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  1. Guest263228

    Congratulation two Harry and Meg

    Agreed. Gaining knowledge on a subject matter requires work. Not to say experience depending on subject matter. I guess all too many seek a quick solution these days to most everything and such a thing like Google suits that requirement.
  2. I am unhappy with your moderation (to say the least)and as such will be requiring Rob to remove me from this forum forth with.

    It would appear a forum run with heavy influence by the migrant agent lobby, for their convenience (business) has no grounds for sensible debate or in fact the answering of questions posed as to whether or not a migrant agent is at all required.

    The response given was a perfectly thought out post to the question posed and was not directly a challenge to the migrant agency lobby to which I would have known better than challenge on a normal migration query thread.

    The migration agency lobby sought to respond on their own back, as usual found wanting on fact, outside of self interest and were personally abusive to top it off, being unable in other ways to respond.

    The removal of information regarding The Handbook of Immigration, a genuine tool which would have assisted the inquirer no end, to get answers to questions posed, as well as saving a pile of money, as well as useful for other peeps with a common similar question, as well as being sanctioned is unforgivable in my book and totally without just cause. I have reviewed the most recent addition and it is worth its price whether or not a migration agent is used. I can assure you all migration agents have a copy.

    My question would of course be, if the response wasn't wanted, why not remove the question posed? If no one is permitted to pose the question as to the necessity of using an expensive agent, then come clean and inform peeps that only questions to migration lobby agents will be permitted. Not questions about their use.

    The forum has been falling of over fairly recent times. It doesn't deserve people with insight wasting their time .

    I will be contacting Rob now to have my removal complete.

  3. Guest263228

    Congratulation two Harry and Meg

    A point of consideration as well. To my mind though clicking on something to get an instantaneous answer without any idea of how that was arrived at, in many cases no knowledge of the subject on hand, but still able to come back with some answer, is worthless as a point of debate.
  4. Guest263228

    Australia's economy is a house of cards

    Well we take a nose dive and they buy up even more at cheaper rates. The Chinese 'of means' are far more numerous than the entire Australian population, many times. They could between them buy and sell Australia many times. It should be remembered China regards Chinese abroad as belonging to the Motherland and will defend them with the power at its means if deemed necessary.
  5. Guest263228

    Australia's economy is a house of cards

    Australia has been very lazy with the usual sell out politicians to the highest bidder. There are plenty of examples of this from the sale of Darwin Port to various agricultural lands of national interest. It is clear China will influence will expand ever more in the future as their tourists dominate, students out rank all other internationals by far, trade dependency and not forgetting the biggest intake of migrants as well as investors in shoring up the housing market. This will enable China to wield undue influence behind the scenes and at a stage influence policy.
  6. Guest263228

    Australia's economy is a house of cards

    China is new to the game. The real estate lobby have own interests at stake here, being not happy with crackdown of Chinese funds entering Australia, along with potential government toughening up on Chinese 'investment' in Australian real estate that has challenged local ability to partake especially in the bigger cities. There is a lot more to the game than purely the amount .
  7. Guest263228

    Australia's economy is a house of cards

    Well no it isn't and has extensive internal issues. But The state controlled system has challenged the concept of liberal economic democracy and found it severely wanting. It is far from only Australia that is being 'taken over' by China. The process is well under way, in a far more advanced form in certain South East Asian countries Pacific Islands and African countries, where Chinese buy influence and control. You may well consider China being the saviour of Australia, but it will come at a very heavy price. Already Chinese influence is deeply felt. A recent book publican was banned due to criticism of China by the publishers. They are as the Americans before, paying lobbyists within the media and those of influence to ensure the Chinese point is clearly expressed of whatever interest that might be, It is not hard to see where a conflict of interest could easily make Australia a victim of such a policy. China will extract a price for its shoring up the economy on every form from trade, tourism to students .
  8. Guest263228

    Congratulation two Harry and Meg

    Actually Google may appear to be a 'friend'. In reality it ensures people remain rather 'dumb'.
  9. Guest263228

    Congratulation two Harry and Meg

    I'm leaving this forum but will answer all questions posed. Well a lot would depend just what front line duties and how often they were exposed to said combat roles. While of course it makes great photo opportunities and PR, the reality is probably more likely that neither was exposed to the danger of an average serviceman. You see it is not just their status, but also the massive propaganda victory if indeed either had been captured. The argument that having such a person of such status endangering others is a point as well. Whatever way you look at it is not the same as for your average serviceman and other considerations need to be taken into account. As I say, my time on this forum has come to an end. I will be requesting to be taken off. Hope Perth meets with your satisfaction. There won't be a way to arrange a meeting unless you publically state a place on here, as I will still browse, just not post.
  10. Guest263228

    Is it time?

    We have found the same in Perth. I don't think a single person remains here from late 90's. Loads moved overseas, but also to Melbourne and Sydney. Almost all were foreign born. I thought that was a Perth thing? Looks from your experience, the same thing in Melbourne. But London the same as well.
  11. Guest263228

    Moving from Perth to Kalgoorlie

    I do hope you arrive at the answer to your particular issue. Tread very carefully would be my advise and do nothing hasty.
  12. Guest263228

    To use an agent or not to use an agent?

    Well I Take it you are referring to me. Why not? Some people are up to it others are not. It is up to the individual to decide what and where they stand. We do not have to know the poster to give a general outline. Fact is a number of people are 'lazy' these days and prefer to outsource tasks. I did not refer only to the use of migration agents, or real estates or lawn mower cutters as a single item, but a host of things. Fact being we tend to live in an age where they are led to believe any number of things are too difficult or to time consuming for a host of reasons, but some obvious ones do tend to stand out. Now by informing the OP that there is indeed the option of doing it themselves that will hopefully allow that individual to make up their own mind as to the process they prefer to follow. You appear to be justifying your own situation for some unknown reason. Stay out of what exactly? A question was posed on this forum to members at large. Not aimed at migration agents, whose views will hardly be non partial with such a question. Of course they are fine to put their side as well, even though the question was not posed to an agent. I keep out of migration direct questions where migration agents are involved as a rule, but this isn't one of them. Perhaps you could explain just what your beef is really about?
  13. Guest263228

    To use an agent or not to use an agent?

    Well I have yet to meet anyone whom claims to have all the answers. A lot depends on the applicant and type of visa. What should be pointed out, once again, is that it is indeed very possible to do ones own application. A change in regulations, which I have agreed are frequent, are as a rule not in place, until the following financial year. Here in Australia that begins 1 July. ' The Australian Immigration Handbook will have will provide most the requirements for applicants. Well worth the less than $100 if of the mind to wade through it. Yes we all learn from others answers. Just like the fact that it is possible to go it alone.
  14. Guest263228

    Moving from Perth to Kalgoorlie

    I'd go for a councillor at least for initial point of contact. Such a service will be free.
  15. Guest263228

    Congratulation two Harry and Meg

    Of course they would. Britain has fabulous architecture . Not to say history.Won't move an inch with the disappearance of the monarchy and hangers on.