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  1. Thought that I would update this thread for anyone interested. The ACECQA assessment came back as a diploma level, purely based on the fact that the qualification didn’t cover the 0-2 age range. We were expecting this but still frustrating as having the option of applying for ECT roles within day care centres would help ease the worry of job hunting. We are now in the process of registering with Queensland TRB. Once this comes through, this opens up job prospects within schools, and specifically the lower primary roles. There does seem to be a lot of confusing information to understand and follow to get started in teaching, in any setting, but I do think I understand it all now! I read an interesting article recently that was published detailing the need to streamline the registration process for teachers, specifically having registration which is valid nationally. https://www.aitsl.edu.au/teach/national-review-of-teacher-registration
  2. Bran

    Waiting for grant 190

    That must be frustrating. Form 80 seems to be entirely the decision of the CO, depending on certain factors. Although we knew of form 80, our agent didn’t request this from us and we weren’t asked from the CO. I suppose it’s safer to provide it anyway. Hope it comes through soon for you!
  3. Bran

    Advice on Aus Visit

    Thanks all for the replies. We validated in July, visiting Melbourne and Brisbane, and loved it as we expected, albeit a holiday and fully aware that living there will be different. As mentioned in some replies, it was strange seeing locals wearing scarves and gloves in Brisbane whilst we were in shorts and tees, but the weather was perfect. We do consider though that summertime may well be unbearable. Other than checking out the city centres and exploring some suburbs where we may like to live, there wasn’t much else we could do on the trip to help in the decision on whether to move or not. Job research has been done from the U.K. and I think we are comfortable with our prospects. The things left to consider are the property we own in U.K, our pets and the family we’d be leaving behind, all quite difficult to decide on but something we have to make a decision on soon!
  4. I’m not disputing the fact that the information may or may not be helpful, but rather the tone and manner in which it is relayed. A more positive tone increases the likelihood that the information will be taken on board. You are absolutely right in that others may perceive the posts in different ways, but I still don’t see why that frustration and exasperation needs to spill over into the thread; if there’s nothing left to say, move along. Or if there’s nothing constructive to add, rather not say it. Perhaps there would be more kudos for helpful replies if the message was received in a friendly manner. On the flip side I have also noted terrible replies from the OPs of different threads, after clear and concise information has been given and just because it’s not what they want to hear. I do take on board that long time posters receive some frosty replies too. This forum has been amazing in my search for answers and I’m sure many appreciate the time and effort the regulars put in; I was merely stating the observations from a newcomer myself, whether that means anything or not, with the view of improving the experience for all.
  5. Bran

    Down Under Live

    Anyone attending this weekend in London? Any feedback from previous years? We’re hoping there’s some useful info to be had. Also taking our CVs in case we get lucky with a foot in somewhere.
  6. Although I can’t contribute to this discussion, I wanted to say that the above response was all that was needed on this thread regarding posting in multiple sections. I’ve been been browsing these forums for around a year now and have noticed there can be far too much aggression from regular posters who push their points across in an aggressive and condescending manner, even if the information is valid and good advice. It’s a shame as this can immediately put newcomers on the defensive and prevent them contributing to the community in the future. Good luck to the OP and her son though.
  7. Bran

    Secondary Teacher 189/190 NSW

    Having recently sent documents to QCT, it appears that international post goes through Sydney and is cleared before moving on to its domestic destination. I think ours took 2 days before being cleared. Tracking updated and it was delivered a few days after that.
  8. Bran

    What is the typical charge / fee of an RMA?

    For us it was a straight forward 189 case with a defacto partner added on. I believe we paid 3 instalments of £650 at different stages of the process. We were charged a small fee for the assessment at the beginning but this was taken off the final total
  9. Bran

    AITSL Skills assessment

    Perhaps consulting a MARA agent would be beneficial before possibly wasting time and money? Most are more than likely able to give you a good indication on your success chance. Good luck though, it’s a tough process!
  10. Bran

    AITSL Skills assessment

    Although I don’t know anything about Montessori qualifications, I would guess that there are certain elements or components to the degree that do not meet their specifications in order to deem it equivalent to an Australian qualification. If you’ve received a negative outcome, they should explain why it has been declined?
  11. Bran

    AITSL PGCE Age Range Help Please?

    Your PGCE will more than likely meet their requirements. My partner recently had his positive assessment for early childhood teacher. The required age range was 0-8, but his PGCE covered 3-7. As the above poster says, the important thing is to obtain evidence from the institution that clearly defines the age ranges, setting, and number of days per placement
  12. Bran

    Advice on Aus Visit

    Thanks for the advice Pom Queen, nice to have some insight from a ‘local’! We have definitely noticed the difference in weather online between the two cities and although more sunshine sounds great, we are worried we wouldn’t cope in the Brisbane summer. I think initially we will need to think with our heads rather than hearts and do what’s practically best and decide where we need to be to get established. further down line we could then look at where we would want to live,even in a different city/region, and then look at options to making that happen. Where are you based if you don’t mind me asking?
  13. Bran

    Advice on Aus Visit

    Partner is currently an assistant headteacher, and we know that teaching is generally difficult to get into full time, so have also been exploring childcare centres as an alternative if necessary, albeit at lower wages. I’m currently managing the customer services department for a Pharmaceutical company. My skills are transferable to other areas or industries so I’m fairly confident I can find something that suits me, and am prepared to take lower positions initially. We haven’t actually decided 100% yet that we will make the move, but have both agreed that after this trip we’ll need to make a decision. Wishing you all the best too!
  14. Bran

    Advice on Aus Visit

    Hi all, My partner and I will be visiting Brisbane and Melbourne over the next 3 weeks in order to validate our visas and have a look at the two cities we have chosen to potentially immigrate to. We have PR and are looking to move next July. We have researched the job market already and been in contact with agencies on this end, so we do have some understanding on what the job prospects are like. Area wise, we will be using Air BnB in residential areas that we think we may like to live in... use the local transport, train to CBD etc to get a feel for getting around. I have a sister in Melbourne and jobs are more plentiful there, which is drawing us to the city, but Brisbane does appeal too. Any advice anyone can give on what we could do whilst onshore to help with the decision making. Besides the usual visiting the sites and getting a feel for the city, we want to have as much info as possible to make an informed decision!
  15. Bran

    Providing evidence of joint activity

    We have recently been granted our PR visas, and only provided statutory declarations for the social aspect of our defacto relationship. This included a joint statement for both of us, as well as 2 stat decs from each of our sides from friends and family detailing our relationship from their viewpoint. We were under the guidance of an agent though, who knew how much social evidence was needed depending on our other evidence provided. Our main evidence was strong, including joint mortgage, mirror wills, and joint life insurance. I suppose it’s better to provide too much than not enough, but each case is different. Good luck, I know how nerve wrecking it can be!