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Found 62 results

  1. Hi guys, on the 6th of April I received the notification of nomination refusal for a visa 187. My employer decided to appeal for merits review to the AAT. My question is: while filling the appeal application form online, which option should he choose for the point "Select the decision to be reviewed"? 1) visa refusal 2) business sponsor approval refusal or variation 3 refusal of nominated activity or position Thank you!
  2. Dear All, I have applied my 186 DE nomination and visa. My nomination got approved but later I realized that we made a mistake while lodging the 186 visa. Can i withdraw the visa application and apply it again link it to the approved nomination? Any expert advice will be really appreciated
  3. Hi All, I have applied for my 187 RSMS application in May 2016 when i was on bridging visa A and because of that i was granted a BVC with Nil conditions. In December 2018 my nomination and visa was refused that business doesn't need a manager. we appealed to AAT and i was given same BVC with NIL conditions and yesterday we have lost the appeal and now going for FCC and will have to apply for another BVC. My question is about working rights. Will it come with same working rights as my previous BVC ? or do i need to apply for work rights separately? i am asking all this because i need to make arrangements at my work place by giving them enough notice if i am going to loose my work rights for some time. Incase i need to apply for work rights by showing financial hardship, do i need to mention about my de facto partner name as my family who is on a student visa and not capable to supporting me or should i not mention about her, Is she my family in Australia?? Please please please help me by answering these couple of questions about my working rights when applying for a new BVC for my FCC for 187 RSMS application. thank you
  4. Hi team, I have applied for RSMS visa on 15 march 2018. My nomination got approved on 2 sep 2019. I haven't heard anything from immigration regarding visa. RSMS visa rules changed on 18/3/2018 asking for 3 years of experience . I applied on 15/3/2018 , will it effect my visa requirements??? I received acknowledgement saying Application received on 15 march 2018 in my immi account. Thanks
  5. WelderGuy5

    RSMS visa grants

    Hai peeps Applied RSMS 187 Rcb Noc 17 Nomination & Visa DEC 17 Nomination approved March 2020 Immi Status Received Occupation Welder Still nothing heard so far Any leads.
  6. Hi all, Melon story but my partner was employed by a company and sponsored on 187. His HR team screwed up the application and it went to appeals because they didn’t provide enough information. We have HD the heating and the case has been remitted back to immigration to process as the appeals are satisfied we meet all the criteria. He has been in the job for 2 and a half years, we have been on a bridging visa the whole time but he has worked for the “sponsored employer”. Today he was made redundant by his employer and we do not yet have a decision from immigration, although it will likely be a yes because we met criteria for appeals. Has anyone had experience of this? As he has fulfilled his obligation with to work for the employer for more than two years does this mean our visa can still be accpeted and he can work for another company? Can he work in a non regional area if we are granted? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  7. Allan Villappaly

    Changing employer 187

    Greetings, My work commencement date with my current employer is 3rd April 2017. So as per my job contract I’ve completed the 2 year period with my current employer in 3rd April 2019. I had received the RSMS 187 visa grant on 2nd of November 2018. My Employer is finding it difficult to manage the work place. ( He is based on a another location which is 2 hours from my place of practice). So he wants another manager to take over the work over and wants me to relocate to the main head office. The head office is also based in a regional location. I’m not in favour of this relocation as it means I would have to take a pay cut and demotion from the existing position which was stated in my contract. The new place of work and the job position is different to the nominated position and location that I have obtained my RSMS 187 visa for. So if I want to change my job and work with another employer, would my Visa be affected ? What implications would I have to bear, if I change my job and my current employer reports this change to the immigration ? Feeling stressed about the whole situation. Any advise would be really helpful.
  8. Hi My ex and I came to Australia together. I was sponsored on a 457 visa and my partner was added to my application. Since then we have applied for the 187 visa and had a baby. Fast forward a few years, baby is now 3 our 187 application was rejected (usual reason - company couldn’t justify my position and afford to pay me..) - our migration agent said this was ridiculous and that many others had been rejected for similar reasons so we appealed in July 2017. We are now all on a bridging visa. However, pressures of uncertainty all just got too much and we are now going through a messy break up. He has moved away and the split is looking permanent. So I am now unsure what to do, I know I need to inform immigration/AAT of this and am planning to do so. But I am also worried about what will happen to my ex. Will he have to leave the country despite the fact his child is here, or will he be offered a way to stay when immigration get in touch with him? He has asked that I do not inform immigration if this, but am really worried that this could affect all our chances of staying and I know as soon as my employer knows that they will inform AAT anyway. Does it matter how long we were together before this or the fact we have been waiting so long for a decision? Or does the fact that it was rejected and it’s now on appeal work against us? Thank you in advance for any information you can offer it really is much appreciated.
  9. Hi, I wondered if anyone could help me. I am on a 187 sponsored regional migration visa, I’m currently on the bridging visa and my application was logged January 2019. I am being sponsored as a duty manager and prior to my sponsorship I was working for the employer for 9 months. I have now been there for 16 months. Since getting sponsored my boss has completely changed his demeanour. His family has joined him in running the business and they daughter gets away with doing nothing but gets paid the same as me. Despite the fact that my role is duty manager, she has been put in this position. After a few months into my sponsorship I went off sick for 2 days (first time since being employed there that I wasn’t off sick) and when I returned I had heard that they thought I was lying and that I’m not reliable etc. This really annoyed me and I chatted with my boss and said I wasn’t happy. I said I can’t work with the daughter as whatever decision I make gets over ruled by her decision. After this they put me in the kitchen, and ever since I have been working as a kitchen hand which is not my job role. I have mentioned this many times and he seems to think it is fine and won’t move me out of there. I’ve been extremely stressed and absolutely hate going to work. I’ve lost a lot of weightdue to the stress and it is a horrible environment to work in. It is very bitchy and the bitching comes from management. I am over worked and get only one day off per week, work split shifts everyday despite living 60 k away. I don’t get to spend time with my boyfriend which is making me more stressed. I was off sick for 2 days again last month and I received abusive text messages from my boss saying I was lying and that I have to come into work with my medical certificates. I sent him my certificates and he still sent me nasty messages. This really upset me. He also took money out of my wages when I first got the sponsorship to pay for the $3000 business tax. I think I’m right in saying that this is wrong however I haven’t questioned it because I’m so scared that my life will be made hell there again. I also do not want him to have this over me that he has invested in me. There is another lady also on Sponsorship visa and she too is in the same situation as me. Her life has been made hell and I know she is very stresssed. The boss’ daughter does not like her and they are just hoping that she is going to mess up so they can get rid of her. They have given her a formal warning when she has done nothing wrong. Please help us and let us know what we can do in this situation. I really just want to walk out the door and be happy again, but after investing all this money I do not want to lose it. We are so stressed and it’s affecting our health, surely with two of us there is something we can do? Thanks!
  10. Hello everybody, First time posting here and wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation. My partner and I are currently on a BVA for a DE 187 application which we applied for in February this year. However, the sponsoring Business is listing the business for sale. We’re not sure how soon it will sell and if it will keep the same ABN, but obviously, we are concerned. My partner (main applicant) has been approached by a different restaurant that is willing to sponsor her and start a new nomination for the same position as a restaurant manager. After speaking with the Department, I was informed that two nominations can be lodged at the same time, however, as an applicant it can be tricky, as the 2nd employer would need to have completed the required advertising, received RCB approval and lodged a nomination before we could withdraw the 1st application and apply for the new application. What mainly concerns us, is that if we were to apply for the new application on our current BVA we would be placed on a BVC. This is what is uncharted territory for me, as we would want to avoid going on a Bridging Visa C due to work rights (which can be appealed) but most importantly the family hardship of not being able to leave the country for almost 2 years while waiting for a decision on the new application. I think a workaround would be to apply for a tourist visa after withdrawing the initial 187 application and before applying for the new 187, but then we run the risk of receiving a No Further Stay condition on that 600 visa. After explaining our situation to an agent at the DHA, he suggested contacting nsw.pse@border.gov.au and request priority processing for the initial 187. He said don't mention the business being for sale, but have a reason to request the priority processing. That seems like a long shot to me, and I wouldn't even know where to begin. It all seems a bit too overwhelming, and while hiring a migration agent would be the next step, is it really worth it when 75% of DE applications are getting denied? Also, does anyone have any experience with requesting a refund (form 1424) because of a situation out of the applicant's control, such as the nominating business selling? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Cheers, Alexander
  11. Emily-1987

    AAT Appeal wait times - Help please!

    Hi, Just looking for a bit of guidance here, we lodged an AAT appeal for our PR 187 visa in August 2017 which we believe was unfairly refused, and our visa agent thinks we have a good case. It’s now 21 months later and still we have not heard anything. We were originally told it would take around 12 months and then last year we were told it’s 18 – 24 months! Anyone else been through the appeal process and can give some idea of how long there’s took. Or anyone else in a similar position? The not knowing is becoming very stressful and is taking its toll. Many thanks
  12. Hi guys It has been about 13 months since I lodged my visa as a cook. I’ve got requested for medical checkup 2 days ago, but my colleague who lodged visa before me has his nomination rejected 4 days ago. I thought my nomination will be rejected as well but I got requested for medical so I got really confused. Do you think my nomination is safe or not? When CO is assigned? Do you think the person who send me the “s56 request for more information” is my CO? When CO is assigned, can I tell my nomination is passed? I thought they only request further information when the nomination is cleared. My immiaccount says the status is still “recieved” . No “initial assessment” or “further assessment”. I’m really worried that my nomination will be rejected after paying $hundreds for medical check. Is it possible for my nomination to be clear when the other nomination is recently rejected at the same workplace? Give me some thoughts please! Cheers
  13. ScouseChef

    187 visa Tasmania

    Hi all, First time posting, I have lived in Australia for 6 years now and I have PR but always found this page very helpful, when I was going through all the visa stages. What I need help with is..... My younger brother is here on a working holiday visa. He works as a barber (fully trained, certificates, 10+yrs experience). He wishes to apply for the 187 regional sponsorship visa in Tasmania. The processes have changed somewhat since my 457 visa days in Melbourne, where I still live, so I’m not much help! Can he apply for this visa by himself by taking a skills assessment or does he need to have a valid employer who sponsors him? He currently still lives in Victoria, so can he apply for himself before moving to Tasmania? Thanks in advance for any guidance anyone can give.
  14. Hi, We have been on a 3 year roller coaster ride with our visa’s. We were told many time by different people that we would not get our 187 TRT Nomination approved and that we were wasting our time. Out of desperation last year (my husband was turning 50 in 6 days time, making this our last chance) we did the Nomination application and the 187 TRT permanent residence application ourselves, We finally had our 187 nomination approved 3 weeks ago, and we were so happy. This morning we received a letter stating that the 187 TRT permanent residence visa is going to be denied as I have made an error on the application. I entered the incorrect TRN Number for the related nomination. I in error put our 457 TRN and not the 187 nomination TRN. Please help, does anyone know anything about this, the letter says there is nothing we can do, we must withdraw the application or wait for it to be refused within the next 28 day... so sad right now.
  15. Is anyone waiting from November 2017 for their nomination or visa to be approved for a cook or a chef?
  16. Okay so. - Restaurant manager, NSW. 187/RSMS 17th May 2016 - RCB Approved 14th July 16 - Submission documents for Visa waiting. ... Waiting ... Agent requested police checks to update file - (Not Immi.) 1 st Feb 2018 - Visa Rejected. reason: The employer had stopped operating under original ABN (Mentioned during time of application) Although business was still running - had changed the ABN in Jan. Immi had contacted place of work requesting for documents during Jan 18 requested for documents/reason for/inline with reason of changing ABN # Employer had not submitted docs within allocated time frame (14/21) days. Visa rejected - giving me 20 days to appeal / withdraw (notification to agent 01st Feb) My agent got back to me on the 5th / Feb (5 days in) Now I have been told that I have till the 20th to appeal - or it will be a permanent rejection. Cost of appeal 17xx odd dollars so around 1800/- ++ this is addition to previous "paperwork charges" 2 years 7 months .... and again I am waiting. with all this patience and calmness - I may ascend at some-point. Lets all wait it out ..
  17. Hi all Myself and wife are looking at emigrating from the UK to Australia and for our skills and age the only real option is a 187 visa. She has an employer who is really interested in sponsoring her which is great, but they are concerned by the potential 22 month wait for the visa to be granted if we get through all of the other stages. Having done some reading into Bridging visas it not really clear as to whether we could apply for the 187, get a bridging visa and move out there to work for the company while we wait for a decision. I appreciate that's a huge gamble as it might not be granted, but I'm struggling to see why companies would even entertain such a visa if they had to wait almost 2 years for their employee to be ready to start. Any advice would be appreciated
  18. Hi , I'm a Physiotherapist, currently working in regional QLD, on 457 visa. I've been on 457 visa for almost 2 years but I've recently changed my employer. My new employers are happy to sponsor me on RSMS visa( 187). I needed some information on RSMS visa, about Physiotherapy, as an occupation. I wont be eligible for Transition stream, as I haven't completed 2 years with my current employer. I have Limited Registration to work as a Physio from AHPRA. Limited registration from AHPRA was the basis for my 457 visa. Physiotherapy as an occupation is not mentioned in the legislative instrument. As stated on the DIBP webpage , skill requirement for direct stream “ if your occupation is not on the relevant legislative instrument, you must demonstrate that you have the qualifications listed in ANZSCO as necessary to perform the tasks of your occupation". Below is the brief description for Physiotherapist ANZSCO list : UNIT GROUP 2525 PHYSIOTHERAPISTS PHYSIOTHERAPISTS assess, treat and prevent disorders in human movement caused by injury or disease. Indicative Skill Level: In Australia and New Zealand: Registration or licensing is required. Occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). I'm still undergoing physiotherapy assessment process through Australian Physiotherapy council, to be competent to work as a fully licensed Physiotherapist. Hence I wont be able to undergo skill assessment, if that's a requirement for Direct entry stream for physiotherapy as an occupation. I wanted to know if my limited registration( which currently allows me to work) be valid for RSMS : direct entry stream as it was valid for my 457 visa ? I have been asking around from some guidance but haven't received any yet. It would be it big help if someone could help me with this
  19. Jugraj

