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  1. Scousers1


    Omg i went to Frodsham market two weeks ago absolutely loved the area it so quaint!
  2. Scousers1

    Moving back

    Unfortunately parents are unable to to physically help as dad is really going down hill and now mum has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer. hubby is ok about going in fact he says we need to to be able to know for sure if it is what we want in the future. Yes it feels like alot of pressure on me at the moment?
  3. Scousers1

    Moving back

    Thank you for your comments. No i know there are lots of people going through this. I have had the worst year this years with trying to figure this out. In the UK and here up to a few years ago we where very happy outgoing people and life was for living. Its hard to admit but we are all depressed and fed up with our lives here and to make it worse we have great people back home who i would love to spend my days with. I think we have to bite the bullett and go to be honest.
  4. Scousers1

    Returning to U.K. At aged 18

    I have to say i think your comments about the parents are a little rough. I know i am in a position where i am wanting to go home to UK and my Ausie daughter (20) does not. This is giving me that much stress on top of that my elderly parents are here in oz also wanting to go to the uk before its too late which it may be now. I feel dreadful for my daughter but i am now at a stage where i hate being here 30 years. I think everyone goes through their own journey, pain etc. this can be very difficult for people in these situations. Just my thoughts
  5. Scousers1

    Moving back

    How old are your children? And what area will you go to?
  6. Scousers1

    Moving back

    Could not agree more but unfortunately she is not interested.
  7. Scousers1

    Moving back

    Yes they would return also
  8. Scousers1

    Moving back

    I think we would miss each other very much. I know my mum has always been my best friend, i have lots of other friends but its not the same. All my friends in the uk are the same mums are always the best friend. I have a cousin who went to Florida same time as i came to OZ and she is going through exactly the same only diff is her daughter is divorced with two young kids so cannot leave the US. I do agree that if we finally make the decision she may well go. I guess my biggedt fear is that i have always felt out of place in OZ and i dont want her to feel that in the UK.
  9. Scousers1

    Moving back

    Thank you all for your comments. I can see why most of you say she is an adult now but we are very close and spend alot of time together. She is not adventurous and does not spend alot of time with friends. She has lots but prefers her own company. I guess why it is such a heart rench is because i was at that age very adventurous and came to OZ with my then boyfriend now hubby but i always have regretted it. I am looking forward to going home to roost but she has only ever known oz even though she has visited uk and seems comfortable there. If she stayed here i would have no idea who she would share with etc all her friends are still living at home. We will just have to see what happens but i am definately getting ready to go home
  10. Scousers1

    Moving back

    Hi, has anyone moved back to the UK when they have one child born in OZ, daughter is 20 and says she will not go back but i am getting more and more isolated in OZ and would love to go back. Hubby is easy either way. If you have gone back how did you manage oz born kids?
  11. Scousers1

    Expat divorce - return home ?

    I would say go back give it a shot. I am feeling more and more isolated in OZ and its not pleasant. I am trying to figure out how to get my family back to the UK at the moment so completely understand. Go for it you have nothing to lose.
  12. Scousers1


    Thanks, i feel like i need it at the moment xx
  13. Scousers1


    We are still working our way through things and my daughter is adamant she will be staying. Mum has took a turn for the worse but wont know until this week how bad. Hopefully she will pick up. I feel so trapped by everything at the moment
  14. Scousers1


    We finally had a proper talk the three of us tonight. It didnt go well. Hubby is happy to go back to the UK for my mental health but 19 year old daughter says no way will she go. Lots of tears so we are going to give it a couple of days and talk again. The options seem to be we all go or i go withmy parents and leave hubby and daughter here. This is so very difficult. I know i can not see a future here that i would want.
  15. Scousers1

    I want to move back to the UK, fiance doesn't

    I would definately go home. I havent been in the situation of breaking up for one country or another but it could happen in ghe future who knows. I am desperate to go home after 30 years and have hated living in oz for the last 10. I would not wish this on anyone.