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Found 41 results

  1. AmyLondon

    Moving to Australia - checklist

    Hi all I wondered if anyone had come across any helpful checklists/ blogs about all the personal admin things you have to do before/ after moving to Australia? Any help much appreciated.
  2. Hi everybody, I am lodging my offshore partner visa 309 at the end of this month. I just wanted to triple check my checklist of documents I have physically in the envelope and have a few questions .. Checklist : Form 47sp filled Form 47 filled Certified copies of passports for both of us Certified copies of birth certificate for both of us 4 passports photos for both of us 4 forms 888 by australians friends and australian family on my partners side, signed and certified by a third person French police clearance Uk police clearance PAPERS FROM THE SPONSOR : Certified copy of birth certificate Paper showing employments EVIDENCES : Electricity bills with both our names on it -Flat rental with both our names on it Flat contract with both our names on it Wedding invitation with both our names on it Deposits with with both our names on it 2 Gym contract of the same Gym Some photos of us in France, Uk, Prague, with my family 1 letter from sponsor to express love 1 letter from me Is this all and enough ? I can't seem to find something missing. These are my few questions : 1 - Does the love letter have to be certified or something ? Or just on a piece of paper with our name and signature ? 2 - When are they going to contact me for the health check ? Are they going to book an appointment for me in my nearest hospital ? How does it work ? 3 - When you give the evidences, for example a renting flat contract, do you print the whole contract ? Or just the first page and the last page with signature ?
  3. Guest


    Hello all, We have finally received our PR visa and are ready to take the plunge! However, we are pretty much clueless on all of the stuff that needs to be in place before, during and after we get on the plane. Since this site is so massive I have struggled to find some sort of emigration checklist that gives us an idea of what's in front of us. I'm sure they exist so I am hoping that someone can point us at the threads that are most helpful for the following: 1. The Move - prep & pack, flight preferences, shipping prefs, etc... 2. Arrival - What to do first, second, third... 3. Settling In - Rental advice, bank accounts, tax numbers, etc... 4. Jobs - Scheduling interviews whilst still in the UK, finding a good recruiter, what goes in your pay package, etc... Any other links, suggestions, advice, warnings would be appreciated! Many thanks, - Kev
  4. Hi all! We're looking to move to Melbourne in December/January time so not too long to wait now :biggrin: . Just wondered if anyone would be willing to rack their brains and write a checklist of items for us to take care of before we move! We've got one quote for moving and will aim to get two more quotes in the next few weeks. We're also looking on Gumtree for short rentals (although we don't know the date we're moving yet and we assume it'll be cheaper to rent late Jan rather than over the xmas period). It just feels like there should be so much for us to do but we're worried we're going to miss something! We've sold our home so that's taken care of now. Thanks x
  5. Hello, we are preparing our application for a 475 Visa. There is a checklist on DIAC's website, but it says it is only for paper application. There should be a online checklist, but honestly, we can't find it! It says there is one when you commence a new application, what we did, but there is nothing! Can someone help us? Thanks a lot! Sandy
  6. Guest

    Pre moving checklist?

    Hello everyone; I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this thread so if anyone has a better idea as to where to ask this please let me know. Well our 457 visas are cleared and hubby has a leave date from his UK job of 23rd Oct and a start date of his new Australia based job of 3rd November. With this time frame in mind and the fact that we have a two week holiday for the first two weeks of September I am beginning to feel the pressure of the task ahead! Has anyone found or used a checklist that has helped them organise their move? I'd like to know what kind of things I need to sort here in UK before our arrival to make settling in easier. I know about opening a bank account online in UK before arriving in Australia...anything else? Thanks folks!
  7. Hi all, Our (me & my wife) 457 visa has arrived & we are booked to land in Sydney the 29th September! We are going to be living in Canberra which is where my new job is based, and I have living arrangements & car over there sorted through my new job. We are still keeping our house in the UK but renting it to a close relative just incase... Here is my checklist, is there anything else I need to consider for when we start our new life! Australian NAB acct setup. Moneycorp acct setup for free money transfers. Pickfords booked to move furniture. Health insurance payed for first month (as part of my 457 app) although im gonna look for a cheaper version once Im over. UK driving licence. (im assuming you need this to validate driving in Oz) Am I missing something? :eek: Cheers Ben
  8. Guest


    Hi Apologies if this question has been asked but my partner and I are moving in Nov to Newcastle and we need some help with everything we need to tie up here and everything we need to put in place before the move such as bank accounts etc. Might sound a silly question but im sure there will be loads of things that have to be done so just want to make sure we dont miss anything. Thank you
  9. Guest

