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  1. Hi all Would be great to get some guidance, I am a UK qualified solicitor and I am aware that I will have to apply to the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (moving to Melbourne) to assess my qualifications. Having read up I think I will have to re-study 4 topics (Administrative Law, Federal and State Constitutional Law, Ethics and Professional Responsibility), my question is where can/will I have to study these modules? Any idea how long this will take? I think I heard something about an online course. Thanks
  2. AmyLondon

    Moving to Australia - checklist

    Hi all I wondered if anyone had come across any helpful checklists/ blogs about all the personal admin things you have to do before/ after moving to Australia? Any help much appreciated.
  3. Visa activation question: Hi all, I have what seems like a very stupid question for those who have already had their 309/100 granted. I am due to fly out to Australia in May to activate my visa and I wanted to double check that I don't need to apply for a tourist visa (651) to fly out? I am assuming the answer is no as I hold the 309/100 but you can never be too careful with these things. Thanks
  4. AmyLondon

    Best way to build air miles as a family

    Thanks all, much appreciated. Very aware of the myth of "free" flights but planning to build the points to potentially upgrade/ use lounges etc.
  5. AmyLondon

    Best way to build air miles as a family

    Thank you for your response. When you say "alliance" you mean Oneworld vs the Star Alliance or others? So from a UK PoV, you would recommend joining the BA Exec club, using Clubcard points and then building additional points with cards such as the Gold Amex?
  6. Hi all I am due to make the move to Australia in October and currently looking at the best ways to maximise our money on flights/ build airline points as my partner and I and my Mum and Dad will be flying to and from Aus as much as we can to see one another. Does anyone have any tips/ guidance as to how you do it?
  7. I think it’s safe to say that everyone is delighted for you. Congratulations!
  8. Hello all It seems they have got a bit of a spurt on as I have just received my 309/100 grant. I was quite surprised we were granted the 100 straight away as I considered our relationship borderline, together just under 6 years (met at university) and lived together for 3 years. Applied on 2 July. RFI 19 November. I also have had ‘approved’ on my sponsor’s application for a while. Best of luck to all those waiting, especially those who had submitted applications before me (and GEMS1984/ Ingers who are going through difficult times) I know it is torturous wondering how on earth this system works.
  9. Yes, you can do both the sponsor and main application on the same immi account.
  10. Have a look at CEP's spreadsheet on the previous page to have a look at those with similar timelines.
  11. I can't believe how slow they are at the moment, they must be on an early half term break. To pass the time I have been trying to guesstimate whether I will qualify for 100 immediately, my boyfriend and I have been together for just under six years and lived together for three. I have tried to have a dig through to see what others have qualified for but has anyone seen a grant of the 100 in similar(ish) circumstances?
  12. Hi all I applied on 2 July and my medical was uploaded on 4 August, assuming (or praying) my visa comes through in the next month or so, will they give me an entry date of pre-August 2019?
  13. Thanks for replies both. I am currently waiting for my 309/100 visa to be granted and hope to be in Melbourne by September this year. We plan to bring my parents over as soon as we can, I am aware that for the 143/173, the sponsor (which will be me) has to be "settled" (typically lived in Aus for 2 years), but does anyone have any information on whether there is any flexibility to this requirement?
  14. Hello I am looking to speak to someone about the 143/173 visas, who did you use and would you recommend?
  15. Hello all I am also a long time lurker and have found this thread really helpful. I thought I would share my timeline to add to the wider picture: 309/100 submitted front loaded (no agent): 2 July 2018 Medical uploaded: 4 August 2018 Police certificate uploaded: 24 August 2018 RFI (police check as error on first): 21 November 2018 Information uploaded: 17 December 2018 I am aiming to move to Melbourne around September once I qualify in my field, wondering if I will have to plan a trip to Aus before then if my visa is granted is next month or so.