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  1. Bran

    post your pet pics here

    Neville and Yogi will be flying from London to Melbourne in October!
  2. Bran

    Can I use my Teaching degree?

    As an alternative to schooling, have you considered working in an early childhood centre? If your qualification covered anywhere between the 0 and 8 age ranges, you could have them assessed for equivalence by ACECQA and if successful will come out as either certificate iii, diploma or early child teacher (ECT) equivalent. Cert iii and diploma will allow you to work as an educator (different from teacher), and does not require registration with the state. Working as an ECT does require registration in some states though. Careers in centres tend to be lower paid than schools however, but may provide more opportunities for full time positions
  3. Bran

    A deer kills man and injures woman

    This story was in the metro paper in London today. Sad but goes to show you never know when an animal may turn [emoji53]
  4. Bran

    Duration if Aitsl assessment

    It’s important that you have evidence of the placement, including the number of days and age ranges of the students. A letter from the institution will be ok if not mentioned on your transcripts. What are your qualifications?
  5. Bran

    Visitor Visa (Tourism) rejected twice

    What was the reason given?
  6. Bran

    Down Under Live - London

    I went last year, and whilst I got the same feeling about it as the posts above, I did go knowing this and didn’t have high expectations. I was however surprised how small the expo was, but even so found it interesting. A pet shipping company had a stand with example shipping crates and were useful in answering all our questions. One of the recruiters advice was to go onto google and search for my job role in the city I was interested in! Basically stating the obvious, putting no effort into it, but then again he did have a long line of people to get through.... other recruiters took my details but never contacted me. There was some useful information overall, but I wouldn’t return. If you have a free afternoon and go into it open minded then why not...
  7. Bran

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Following this thread with interest. We are in the process of organising quotes from Pickfords, John Mason, and Sevenseas. Anyone have any experience with using the shipping companys storage facilities prior to the move? We’re most likely needing a couple months storage before the ship date. Hoping it’s not extortionate.
  8. Bran

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    Registering with the state teaching board now would prevent delays when looking for jobs in Aus
  9. For working in childcare as an educator, the assessing authority is ACECQA (AITSL assess teachers) Have a look here: https://www.acecqa.gov.au/qualifications/nqf-approved At a glance, your edexcel qualification is listed as a diploma level equivalent which means you’d be able to work as an early childhood educator. I can’t give any advice on using these qualifications for visa purposes as I’m not familiar with the skilled lists, but do bear in mind that a teacher and educator are two different professions.
  10. On the visa front you’d need to check if either of you are eligible. Consulting a good Mara agent will give you a good indication if you’d be successful and what your options are. I’d say look into visas first before researching jobs and places to live as that’s all irrelevant until you have a route into the country. This forum is extremely knowledgable and browsing some of the recent threads will give you some insight into a range of topics. Good luck, it can be a long and complicated process!
  11. Bran

    Skill assessment

    That would probably be a stumbling block in that case unfortunately. Perhaps a registered migration agent could offer some advice on any options available
  12. Bran

    Skill assessment

    Part time study which is equivalent to full time study should be fine for the assessment, as long as they can establish equivalence. AITSL will require certificates and transcripts of all qualifications, including evidence of the supervised teaching practice. What PGCE did she do and what visa would she apply for?
  13. Bran

    Current cost of living in Perth

    So renters dont pay rates for the property they are renting? I would imagine owners would add the rate charges to the rent amount to cover themselves?
  14. Bran

    189 CO Requested Medicals & Police Checks

    https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa/heal/meeting-the-health-requirement/arranging-a-health-examination This should answer most of your questions. As others have said, wait until CO contact as that’ll give you the longest window possible
  15. We specified ‘2 x 8 weeks full time school placements’ and then listed both placements detailing the name of the school and age ranges: Eg. XXXX Primary School (4-5 years) If your placements were different lengths then list the timeframe against each placement. I don’t think the format is an issue as long as all the information is provided. If you have the actual date ranges then it wouldn’t hurt to provide them also.