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Found 34 results

  1. Currently on employer sponsored 494 visa with my partner as defacto. Arrived in australia in 2018 and have held working holiday, TSS and now 494 since august 2020. In November 2022 the new PR pathway subclass 191 will begin accepting applicants. Our migration agent advises that to be eligible you need to have held the 494 for 3 full “financial” years to prove income requirements. Is this correct? I cannot find any advice on the government or other immigration advice websites to suggest anything other than calendar years from date of award… help! Thanks in advance. “Subclass 191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional): To meet the requirements of the permanent visa (from November 2022) applicants must: hold a regional provisional visa subclass 491 or 494 visa when they apply for the Subclass 191 visa, and have held that visa for at least three years; have earned the minimum income for at least three years as the holder of a regional provisional visa; and have complied with the conditions of the regional provisional visa.”
  2. Hi Guys, Just after some info please. We parted ways with our migration agent last week as we were very dissatisfied by their level of service. With them we did our ANMAC, and our EOI's were lodged earlier this year. We informed them that we wanted to withdraw from their services and we filled in the correct forms etc...all fine and sorted. However, I asked for access/copies of our EOI's and was sent a PDF copy. I pressed for login details so that we had access to it ourselves and was told that they have withdrew our EOI. Flabbergasted. They said this is part of the process of us leaving their services. Can anyone tell me whether this is acceptable practice? We have paid this agent well over £1k up until now which included them lodging our EOI's which have now been withdrawn. Thank you in advance
  3. Hi there, I am in my final year of my Bachelors degree and soon I will be going on a temporary graduate visa. I am doing an API accredited degree - Bachelors of Business with a major in Property. After my graduate visa I am planning to nominate Valuer or Land Economist as my occupation. Just wondering if anyone has applied for this occupation already ? How was your experience ? Any advise (besides studying another degree ) don’t think I can study another degree or take on masters. Or if anyone can point me in the right path. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. WendyW1964

    work/travel visa

    I live in the UK and I'm struggling to find an email address to ask a question about medical requirements for a holiday/work annual visa. I have a specifics question that I can not find any answers to. Please if you know a migration agent or know where I can forward a question to would you let me know. My daughter needs to have counselling for depression which may involve antidepressants and she has been told if she does this it will stop her application for an Australian visa. She finishes Uni this year and has plans to travel around Australia touring / working, so she doesn't want any mental health on her GP record. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I have been looking for a migration agent (UK family of 4) and have had an unexpected flood of emails from various agents, all quoting very different costs! It's thrown me. I'm wondering if anyone can advise, did you use an agent? Can this be completed without using one? If you used one, what did they do for you? How much did you pay and were there any hidden costs? My husband and I are both social workers. Are there any specific agents for certain roles/job skills or does this not matter? Lastly, and apologies for a list of questions, but could you please recommend an agent you used? Positives/negatives?... I'd much prefer to go with word of mouth. Thanks so much.
  6. My girlfriend (25yo) is from the United States and is currently serving her 3 year re-entry ban which she received for breaching the terms of her tourist visa in September 2018. She was working as an Au Pair. We have been in a relationship for close to 3 years and intend to marry. Prior to her removal from Australia, she had lived in Melbourne for 2 and a half years. Firstly, on a Working Holiday Visa in 2016, then, on a Student Visa in 2017 (studying a Diploma for 1 year), and finally she spent 2018 on a Tourist Visa up until her removal. We are currently looking to apply for the 309 Partner Visa on the basis of marriage as we understand it to be exempt from the 3 year ban, and we have not yet lived together as a de facto couple. Our intention is to get married in the US next month so that we have the necessary certificate to apply, and so that we can apply as soon as possible. I was recently advised by a registered migration agent to pursue this course of action as an alternative to waiting for the ban to be lifted. However, we intend to do all of the groundwork (filling out documentation, gathering evidence of relationship, etc.) to submit our application ourselves, as we currently can't afford to pay an agent. My questions are as follows: - Despite being exempt, will my partner still be considered to have a 'character issue' as a result of her re-entry ban? And if so, what does that mean for the application? Will we need to provide extra supporting documentation? Is it likely to affect the outcome of the application, or simply delay it? - What are the requirements for me to act as a sponsor for my partner? Will I need to provide payslips and proof of employment as part of the application? And if so, do they need to be uploaded at the time of application? If I have student debt, will that affect my eligibility as a sponsor? - Is it possible to have a Migration Agent look over our application before we submit it? (considering we do all of the groundwork ourselves) If we were to wait until her re-entry ban is over: - Will the ban be fully lifted after the 3 years? And will it still present itself as a character issue after that point when applying for temporary visas? What us the likelihood of her entering Australia as a student after the 3 years, considering she fulfils all the requirements of an international student? - Does the 3 year ban end in the same month that it began? (in our case, would it end in September of 2021?)
  7. Hi I am looking for skill assessment through AIM for Sales and marketing manager. I work as Deputy Marketing Manager for an education company. Education: I am a University gold Medallist in Marketing where I perused my Bachelor and master in Marketing. Experience: I finished my marketing internship - 3 months I was hired by my current company for a probation period for three months as a trainee and then was promoted to senior executive and currently I work as a deputy manager for the company where I look after 4 offices (around 20+ employees) and report to the national director – all this experience sum more than three years approx. ( 38 months ) 1. So, is it advisable to apply for skill assessment for AIM considering they only look for more experienced people? 2. Are three years enough to apply considering the seniority of the position and education in the same field? Thank you in advance Regards,
  8. KirstieRed