    187 subclass

    Applied rsms as chef, in feb 2018 in Italian restraurent , position was vacant , previous chef resigned after getting Pr , got rcb approved in 10 days, business opened in 2014, only I am the one who is sponsored, restraurent turnover 7 lakh dollars, chances of getting nomination approved,do you think being a student at this time will create any problem in my case, as I am working 20 hours, but my boss has showed two guys full tym, him and his wife and theee casual, please suggest
  20. Ben

    Bridging visa B

    Hi, I'm awaiting for my PR to come, and the visa I applied from was a 457 to a 187 (business sponsored visa). I would like to go on holiday, however I will be on my bridging visa A at this point and would like to know what the chances of getting granted a bridging visa B and can you get this until your PR arrives so you can leave the country on multiple occasions. Thanks in advance. Ben
  21. One in 10 skilled migrants who move to regional Australia move to a city within 18 months, according to new data from the Department of Home Affairs. The data was provided to SBS News in response to questions raised in a recent Senate Estimates hearing. It was prompted by the Turnbull government announcing in May it was working on changes to regional sponsorship visas in a bid to force skilled migrants to stay. The department’s Continuous Survey of Australian Migrants (CSAM) revealed of the six per cent of skilled migrants who settled in a regional area, 10 per cent moved to a major city between six and 18 months later. Australia brought in 4,766 skilled workers to regional areas in 2016-17 but almost half of them settled in Perth. The government removed Perth as a “regional” destination in November. Darwin, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart remain eligible for the regional visa. Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said the government was “working on” options to improve retention of talented migrants in the regions. Australia has a number of visa programs designed to bring migrants to the bush, including the Skilled Regional (887) and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187). The government is trying to find ways to prevent the drain to the cities without impinging on the right to freedom of movement. In May, Nationals MP David Gillespie told SBS News many regional employers were left with a “sour taste” when migrants skipped town to pursue opportunities in the cities. Dr Gillespie would not comment on the government's legal options but raised the example of overseas doctors, who often came on visas that linked their Medicare billing to a regional centre for up to 10 years. Last week, the government released its final migration statistics for the last financial year. Permanent skilled and family migration fell by 20,000 places to its lowest level in a decade, prompting an angry response from employer groups. James Pearson, head of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the regions would suffer from the reduction. “This is a real crisis,” Mr Pearson told SBS News. “Politicians have failed to plan properly for the population growth in Sydney and Melbourne, and regional Australia is now paying the price because of this cutback in our skilled migration by stealth.”
  22. Hi guys, I create a new topic for us chefs and cooks, so we can share easily our timeline and updates. We applied on the 30 June 2017 as chef, nomination and Visa same day 186 TRT low risk country Till now NO news... I hope something will happened very soon ??????
  23. Johnnu

    RSMS DE Processing time

    Hi guys. i just want to ask is this processing is normal or anyone who applied on nov 2017 having any updated news? 21 Nov 2017 - RCB and visa applied 13 Feb 2018 - RCB Approved 8 Mar 2018 - request health check 30 Apr 2018 - got letter saying “we are processing your nomination” and also requested more information.
  24. So it’s looking like I’ve going to receive a job offer for a role in regional Australia and the company is willing to sponsor me on a 187 visa direct entry. This is not a visa I know much about so have lots of questions. Firstly, what I want to understand is more about the restrictions of this visa from a regional point of view. Whilst I know I have to work in regional Australia do I also have to live in regional Australia or could we live in a metro area? What about my partner, would they have to also work in regional Australia? How long do we have to work in regional Australia for? It’s a permanent visa but surely there a timeframe after which you can work (and live?) anywhere? Have others been through the 187 process? I’ve been advised that we may be able to get priority processing on the visa due to the role and it being regional which means it could be approved in less than 2 months. Have others experienced this or know much about it? How realistic is this? What evidence will I need to submit of my prior work experience? I think the home affairs page states required to have 3 years experience (which I have) but how do I evidence this? I’ve already completed ielts and my skills assessment so least those are ready to go! Thanks in advance!
  25. my 187 nomi approved ,I submitted my nomi and visa together. they ask more documents. but they have not require the 80 form. why