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  1. Saurer Pfirsich

    If you could choose one thing..

    There isn't a 'right' part of Australia in my case. That's in no way a criticism of the place you understand - it's a fine country etc. - but moving to another state would not fix the problem of homesickness for me. It's something that I've learned to live with, and when I retire I'll return home.
  2. Saurer Pfirsich

    If you could choose one thing..

    I'm fine thanks Toots and life is good. I do miss those things very much though. Luckily back in the UK very soon though for hols. Particularly looking forward to misty mornings and autumn colours.
  3. Saurer Pfirsich

    If you could choose one thing..

    All the things you mentioned. Plus, the softness of the countryside, the deserted pebbly beaches of Whitstable and Herne Bay, the bustle of London, the sense of community you find in provincial towns and cities, great pubs, being able to watch sport at a sensible time, self-deprecating British humour, and that innate sense of belonging.
  4. Saurer Pfirsich

    The Ashes

    I'd take the Ashes over pyjama cricket every time. We need to get our act together with the test team otherwise it'll be another whitewash when we tour down under next.
  5. Saurer Pfirsich

    The Official Weather Thread

    Christ! 30 degree days in winter! Bloody hell, how hot does it get up there in summer?! Plus, you’ve got Queensland humidity on top of that. 🥵 And I thought Melbourne was hellish in summer. At least we get 3 other seasons to recover from it.
  6. Saurer Pfirsich

    The Ashes

    Well played Australia. No arguments about the result. Steve Smith, what a force of nature! Future generations will speak of him in hushed tones.
  7. Saurer Pfirsich

    Things you just don't get.

    3. BBQ’s - I’ve never understood the whole alfresco eating thing - fine in winter if you have one of those outdoor gas heater things - but hellish in summer. Jesus, the feckin’ glare if you try this in Melbourne between December and April. Retina surgery anyone? The missus insisted a few years back that we buy a Webber BBQ and a picnic table. We got about 5 uses out of them before eBaying them at a massive loss 3 years later! Glad that they went to a family that appreciated them!
  8. Saurer Pfirsich

    Things you just don't get.

    Thankfully it’s only one day of the year that I allow my kids to put me through it! Mind you, we’re townies, so by lunchtime we’re usually back in the car and heading home. Thank god!
  9. Saurer Pfirsich

    Things you just don't get.

    1. Beaches. Never seen the appeal. Well, not the whole ‘let’s baste in scalding hot sun whilst being forced to listen to other people’s music choices and smiling politely whilst retrieving their frisbee from your picnic.’ The kids nag me to do it once every January, but it’s best avoided. 2. Camping. The 7th circle of hell. Refugees live in camps, but there’s no need for the rest of us to. Electricity, comfortable beds, air-conditioning and wi-fi are just some of the necessities that you can look forward to being without. I won’t mention the state of the communal showers!
  10. Saurer Pfirsich

    Only in Australia?

    Says the man who is perpetually offended by; Women Feminists Pro-choice supporters Gay Pride Marches Environmentalists Guardian-readers Muslims Asylum-seekers Outspoken Indigenous Australians English cricket fans English people in general actually The British Isles The Australian Labor Party Waleed Aly People who don't love Australia as much as he thinks they should Ben Stokes Australians who criticise their own country Anyone who disagrees with him Have I Ieft anyone out?
  11. Saurer Pfirsich

    Is Melbourne really this bad.

    I don’t know where the no-go areas are in Melbourne. Broadmeadows gets a rep for gang violence, and I’ve heard bad things about Sunshine, Boxhill and Richmond - mainly drug-related stuff. As you say, all cities have such places. I’ve never thought of Melbourne as being scruffier than other state capitals. I’ve only ever very briefly visited Brisbane and Sydney, but on balance, their CBD’s seemed a bit cleaner and tidier than Melbourne’s.
  12. Saurer Pfirsich

    Is Melbourne really this bad.

    I live in the inner south suburbs myself, but I imagine it's even worse when you get out beyond the tram lines. Melbourne's biggest problem in my view is that it has too many people. New arrivals to Australia are quite understandably drawn to big population hubs like Melbourne and Sydney as that's where the work is. The result is huge strains placed upon housing stock, road systems and public transport etc. Metro-Tunnel, when completed, might ease some of burden for a time, but population growth is projected to rise massively in the next 10 years.
  13. Saurer Pfirsich

    Is Melbourne really this bad.

    It's really not a bad place PB, although it seems to draw a fair amount of criticism, particularly for things like traffic congestion, over-priced housing and inadequate public transport. But, in that respect it just has the same problems as any other city in the world really. It always strongly reminds me of Birmingham.
  14. Saurer Pfirsich

    Is London really this bad ?

    I’ve never understood why there’s so much criticism aimed at Melbourne. Yes, it’s got it’s problems with traffic, criminal gangs, inadequate public transport and over-priced housing etc, but the same can be said of other places. Personally, I think it compares pretty well with provincial British cities.
  15. Saurer Pfirsich

    Is London really this bad ?

    Bet it was difficult coming back to Melbourne after that?