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  1. Thanks Kevsan. When you say bank statements do you think our UK ones will suffice? We are currently looking in Yarraville, Spotswood, Seddon, Kingsville, Newport and some north western suburbs.
  2. Hi all My partner and I are making the move to Melbourne at the start of October and are looking for some guidance in terms of renting in Melbourne. I have heard that it can be a little difficult when you are coming from overseas as you have to provide Australian references and bank statements etc. Has anyone had any recent experience and if so, what documentation have you been asked to provide? We both have Australian bank accounts but there will be very little funds in there until the end of October when we receive our first months' pay. To get round this we can provide our UK bank accounts but wondering if this will be accepted? We are also able to provide our employment contracts and we have a reference from our UK landlord. To give a bit of background on us - we are a professional couple in our late twenties (solicitor and management consultant) and so we are hoping that this may work in our favour. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi all Would be great to get some guidance, I am a UK qualified solicitor and I am aware that I will have to apply to the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (moving to Melbourne) to assess my qualifications. Having read up I think I will have to re-study 4 topics (Administrative Law, Federal and State Constitutional Law, Ethics and Professional Responsibility), my question is where can/will I have to study these modules? Any idea how long this will take? I think I heard something about an online course. Thanks
  4. AmyLondon

    Moving to Australia - checklist

    Hi all I wondered if anyone had come across any helpful checklists/ blogs about all the personal admin things you have to do before/ after moving to Australia? Any help much appreciated.
  5. Visa activation question: Hi all, I have what seems like a very stupid question for those who have already had their 309/100 granted. I am due to fly out to Australia in May to activate my visa and I wanted to double check that I don't need to apply for a tourist visa (651) to fly out? I am assuming the answer is no as I hold the 309/100 but you can never be too careful with these things. Thanks
  6. AmyLondon

    Best way to build air miles as a family

    Thanks all, much appreciated. Very aware of the myth of "free" flights but planning to build the points to potentially upgrade/ use lounges etc.
  7. AmyLondon

    Best way to build air miles as a family

    Thank you for your response. When you say "alliance" you mean Oneworld vs the Star Alliance or others? So from a UK PoV, you would recommend joining the BA Exec club, using Clubcard points and then building additional points with cards such as the Gold Amex?
  8. Hi all I am due to make the move to Australia in October and currently looking at the best ways to maximise our money on flights/ build airline points as my partner and I and my Mum and Dad will be flying to and from Aus as much as we can to see one another. Does anyone have any tips/ guidance as to how you do it?
  9. I think it’s safe to say that everyone is delighted for you. Congratulations!
  10. Hello all It seems they have got a bit of a spurt on as I have just received my 309/100 grant. I was quite surprised we were granted the 100 straight away as I considered our relationship borderline, together just under 6 years (met at university) and lived together for 3 years. Applied on 2 July. RFI 19 November. I also have had ‘approved’ on my sponsor’s application for a while. Best of luck to all those waiting, especially those who had submitted applications before me (and GEMS1984/ Ingers who are going through difficult times) I know it is torturous wondering how on earth this system works.
  11. Yes, you can do both the sponsor and main application on the same immi account.
  12. Have a look at CEP's spreadsheet on the previous page to have a look at those with similar timelines.
  13. I can't believe how slow they are at the moment, they must be on an early half term break. To pass the time I have been trying to guesstimate whether I will qualify for 100 immediately, my boyfriend and I have been together for just under six years and lived together for three. I have tried to have a dig through to see what others have qualified for but has anyone seen a grant of the 100 in similar(ish) circumstances?
  14. Hi all I applied on 2 July and my medical was uploaded on 4 August, assuming (or praying) my visa comes through in the next month or so, will they give me an entry date of pre-August 2019?
  15. Thanks for replies both. I am currently waiting for my 309/100 visa to be granted and hope to be in Melbourne by September this year. We plan to bring my parents over as soon as we can, I am aware that for the 143/173, the sponsor (which will be me) has to be "settled" (typically lived in Aus for 2 years), but does anyone have any information on whether there is any flexibility to this requirement?