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  1. Done everything myself same when I land in aus do tax and Medicare all the little things. because the cost there asking ridiculous. All they do give you form to fill out with info then charge you,for them to type that in better save cost do your self.
  2. Im starting off at adelaide first for couple months, get the regional work out of the way then see for there. you should just click submit button go ahead with it.
  3. Hi Joanney Im going over to Australia end of may next year just book flights etc yesterday.
  4. Iain1

    Applying for WHV

    Hi all just couple of question looking to travel to Australia next year. When you applying for WHV visa can I do this year in advance before I arrive in Australia?
  5. Hi all sorry for late reply but thank you for tips and advice. One other question what is IT sector like in Australia?
  6. Hi Im from the UK looking if anyone planning to go australia on working holiday visa by late 2018 or early 2019. I am in two mind to go traveling solo plan it all myself or be with travel buddy, or go with them travel group for first couple of weeks, i am hoping start regional work first so i could be eligible for 2nd WHV and give me more time to travel spend time there. Have couple of question too. 1. where would be best season to go to find regional work, as i seen on many forums from nov to jan busy period, where everyone looking for work also most expensive time for getting flights which i am trying not to go for. 2. Where would you recommend i should start off first, i was thinking to do western australia to do work. 3. Banking as i will be transferring money before go out there. as well back and forwards to uk while in australia which bank would anyone recommend so i not paying fortune on transaction fee on exchange rate. i have seen HSBC which i could open in Australia not pay any fees while transferring money back and forwards to uk will need to double check this. Any tip or recommendation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks