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  1. Scousers1


    Thanks, i feel like i need it at the moment xx
  2. Scousers1


    We are still working our way through things and my daughter is adamant she will be staying. Mum has took a turn for the worse but wont know until this week how bad. Hopefully she will pick up. I feel so trapped by everything at the moment
  3. Scousers1


    We finally had a proper talk the three of us tonight. It didnt go well. Hubby is happy to go back to the UK for my mental health but 19 year old daughter says no way will she go. Lots of tears so we are going to give it a couple of days and talk again. The options seem to be we all go or i go withmy parents and leave hubby and daughter here. This is so very difficult. I know i can not see a future here that i would want.
  4. Scousers1

    I want to move back to the UK, fiance doesn't

    I would definately go home. I havent been in the situation of breaking up for one country or another but it could happen in ghe future who knows. I am desperate to go home after 30 years and have hated living in oz for the last 10. I would not wish this on anyone.
  5. Scousers1


    Not really, i have too many others to consider. Parents would love to go home but are both frail and seeing doctors weekly. Daughters says she wont go. So feel caught in a no win situation at the moment. Imay just have to go for long holidays each year
  6. Scousers1


    Best of luck not lnow these places well enough to comment on though. I am from the Wirral and wish i was going home to live but still trying to work on it.
  7. Scousers1

    Returning to UK on my own

    Hi, things havent changed really. I am on a roller coaster of emotions and my daughter and i argue all the time which does not help. I understand she is scared that we will move back and i can see this is not helping either of us. Just feel like i am drowning
  8. Scousers1

    It’s a wrap!

    Its good to hear you are so happy with your move home. I am in the same situation being early 50’s wanting to leave Melb and go home. Very scarey to think sbout but starting to feel like it has to be
  9. Scousers1

    Merseyside area

    Hoylake has always been nice not sure about now though. I slso like Greasby
  10. Scousers1

    Merseyside area

    Has anyone returned to the Wirral or Merseyside in recent years? Especially after being in OZ for a long time. Just wondering on how it has worked out for you?
  11. Scousers1

    Dilemma whether to stay or go

    Thank you for all your comments. Dr has put me on medication and i will go see someone. Hopegully then i can come to some sort of decission once i feel a bit clearer.
  12. Scousers1

    Dilemma whether to stay or go

    It really is so difficult. I am now finding in recent weeks that my daughter is going out and staying at friends more and more and i almost feel like its empty nest. But what is left behind is me as i am now feeling so depressed. It is Sunday and i am sitting on my bed all day, hubby is doing some jobs around the house but i am unable to as the feelings of lonliness and isolation have become too much. I am avoiding going out and only really visit elderly parents up the road each day. I have found once my daughter grew up there is absolutely nothing for me in Australia. I have no interests and no inclination to try now. I do however have doctors appt in an hour to discuss depression.
  13. Scousers1

    Dilemma whether to stay or go

    Thanks for the update. Yes, for me all my family and friends are still in one town and every time i go its like nothing has changed in those 30 years. So maybe it will work out.
  14. Scousers1

    Dilemma whether to stay or go

    Can i ask why it was a mistake and what you thought it would be like? Compared to how it is. We have been in Melbourne 30 years and i am sinking into depression with feeling so isolatd and missing those who you know would be there forever for you.
  15. Scousers1

    Returning to UK on my own

    I still remember my NI number from all those years ago. I need to check bank account i may still have one open then again it may have been closed since then. havent made any concrete plans as hubbys best mate arrives from the uk next saturday for 3 weeks. Will think about it after then.