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  1. Bran

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    You’ll have to have your qualifications assessed by ACECQA. A positive outcome can be either Certificate iii, Diploma, or Early Childhood Teacher equivalent depending on the level of your quals. If you’re looking at an ECT in a daycare, some states require registration with the teaching board too....not sure on NSW though. Certificate iii and diploma levels(educator roles) don’t require registration with the board.
  2. Bran

    TRansferring Money to Europe

    I’ve also used Moneycorp recently and found it to be a good service. Speaking to someone rather than doing it online is reassuring considering the large sums being transferred. I was even able to negotiate the rate slightly upwards by quoting a competitors rate [emoji3]
  3. Bran

    Teacher registration

    There’s no requirement to be registered with any teaching board in order to obtain a 189 visa. AITSL and the teaching boards will do their own independent reviews of your qualifications.
  4. Bran

    Secondary school teacher

    Probably not relevant now as visa was granted April 2018, but we had 75 points under Pre-Primary Teacher. Visa submission was mid Nov 17, so 5 months wait time for us.
  5. Bran

    Secondary school teacher

    Not there yet, flying out next month. Decided on Melbourne [emoji3]
  6. Bran

    Secondary school teacher

    It took around a month, however this was under the mutual recognition route. If I remember correctly the guidelines are around 3 months for new registrations.
  7. Bran

    Secondary school teacher

    We have gone through registration with VIT however that was via mutual recognition. The full registration process was done for Queensland which took roughly 3 months, which I think most states work towards for overseas qualifications.
  8. If it was the Down Under exhibition you went to in Esher, then we attended that too. I believe the pet shipping company there was Fetch a Pet. They were helpful but we are currently going through the process with Petair. Their Gold service deals with absolutely everything for you.
  9. Bran

    Website for Short Term Rentals

    We’re using Air BnB on arrival for 2 months, to give us time to find a suitable rental. We do have 2 cats following after us though, and would’ve done 1 month if not for them [emoji250] It is expensive though (is there any other option?), and one good bit of advice is to make sure the owner is happy for you to use their address for mail initially since we’d be setting up Medicare etc..
  10. Bran

    Shipping container

    We’re using John Mason who will store the items at the destination until a delivery address is advised (for a fee of course) I’d imagine most major shippers would have similar facilities. Some offer free storage at origin or destination as part of the quote.
  11. Bran

    Moving to Australia - checklist

    There’s a useful to do list pinned under the Household section. It’s a few years old but should still be relevant.
  12. Bran

    Foundation degree and education requirements

    Currently to pass the skills assessment you need to have 4 years of tertiary level education, including at least 1 year dedicated to teaching. Most people from the U.K. will have a 3 year bachelors and 1 year PGCE. For the early years visa, the age range of the qualification should be within 0-8, and there must be at least 45 days of supervised teaching practice carried out, with evidence to support this. I’d advise further investigation though as some types of qualifications are not accepted. Can’t help with the foundation degree.
  13. Bran

    post your pet pics here

    Neville and Yogi will be flying from London to Melbourne in October!
  14. Bran

    Can I use my Teaching degree?

    As an alternative to schooling, have you considered working in an early childhood centre? If your qualification covered anywhere between the 0 and 8 age ranges, you could have them assessed for equivalence by ACECQA and if successful will come out as either certificate iii, diploma or early child teacher (ECT) equivalent. Cert iii and diploma will allow you to work as an educator (different from teacher), and does not require registration with the state. Working as an ECT does require registration in some states though. Careers in centres tend to be lower paid than schools however, but may provide more opportunities for full time positions
  15. Bran

    A deer kills man and injures woman

    This story was in the metro paper in London today. Sad but goes to show you never know when an animal may turn [emoji53]