    Checklist for 801 visa

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give just short summary of the checklist for the 801 visa? I know they'll send the papers out closer to the 2 years, which will be in a few months, but I wanted to be prepared as I'm going away. Plus I seem to not have left a single proof of address as we've moved around a bit and mostly have paperless bank statements, payslips, etc. Will that be a problem? Starting to get a bit concerned... Thanks!!
  10. Hey, I posted this a few days back but no one had any suggestions at that time so I'm trying again:) I was wondering if anyone would be able to give just short summary of the checklist for the 801 visa? I know they'll send the papers out closer to the 2 years, which will be in a few months, but I wanted to be prepared as I'm going away. Plus I seem to not have left a single proof of address as we've moved around a bit and mostly have paperless bank statements, payslips, etc. Will that be a problem? Starting to get a bit concerned... Thanks!!
  11. Guest

    De-facto Visa Checklist

    Hey guys, have been a bit of a lurker!! Anyway coming up to submit our de-facto visa soon, just wondering how well it stands if your sending everything on the visa forms checklist and the added proof photos, phone bills and bday cards? is it just down to the CO to make sure everything sounds honest?? Not going to front load medicals but may do on police checks just due to cashflow, any idea how much this may slow things down? Getting exciting now! Regards, B
  12. Guest

    a leaving checlist required

    hi everyone, am leaving the UK in august for brisbane can anyone/everyone chip in with items that i should have taken care of before i step on the big bird..and if they came across any major problems and how they were eventually overcome. up until now, i have held the belief that with a passport, a credit card..and a visa.. you can now go anywhere and do anything,..bit what should i have done and checked before that. all memory jogging prompts appreciated paul, aged 56 and a half
  13. Hey guys so i've started to get the ball rolling with my 309 partner visa. Decided to do it ourself's and have a quick question. Just in regards to the documents needed in the Part I document checklist i am wondering what everyone included with their application. What is a "Certified copy"? We are currently in England and I "Being the Australian" need to send a certified copy of my birth certificate. The original is in Australia with my parents. Also just what people included for evidence of relationship? do i need to send in photo's, email's, things like that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. chris2011

    Visa application check-list query

    Probably an obvious question (although in my experience the obvious answer is not always the correct one when it comes to applying for a 176 visa!)... Q. When the status of check-list items changes from "requested" to "met", does this mean that you have passed/qualified for that particular eligibility requirement and once all check-list items have changed to "met" you will, in theory, have qualified for a visa and get your grant letter? OR does it actually mean that once they have all changed to "met" your CO will then assess your application and only then decide if you will get a visa? :wacko: With only our medicals outstanding (but done and being couriered) and all other items of the check-list saying "met" it would be good to know whether it all now hangs on the medicals. Thanks.
  15. Guest

    Moving Prep Checklist

    Hi Guys I know this has been asked 1000's of times but we're moving to Brisbane in around 5 weeks and have little time to sort anything whats the standard pre/post move 'to do' list ? I.E End all UK Direct Debits, Get Tax File Number if anyone can point me to a thread or has a list please post thanks Jess and Matt
  16. SussexBear

    Moving Back Checklist

    I was wondering if anyone can advise of anything that we may not have thought of! Apart from the obvious utilities etc so far I have thought of UK bank account Tell credit cards and bank that we will be travelling so don't get blocked! Tax return De register for tax Ditto voting get the mail forwarded Don't forget the cat!:laugh: When we get back should we be doing anything about UK tax ? Any hints experiences would be great :notworthy:
  17. Can anyone confirm this "Decision ready checklist". Any agent on this forum to confirm that it exists? And that it is speeding up the process? Whether it exists or not doesn't really make any difference unless it is speeding things along. Agent(s)? Regards, Patsy Stone.
  18. Hi, I'm in the process of filing my ACS skills assessment app. Find below the reference documents I've collected so far: 1. On Company letter head - HR letter stating my dates of employment and Designation 2. On A4 plain paper - stating my job duties/responsibilities including dates of employment, designation, working hours and contact details of the colleague 2.1 letters from 2 senior colleagues (Senior Software Engineers) and 2.2 one at same level (Software Engineer) as me 3. Company issued colleague's Business Cards 4. Self declaration witnessed by Notary/Solicitor explaining it is against company policy to issue letter of reference with duties/responsibilities 5. My salary slips, bank statement, letter of offer and promotion Am I missing something here? Thanks a ton guys! armandra!
  19. kellyjamie

    online application checklist

    Hi, Does anyone have a copy please of the online checklist for documents needed for the ss 176 visa please? i have the list for the paper application but cant find a list of required documents when applying on line? many thanks kelly
  20. Hi, on 4th January I'm flying in to Melbourne to start a 7 month working holiday in Australia. My plan is as follows; Arrive in Melbourne, spend a few days/weeks there and then start heading up the east coast. Hopefully by the time I reach the Whitsundays it will have cooled down a bit, I plan to spend quite a bit of time in the northern half of the east coast. That's about as much as I've thought about the trip so far, and rather than let a lack of planning (or rather realising that I've missed something important) ruin the trip, I thought I'd ask for some advice on where to start with my preparation before I leave (possibly leaving it a bit late with only 3 and a bit weeks to go... but, better late than never right?). I've already filled in a tax form letting the tax people here know that I'm going to be out of the country for a while. Are there any other official documents I should be sending off? I will have saved about £3000 by January. How am I going to use this in Oz? Is it a good idea to set up an Australian bank account online and activate it while I'm there? If so which bank should I go with, etc? I currently bank with Barclays. I'm going to book a hostel online for a few days following my arrival. A week seems like a sensible length of time to book a bed for. If I'm planning to stay in Melbourne for a few weeks, what's my best plan for accommodation? Stay in hostels? Camp site? Find some rented accommodation? Find someone who's looking for a lodger for a few weeks? Having a roof over my head (even if it's a canvas one) is my only real concern with travelling. Some shared experiences/advice is appreciated here. Other than sorting out my backpack (plenty of websites to help me out with what to take/what not to take), is there anything else I should be planning/sorting out at this stage? I'm very much the kind of person who is happy with just winging the whole experience and I'd quite happily go without planning a thing, but the sensible person within me is making this thread. So any help with any of the above, or anything I've missed, will be greatly appreciated.
  21. Just wondering if DRCs are still being processed? Anyone got their visa grant recently through DRC?
  22. lavender776

    Document checklist

    Does anyone else's document checklist show that the 'overseas penal clearance' is required for a partners's application, but not for the main applicant? I'm waiting for both police checks to come back, so I will be uploading both anyway, but I was just curious as to why it wasn't in my checklist. Perhaps they have heard about my impeccable character and feel that I don't need one? lol!
  23. veronica

    on line status document checklist

    Hi , just a quick question, we applied last month for a 176 visa on line, in the document checklist it still says required for everything , eg birth cert,passport details etc. these have all been attached, is it normal to still say required? or will they only update it when someone looks at our app?
  24. Guest

    Decision Ready Checklist

    I ve submitted a DRC to my 885 visa through an agent a of weeks ago, subsequently on line status was changed to application being processed further. Since, there was no update and now I am wondering whether my DRC was rejected. I asked about this from the AGENT and he said to wait but my question is, if a DRC is rejected would DIAC inform the agent? Any advice is appreciated.....:err:
  25. Hi, I'mn gonna submit my ACS skills assessment this weekend. I've got the following: - Certified copies of Degree - Certified copies of transcript of results - Certified copies of passport - Certified copies of letter from current employer (for 4+ years) - Will send fees / receipt when i process online. The letter from my employer is less than one page though. Just provided details of employment dates and brief description of duties. Can someone tell me if this is enough? I've heard people say they've spend 50 hours preparing this... I spent some time gathering documents... 5 hours maybe? Here's my employer letter: David has been a full time member of staff in Vizor Ltd since completing a degree in Computer Science in University Of Ulster June 26th 2006, and is still employed by the company. He has been a core member of our software development team, implementing a range of functionalities in our “In-Reg” product. In-Reg is comprised of a Windows desktop application (build on Microsoft .NET technologies) used to develop forms, and an ASP.NET website used for the purpose of financial regulation. He has worked on many aspects of the In-Reg application, including the development of high quality ASP.NET pages, developing plug-ins for both the builder application and the website, and developing persistence providers for a SQL Server database. In the past number of months he has worked alongside other senior developers upgrading our system to a 3 tiered architecture. He made a valuable contribution when Vizor did a bespoke implementation of our product for the Dubai International Financial Centre. David’s main responsibilities in Vizor are: - Gathering and documenting requirements. - Investigating and reviewing technical documents (incorporating UML). - Producing robust, well documented code to design specifications. - Reviewing code of other developers. - Testing that implementations meet their requirements. - Liaising with clients, and occasionally working on-site. Is this enough or do i need something much beefier? Thanks, David