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  1. Stayorgo

    482 health insurance and school fees

    Thanks! 457 was listed as not required to pay school fees Si was hoping 482 the same
  2. Stayorgo

    482 TSS then 189

    So should mean no issues in doing this then? Job offer and 482 means we can go prob 12months before we could if wait solely for 189. Trying to understand what negatives there might be? (Apart from have to work for employer which I’m hoping all is fine!)
  3. A couple of questions on the 482 TSS visa I’m hoping this forum can help me with.... Firstly I’m trying to find out the exact health requirements for a 482 visa. What do we need to prove when applying for this visa? I’m finding the home affairs website unclear. Secondly, do we need I pay for my child’s school in Victoria on a 482? The appropriate website hasn’t been updated since the 482 was introduced! So anyone who is living in Victoria know what happens?? TIA!
  4. Stayorgo

    482 TSS then 189

    So I’ve got a job offer and will be moving over to Australia in the next few months on a TSS 482 medium term stream visa. We also lodged an EOI for a 189 a few months ago. Based on our points and length of time in the queue so far we anticipate receiving an invite in the next couple of months (assuming occupation remains on the list!). We therefore plan to move on the 482 with me as the primary applicant, then apply for a 189 with my partner as the primary applicant. Anyone else done this? Know much about doing this?
  5. Stayorgo

    New visa applicant

    Just to add experience only counts from the point you are qualified. So this is usually once accountancy exams are completed if ACA, ACCA, CIMA etc. In your case I assume this will be from when your MBA completed.
  6. So im after some advice.... We’re looking at moving to Australia on a TSS (I’ve been offered a job already and sponsorship in process). However we want PR and believe we can get this. We submitted an EOI for a 189 back in April at 80 points and subject to the MLTSSL not changing we should get an invite in the next few months. Because of the job we’re looking to go on a TSS with me as the main visa applicant so that we can get over there for my start date. On receipt of an invite for a 189 we would then apply for this with my husband as the main applicant. Likelihood is that a 189 application would be in process at the same we go to Australia. Anyone done this? Or know much about going on one visa then applying for another? Like I said, different primary visa applicants but we’ll each be on each other’s. On being granted Will the 189 just cancel out the TSS? Thanks!
  7. So we’re hoping to move to Australia in October and need to get thinking about shipping etc as I have a feeling time will fly quick!! Plan is to take personal belongings, Furniture, bikes, general stuff etc. I have a load of questions.... Where do we start we finding shipping companies? When should we ship? What can we or can’t we take? Will a shipping company pack it up for us? What else do we need to think about?
  8. Stayorgo

    New visa applicant

    We have 80 points for Accountant and submitted our EOI in April. Still no invite as they have reduced the number of people being invited. I believe from the 23 May skill select results that accountants who submitted 80 point EOIs up to mid Jan 18 have been invited so there is something of a queue! You cant submit your EOI without having had your skills assessed. And if you’re claiming points for English you need to have sat the test and got the results. My skills assessment needed English test results before I could submit that so if you haven’t already done these things it’s not a quick thing to do!
  9. So it’s looking like I’ve going to receive a job offer for a role in regional Australia and the company is willing to sponsor me on a 187 visa direct entry. This is not a visa I know much about so have lots of questions. Firstly, what I want to understand is more about the restrictions of this visa from a regional point of view. Whilst I know I have to work in regional Australia do I also have to live in regional Australia or could we live in a metro area? What about my partner, would they have to also work in regional Australia? How long do we have to work in regional Australia for? It’s a permanent visa but surely there a timeframe after which you can work (and live?) anywhere? Have others been through the 187 process? I’ve been advised that we may be able to get priority processing on the visa due to the role and it being regional which means it could be approved in less than 2 months. Have others experienced this or know much about it? How realistic is this? What evidence will I need to submit of my prior work experience? I think the home affairs page states required to have 3 years experience (which I have) but how do I evidence this? I’ve already completed ielts and my skills assessment so least those are ready to go! Thanks in advance!
  10. Stayorgo

    Well folks it's decision time..Do it?

    Get going with the English tests and skills assessments. You don’t have to make a decision right now about whether to go, but you can get the wheels in motion. Booking the English test, preparing, and submitting and waiting for your skills assessment can take months....I’m an accountant, booked my English test in jan, sat in feb, submitted skills assessment in March and I’m still waiting on it back. Remember no decision is needed until you decide to move, and even then you can always move back to the UK if you find it’s not for you. I’m someone who spent 18months working there nearly ten years ago, then came back to the UK and now trying to make a move permanently. Good of luck with your decision and remember nothing is forever if you don’t want to to be! I do recommend visiting the country if you can afford to, have an amazing holiday and suss our some places to consider living. You’ll probably feel more informed then.
  11. Stayorgo

    Things to do in Melbourne with teenage visitors

    I'd say the afl, tram car restaurant (I did it a few time in my early 20s and loved it!), neighbours tour is great if they watch it, yarra valley wineries, healesvile, melbourne central is great for shopping, city circle tram ride in the city, city walking tour, melbourne museum, st Kilda and get cake on acland st, drive round the f1 track at Albert park, trip down the great ocean road (we've done it in a day before!), a sports tour (we did one that included flemington, etihad, mcg...) or just the mcg tour if they like cricket..... List is endless!
  12. Stayorgo

    Accountant - Work experience

    Also bear in mind that experience only counts post qualification.
  13. Stayorgo

    First steps

    Sorry I should have clarified, my skills assessment is to allow us to get points for partner skills, so will only update for that once we have it. My husband did his skills assessment before we submitted our EOI. Aware that no accountants currently being invited but 80 points should get us further up the queue than our current 75 for if they do start inviting again....even if it's 1819 year. Fingers crossed!
  14. Stayorgo

    First steps

    Good luck! We submitted our EOI with 75 points for accountant general a few months ago (still waiting and I’m getting impatient!). Submitting my skills assessment this week so that we can up our EOI to 80 points. Which English test is your husband doing? I’ve just done ielts. All about question practice and reading the questions. If he practices he’ll be fine. The British council give you links to practice material once you’ve signed up for ielts. Listening to the hints and tips videos is vital too.
  15. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/supporting/Pages/skilled/partner-skills-documents.aspx