go together to make a collage of Britain that is not as appealing as it would once have been, and it is not surprising that expatriate life starts to looks more favourable.”
      22. Well I have, at long last found a good British Fish and Chip Shop in Cairns. He does a pommie special, fish, chips and mushy peas for $10 and you can even have batter bits. They do a great curry sauce as well.
      23. UK media recently reported that the British government is planning a 'major crackdown' on 'health tourism'. The logic of the crackdown appeared to be straight forward, given that the NHS is placed under considerable strain from visitors who arrive in the UK with longstanding health problems expecting free treatment. However, the restrictions will also affect British expats living abroad. According to media reports, UK pensioners who have been residing abroad for more than six months will no longer be eligible for free treatment. Regardless of contributions made in the form of tax payment and National Insurance contributions, they will have to pay for any NHS treatment received while in Britain. The only exceptions, where the costs will still be covered by the NHS, is for the treatment of emergencies, such as heart attacks. However, the ban, which is set to be enforced by next April has sparked considerable controversy from UK citizens residing abroad. "I lived and worked in the UK for 20 years. I paid the soaring tax rates each and every year, and I never went on the dole [the British welfare system] or tried to qualify for any extras," said expat, Laura, who began working abroad seven months ago. She added, "There isn't any work in the UK now. The unemployment rate is soaring, and higher education is about to skyrocket as university fees are going up. Do they really expect Britons to stay put, paying out in tax but getting so little in return? I don't intend to return to the UK, but that doesn't mean I don't deserve the rights of other citizens should I visit later. This is especially the case when I'm old and at my most vulnerable. In fact, I deserve more as I never milked the system like the others did."
      24. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/voting-uk-map.png[/WRAP]Should long-term British expats maintain the right to vote? A goverment select commitee will hold a hearing tomorrow on political & constitutional reform. Groups of British Expats are currently lobbying for a change in the voting legislation that currently deprives them of their UK vote after 15 years of living abroad. Many expats have long felt aggrieved , particularly those who still contribute to the UK tax system or work for UK companies abroad. Expats groups hope that the nine-member cross party group will use Thursday's political and constitutional reform select committee to support the expats who have petitioned, blogged and sent in letters demanding change. Parliament's reason for limiting the right to vote, up until now, has been that over time a person's connection with the UK is likely to diminish if they are living permanently abroad. Expat James Preston, who has surpassed the 15 year watershed by working for a British property investment firm in Madrid, is currently locked in a court battle with the Government over what he considers his fundamental democratic right. He said: "Until I got married and had children, I really never felt the need to vote. It was my strong feelings about the Iraq war that persuaded me to think about voting in the forthcoming UK elections, but now that I’ve reached the 15 year watershed of living in Spain, I’ve lost the chance. I’m basically being stripped of a fundamental democratic right. The right to vote.”
      25. British produce shop

        Hi guys, don't know how many of you know Melburnians know this already but there is a shop that specialises in British produce. This means stuff like Jammie Dodgers, Irn Bru, McCoys crisps, Tunnock's Tea Cakes and best of all (for the Scots especially) POTATO SCOOOOOOOOOOOOONES!! :tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue: http://www.treatsfromhome.com.au/webcontent2.htm Just discovered they have one in Sydney too! :biggrin: