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  1. Saurer Pfirsich

    Aussie weather

    I think this has easily been the coolest and wettest summer that I've known in 12 years in Melbourne. Only had to have the air-conditioning on a handful of times and there's been lots of days when it's struggled to get into the low 20's. Works for me! Makes the rush hour public transport crush a bit more bearable, keeps the electricity bills down and means I get decent sleep. Gotta love a mild summer!
  2. Saurer Pfirsich

    The UK Citizen Test

    That's still very impressive. I've never applied for Australian citizenship as I don't really need it, so I don't know how you go about prepping for a test like that. Is there a guide book, or do you just need to do loads of the online practice tests until you've learned the answers to just about every conceivable question they might ask you?!
  3. Saurer Pfirsich

    The UK Citizen Test

    83% in both. Failed 3 out of the 5 Australian ones I did online though.
  4. Saurer Pfirsich

    Where is Harpodom and Flag of convenience now

    I don't blame you Toots. I don't follow Australian politics, but the standard of British ones doesn't exactly inspire hope for the future. No wonder people are either involving themselves in activism on issues outside of the main parties, or are just switching off from politics altogether.
  5. Saurer Pfirsich

    Where is Harpodom and Flag of convenience now

    I used to enjoy their posts back in the day, particularly some of the run-ins Harpodom used to have with a certain poster with an 80's tv star fixation! PIO was a very lively place back then! There's probably quite a few former members that I'd like to hear about - Tink, Bristolman, John Doe and Wattsy all spring to mind.
  6. Saurer Pfirsich

    Where is Harpodom and Flag of convenience now

    Very true. The political right-wing are in the ascendancy now, right across the world.
  7. Saurer Pfirsich

    Where is Harpodom and Flag of convenience now

    He's not, but we're very much a minority on these forums.
  8. Saurer Pfirsich

    Manchester City v villa League Cup Final Predictions

    With respect to Villa, who I still think are a huge club and something of a sleeping giant, they haven't won a trophy since 1996 and haven't won one of the major pots (PL / ECL) since their European Cup success in 1982. That's nearly 40 years. They have a great history as a club, but the lack of recent success means that their brand is severely diminished. Compare that to Chelsea, who in the time since Villa's last trophy win have amassed 1 x Champions League, 2 x Europa Leagues, 1 x Cup Winners Cup, 5 x Premier Leagues, 7 x FA Cups and 3 x League Cups. As a Liverpool supporter it pains me to say it, but that's quite a trophy haul! Chelsea are 9th in the Deloitte money rankings. Villa aren't in the top 30, although West Ham, Leicester and Everton are. The other thing for Villa, is that you just dont see people wearing their shirts. That's probably a very imprecise marker of a clubs reach, but in Melbourne I've never seen a Villa shirt, nor anywhere in Asia I've ever been to. They're a huge club, but they've been overtaken by their rivals.
  9. Saurer Pfirsich

    Manchester City v villa League Cup Final Predictions

    Very true. The bottom half of the Premier League are just intent on survival, whilst the top 6-7 are scrambling for the Champions League slots. In the Championship with its play-offs, pretty much the top half of the table will be thinking that they have a chance of promotion if they have a good run in the spring. Hence the heavily rotated squads you see on FA Cup match days. Playing the semis at Wembley has also taken away some of the glory away, but essentially the money and the prestige now is in the PL and the Champions League. Sad, because I used to love cup final day as a kid no matter who was playing. Growing up in the 70's and 80's when live games on tv were rare, the sense of occasion was massive - hours of tv coverage, the team songs on 'Top of the Pops' (younger readers ask your parents!), cameras on the team coaches heading to the ground, 'Abide with me,' and the twin towers. There was nothing like it.
  10. Saurer Pfirsich

    Would it be too hard for you all..

    It's good to hear that you found home eventually Ramot. Shows that it can be done. My wife hoped that Melbourne would be that place. Her reasoning being that it was a European 'version' of Australia. A half-way house between the UK and the beach-side suburbs of QLD which she had hated when she was younger, and which prompted her to flee to England twice. Generally, Melbourne has worked pretty well for her - nice home, good job and good schools for our girls. The sense of belonging bit still manages to elude her though. She hasn't been able to build the kind of friendship network she was yearning for, and her old friends in QLD are reluctant to visit, so she has to go to them. I always have to remind her that we were pushing 40 when we arrived in Melbourne, and by that time of life most people already have their friendship networks in place, and aren't necessarily seeking new ones. It saddens me a little bit that she's still yearning for something she'll probably never find, and most of the time she's pretty fine with it as she's lucky enough to have a number of compensatory factors to be grateful for.
  11. Saurer Pfirsich

    Would it be too hard for you all..

    And it never did you any harm did it?!
  12. Saurer Pfirsich

    Would it be too hard for you all..

    Bloody hell, those poor kids must have been dizzy!
  13. Saurer Pfirsich

    Would it be too hard for you all..

    That's an interesting point. Is there any published data out there that anyone knows of that backs this up? I'm curious as to roughly how many people do as Parley suggests. My in-laws were terrible 'ping-pongers' back in the 70's and 80's - Sydney (2 years), then Wales (2 years), then Sydney (4 years), then various locations in southern England (8 years) before finally settling upon first Brisbane and now the Gold Coast. They just could not make up their minds where they wanted to be. That was fine for them, as they were loaded, but was horrific for my wife and her brother. My wife ended up attending 5 primary schools and 3 secondary schools because of this, and as a consequence has never been able to establish a sense of belonging anywhere.
  14. Saurer Pfirsich

    Happy Australia Day.

    Ironing, D.I.Y., walking the dog and trying to coax our 13 year old out of her room! In other words, a usual Sunday
  15. Saurer Pfirsich

    Happy Australia Day.

    I knew that it was around this time of the year as we get a Bank Holiday weekend, but didn't know it was the 26th. I did do a few of those 'mock' citizenship tests a few years back and either failed or only just scraped through due to guess-work!