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  1. On the visa front you’d need to check if either of you are eligible. Consulting a good Mara agent will give you a good indication if you’d be successful and what your options are. I’d say look into visas first before researching jobs and places to live as that’s all irrelevant until you have a route into the country. This forum is extremely knowledgable and browsing some of the recent threads will give you some insight into a range of topics. Good luck, it can be a long and complicated process!
  2. Bran

    Skill assessment

    That would probably be a stumbling block in that case unfortunately. Perhaps a registered migration agent could offer some advice on any options available
  3. Bran

    Skill assessment

    Part time study which is equivalent to full time study should be fine for the assessment, as long as they can establish equivalence. AITSL will require certificates and transcripts of all qualifications, including evidence of the supervised teaching practice. What PGCE did she do and what visa would she apply for?
  4. Bran

    Current cost of living in Perth

    So renters dont pay rates for the property they are renting? I would imagine owners would add the rate charges to the rent amount to cover themselves?
  5. Bran

    189 CO Requested Medicals & Police Checks

    https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa/heal/meeting-the-health-requirement/arranging-a-health-examination This should answer most of your questions. As others have said, wait until CO contact as that’ll give you the longest window possible
  6. We specified ‘2 x 8 weeks full time school placements’ and then listed both placements detailing the name of the school and age ranges: Eg. XXXX Primary School (4-5 years) If your placements were different lengths then list the timeframe against each placement. I don’t think the format is an issue as long as all the information is provided. If you have the actual date ranges then it wouldn’t hurt to provide them also.
  7. Bran

    189 CO Requested Medicals & Police Checks

    From submitting the application to grant was roughly 5 months, with CO contact around the 3 month mark, although we submitted last November.
  8. In our case we supplied the number of days, age ranges, and names of schools. I would imagine that this is standard information that is required. We had to get our letter redone from the university as the unit (weeks) for length of placement wasn’t initially stated; very frustrating but luckily was picked up by the agent before submission.
  9. Bran


    Bendigo is one place we are considering for emigrating, as is Geelong. Nice to have some recent opinions!
  10. Bran

    189 CO Requested Medicals & Police Checks

    I would expect that any additional information relating to your application would be requested at the same time as the police and med checks, although I suppose they can request info anytime they choose. We were only contacted once for med and police checks and received the grant just under 2 months after supplying those. Good luck!
  11. Bran

    Watched pot never boils!

    I found that after the obsession of checking for the visa grant, there are many more obsessions to take its place, the Seek app being one!
  12. Take a look at this link. It has a list of example documents: https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/supporting/Pages/partner/Proof-that-your-relationship-genuine.aspx Bear in mind that they require documents for each different aspect of the relationship, financial, social etc.. so make sure that you have those covered. If you’re in any doubt I would consult a registered agent as has been suggested as you don’t want to get it wrong. Good luck
  13. Thought that I would update this thread for anyone interested. The ACECQA assessment came back as a diploma level, purely based on the fact that the qualification didn’t cover the 0-2 age range. We were expecting this but still frustrating as having the option of applying for ECT roles within day care centres would help ease the worry of job hunting. We are now in the process of registering with Queensland TRB. Once this comes through, this opens up job prospects within schools, and specifically the lower primary roles. There does seem to be a lot of confusing information to understand and follow to get started in teaching, in any setting, but I do think I understand it all now! I read an interesting article recently that was published detailing the need to streamline the registration process for teachers, specifically having registration which is valid nationally. https://www.aitsl.edu.au/teach/national-review-of-teacher-registration
  14. Bran

    Waiting for grant 190

    That must be frustrating. Form 80 seems to be entirely the decision of the CO, depending on certain factors. Although we knew of form 80, our agent didn’t request this from us and we weren’t asked from the CO. I suppose it’s safer to provide it anyway. Hope it comes through soon for you!
  15. Bran

    Advice on Aus Visit

    Thanks all for the replies. We validated in July, visiting Melbourne and Brisbane, and loved it as we expected, albeit a holiday and fully aware that living there will be different. As mentioned in some replies, it was strange seeing locals wearing scarves and gloves in Brisbane whilst we were in shorts and tees, but the weather was perfect. We do consider though that summertime may well be unbearable. Other than checking out the city centres and exploring some suburbs where we may like to live, there wasn’t much else we could do on the trip to help in the decision on whether to move or not. Job research has been done from the U.K. and I think we are comfortable with our prospects. The things left to consider are the property we own in U.K, our pets and the family we’d be leaving behind, all quite difficult to decide on but something we have to make a decision on soon!