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Found 12 results

  1. hi everyone I am new on here so bear with me if i make any mistakes but my only living family are moving to australia and want me to join them as soon as i can. I am just 70 and fit and healthy with funds to buy house (eventually) and medical ins etc so not looking for any handouts. I am getting conflicting advice about how long these visas are taking and what the chances are of being accepted and obviously the thought of being left on my own over here is upsetting but if I can't get a visa then i have no choice but to come to terms with itl. Does anyone know what the situation is for aged contributory visa timeline once I have applied? Thank you for your patience
  2. Joanney

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    Hi All!! Currently looking at submitting an EOI for the skilled visa, and to be honest I'm struggling.. ? So my situation is I am 24, 1 year graduated from a B.Sc Environmental Science, been working since graduation in a relevant job (6 months in one place and currently 6 months in my new job). I'm from Ireland, so do I need to do the English Language assessment, or should I be doing it anyway to gain points? I will have no problem getting confirmation of my 1st job but don't want to ask for anything in this one yet as I am enjoying it and don't want them to know I won't be staying past 1.5yrs. Any way around this, copy of current contract maybe? I assume I will have to submit to VetAssess also. I want to do it on my own as it's already expensive enough without paying an agency. Any help is greatly appreciated!! ?

    NZ Family Visa 461

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some advice? I want to apply for an NZ family visa 461 here in London (I am British and my partner is kiwi) and I do not know where to apply for it (online? or by post and then to whom?). I have been online but cannot find this visa category under immiAccount and I have also been to the High Commission of Australia here in London who chased me away saying they do not deal with any visa applications. I have researched it for awhile now and cannot see where to lodge my application?? Any help would be most welcome!! Big thanks in advance!
  4. Hi there, My partner and I are looking for a visa agent to help with our partner visa application to Australia. Can anyone recommend a company to use? Preferably one that has a UK office or contact. Thanks!
  5. xnicola4x

    HR Advisor

    Hi I am wanting to move to Australia (preferably Melbourne, Victoria area), and I still want work within my profession as my career is really important to me. I am unsure of how long I want to stay in Australia, but a minimum of 12-18 months. I have been working as a HR Advisor for 3 years, I have a masters degree in human resource management & I am qualified to CIPD level 7 (connected to AHRI?). I was just wondering what i needed to do to get a visa, and specifically what visa I needed, and the likelihood of getting this visa. Any advice on any qualifications that I would make my CV more attractive to employers in Australia, and also the likelihood of employment within HR in Melbourne. Although I am a HR Advisor currently, my role is more aligned to a Business Partner role, so this would be the position I am after. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance Nicola
  6. Hi. Myself and my boyfriend (an Australian born and bred resident) have been together for 6 years. For 1 of these years (the first) he was in the UK on a work visa and for the remaining 5 we have been battling distance as I had education to complete and he had used his visa up. We have been engaged for 2 years and are now looking deeper into our marriage options. I am soon to commence my PGCE Primary degree here in the UK (this will take me 2 years to complete and gain teacher status)I want to do this in the UK and take it out with me. At some point within this time, probably a year into my degree, after 7 years of being together and 3 years of being engaged. We would like to get married. Probably here within the UK. We plan to live in the UK for about 2 years before moving to Australia. (I would like to take up permanent residency in Australia, living with him as my husband and working as a teacher). There is so much online i cant gain answers to my questions. Id like to know: 1. What is the process we have to go through to get him here and be married and living together in the UK. 2. The process moving past that, when we plan to emigrate to Australia.
  7. I am currently on a working holiday visa with my girlfriend. We have been here about 4 weeks and really like the country. We have seen a few of the main cities and decided to come to Perth and stay. We would like to stay here permanently, so basically trying to get the correct info for what visa's would be ideal for us. I helped my brother-in-law set up a business in the UK. We were doing loft conversions. I was able to do all aspects of the job, carpentry side and business side of things. I was there about 6 years. I left as I always wanted to come to Australia. Now I have and like it I don't want to leave. I don't have a carpentry qualification as I learnt on job. I have 6 years job experience with carpentry in total. So basically what should I do..... Getting sponsored seams difficult, tried lots of companies and no luck. Should I go on a student visa to do the carpentry certificate 3 course, but it can take 1-2 years and can cost a lot of money. Is there a way if anyone knows that I could do a quick carpentry course so I can gain the qualification to match my experience. Then there is the points based system. I am 29years of age - 30points, my English is ok so not sure if I can earn points there as I hear the exams are extremely hard, if your skill is on the SOL list then you get 10points carpentry is, but must complete an assessment of you skill I think, 6 years experience 15points, So all in all 55points. 5 short. how else could I earn the 5points. Also which points visa do I approach the Individual 189. Lots of questions I know. But I am in real need for help and advice. So please if anyone could help me with these questions, or can even point me in the direction of someone who can. I would be very grateful. Perhaps I could lend my skills to help you. Thanks
  8. Hi I am currently on a 417 working holiday visa and located in Perth. I am a fully trained and qualified travel agent and retail manager back in the Uk. However since I have been away I have really missed being in the industry and am really keen to get back into it over here. However I am finding it really difficult to secure a job within travel whist on a 417 visa.As evan temping agents don't seem keen to employ on that basis. Does anyone have any advice or any contacts that would be able to push me in the right direction??? Thanks
  9. Hello, I have just received notification that my second year visa has been refused on the grounds that not enough evidence has been supplied. in the email it states I can appeal the process through a tribunal. Is this the only option? The farmer I was working for was not contacted and further information was not requested from me other then the initial email. I stupidly did not send all the details I could have and believe if they saw all these things, wages etc that there wouldn't be a problem. does anyone know about the tribunal process? I have until the end of January when my first visa runs out. I'm desperate to stay in the country so any help regarding the appeal process would be great. thankyou in advance!
  10. Hi, I am handing my 820 Partner visa in person to the immigration office tomorrow. I came over on a ETA visa which is a tourist visa and this does not allow me to work. What do I do about applying for a bridging visa to work?. I understand that once I hand my application in I will be granted a bridging visa with the same rights that I entered Australia on. What do I do about applying for rights to allow me to work? Do I do this tomorrow, or once I receive my receipt number do I go back into the office and apply then? How long does it take? Please can somebody help Thank you:)
  11. Hi all, We have applied for a onshore RSMS Visa 857, my de facto partner was in Oz on a working holiday visa, while i was in Ireland with our toddler. Today(13/01/2012), we got the decision from DIAC that my de facto partner was granted the visa and me and the child didn't get the visa because we were off shore, even through we were off shore when the visa was lodged. Our migration agent said we have to lodge a offshore partner visa in DIAC in London now and said that we should be able to get that within 1 month. Does anybody have any experience with this? I'm completely desperate and would appreciate any advise as we haven't seen my de facto for nearly a full year now and its realy hard on the little guy who just had his 3rd birthday. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I'm really hoping someone can put my mind to rest....I've been offered a job in Sydney and my future empoyer is happy to sponsor me etc, I'm due to speak to an immigration advisor/agent next week about processing my visa. Back when I was at uni (about 8 years ago) I was fined and did community service for GBH after I come home one night to find my then girlfriend in bed with someone. I saw red and the poor bloke didn't come off too well. He didn't even know I existed! Anyway, has anyone come across something like this before and will it exclude me from a visa? I've got the job I want in the city I want to live in and I'm generally pretty excited but worried this could ruin it all. Thanks Adam