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  1. maidensarah

    What is your place of birth famous for?

    Lol no. Matt Smith is from here
  2. maidensarah

    What is your place of birth famous for?

    Making shoes
  3. maidensarah

    189 processing times

    Thanks! That’s what we will hopefully be applying with and same category. So when are you planning to move over and where abouts? Are you moving with children?
  4. maidensarah

    189 processing times

    Congratulations! Can I just ask how long it took your from your EOI to an invite to apply? Thanks
  5. maidensarah

    First steps

    Haha, I have full confidence in my husband
  6. maidensarah

    First steps

    Thanks! My husband’s the main applicant and will be applying under accountant (general) with 75 points assuming the top points for the English test. I realise this occupation is currently an ‘iffy’ one therefore felt it best to proceed now rather than umming and ahhing any more. There’s no guarantees so I won’t be getting my hopes up, just see what happens. And get my husband studying for the English test as will need the 75 points
  7. maidensarah

    First steps

    So we’ve made the first steps today towards the possibility of getting a visa. That is, paying some money to a migration agent for the first part that needs to be done - the skills assessment. We decided to go with Alan Collett at Go Matilda as per recommendations on here. Scary!
  8. maidensarah

    Aussie Primary school lunchtimes

    Okay thanks all. My son likes the hot dinners but if it was one of the other I’d choose packed lunch as both will be happy with that.
  9. maidensarah

    Aussie Primary school lunchtimes

    This may be a random question but I was wondering what most primary schools do for children’s lunches. Do they have the option of hot dinner or packed lunch? Do most take packed lunches or the other way round? Here all children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 are entitled to receive free hot dinners and I wondered if there’s anything like that there? My son (year 2) has the hot dinners as he loves them however my daughter (Reception) gets sent with a packed lunch as she wouldn’t eat the hot dinners. Just sort of checking they don’t all have to have hot dinners as she would go hungry. Thanks!
  10. maidensarah

    Cornish cream scone

    The Devon way. Cream first then jam. (Husband’s from Devon)
  11. maidensarah

    Happy Mothers Day ?

    Thank you!
  12. maidensarah

    Is it normal that I keep changing my mind?!

    Yes this would be my worry that something like this would happen. However as she’s so young it’s hard to know how she’ll be in the future as she’s made so much progress I’m hopeful that in a while the gap won’t be very wide. She’s only a year or so delayed, I’m just hoping the gap closes rather than gets bigger. She’s also ‘summer born’ and apparently summer born children don’t catch up until they’re about 13 anyway. She would have started school later in Aus too so she would be a couple of terms ahead at least
  13. maidensarah

    Is it normal that I keep changing my mind?!

    No she’s not statemented, doesn’t have a disability and has recently been discharged by her paediatrician so I don’t think getting a visa for her would be a problem. She’s just had some development delays
  14. maidensarah

    Is it normal that I keep changing my mind?!

    Thanks. I suppose I should elaborate a bit more on the school worries. My oldest (son) is very good academically. My youngest (daughter), who’s 4 (5 in May) and in Reception year, has been developmentally delayed since birth for unknown reasons. She was late reaching all milestones such as crawling at 15m, walked at 21m, had a moderate speech delay and was only really saying 2 words sentences at age 3. Over the last 1 year in particular, her speech has improved massively and I would say she’s almost caught up in that area, however sometimes she needs extra visual information or smaller steps due to a slower auditory memory/processing. However she is making excellent progress, she’s reading first books and is writing, she’s just not quite at the same level as most other children. She doesn’t need 1:1 a lot in school, she doesn’t need it as her behaviour is outstanding and she’s good at following routines, just sometimes need a bit of pre-teaching. Her school is excellent and supportive and she’s used to it and I would feel guilty changing that for the unknown. Mainly because of her sensory processing difficulties. I’m not worried about the friendship side for her as she still prefers to play alongside and do her own thing.
  15. maidensarah

    vegetarianism and veganism

    There could be more food available for those that don’t have much food if we used the land currently used for grazing animals or growing food for animals to eat so we can eat the animals..