    Looking for a migration agent

    My husband and I are searching for a migration agent to help us with our case. We are wanting to move from England to Australia, and I’ve spent quite a long time trawling through google, but there is just so much information, it’s a little overwhelming. We’ve come to realise it can be a little difficult to differentiate what is legit or not as we’ve come across ones that look really good and have been in contact with some, only to delve a little deeper to find that it may be a scam. Obviously when handing money over to someone, I want to be sure that it’s the right someone! Any advice anyone has or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Bizbeth

    Finding a good migration agent

    Hi all. How would you recommend finding a good migration agent? I have looked through the list of registered agents on the MARA website and phoned a few of them up. Those that I have spoken to have all seemed to give similar advice (which is a promising start!), but I am struggling to find reviews that aren't straight off their own website, so I am struggling to come to terms with parting with a large sum of cash when I have little certainty of their service once they have my money. They can promise the earth, but will they deliver?!
  10. I'm UK citizen currently 5 months into a WHV 417 in Perth. I'm working as a Contracts Officer for a mining organization. There is no opportunity for employer spon but I'm trying to understand my eligibility for another visa. I registered on skillselect and I think I qualify for a skills visa under Contracts Administrator, and my partner would need to be defacto on my application (he doesn't have a listed skill) I have a BA and an MSc, and min 3 years experience within procurement. September 2014 - March 2015: Junior Buyer (this may not count) (6 months) March 2015 - November 2017: Contracts Specialist (2 years 7 months) April 2018 - October 2018: Contracts Officer (6 months) Does anybody have any experience transitioning from a 417 onto a skills visa? Is there a tried and tested migration agent that anyone can recommend for advice?
  11. Hi everyone, So I am a bit confused by the whole visa process, timelines etc and I am thinking of getting an agent to help me. Does anybody have any advice on if this is a good move or a recommend someone ? I am just waiting in my skills assessment to come back before submitting my EOI and will have 60 points as it stands but should be able to get 20 points for language any tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  12. I had planned to use an agent to apply for a 189 Visa and the reality of the cost has sank in. Just wondering if many people have successfully managed to apply for their visa by them selves? I have spoke to three different agents regarding my points and weather I would be a successful applicant of which have all said I shouldn't have a problem. I have been doing a lot of research into the process and what I need to submit and when so I don't see a problem. Am I mad to try going it alone? Thanks
  13. Hi, We're looking to apply for a 189 visa (I'm a qualified nurse in the uk) but we're not sure whether to use an agent or not. My name was changed by deedpoll when I was 2 years old, then when my mam remarried I took on her new name with the view of being adopted, however my biological father stopped this from happening (this means that I used an unofficial name from the age of 5-15 ie through school until I opened my first bank account). I also received a caution for shoplifting aged 16 (my ex partner stole from a shop and put it in my bag) which was never more than a caution but I have been warned it can show up under an enhanced CRB check. I have never had any convictions and have proved good standing and been a registered nurse for 5 years now (there have never been any concerns from employers etc). I am now 30 years old and looking to emigrate with my husband (No convictions and no name changes thank god) and our 2 year old daughter, but I'm a bit worried about doing it independently due to the above mentioned factors. Any advice anyone can offer is greatly appreciated (and yes I am aware that I was an idiot at 16). Thanks in advance x
  14. Hello All. I just sign up to understand my options. I'm interessted to relocate to Australia. Probably my best option i as a skilled worker within telecom. Is there any rekommenderar immigration agents i can contact? Where do i start? I don't have any sponsor or job in Australia. I'm from northern Europe.
  15. Hello, I am looking for a good, reliable and proactive registered migration agent. My situation is I've been on a 457 for almost two years, and they will sponsor me for the 186 through TRT. I am currently preparing my application and have sent off for my police certificates already. Currently doing my own searches for an agent of course but if it allowed to make recommendations on the forum then please let me know, which could be though PM I guess. The company sponsoring me has said the agent they were going to use isn't available but said they will look for somebody else, but as they are very slow at doing anything generally, I am taking the initiative and searching online and would like to recommend an agent to them. I'm aware of a couple of members on the forum who are registered agents, although I am looking for somebody more local- in Melbourne who is easily reachable and can pre-empt us on the do's and don'ts, what we need, what to look out for, generally informing us upfront of stuff rather than only mentioning it later when something turns up. Any good leads from personal experience , good or bad, would be most welcome! Thanks
  16. Hi Guys, I'm shortly going to be moving back to the UK, and am hoping to bring my Aussie partner with me. We've hit a snag with his UK visa requirements and really need the help of a good honest migration agent (happy to pay, but don't want to be taken for a ride!). Looking for someone who is based in Melbourne, or anywhere else in Aus for that matter, purely for ease of communication. Any recommendations please share! Cheers
  17. I just wanted to post a very cut down version of events leading up to our RRV being granted, the last post I made on Pomsinoz was to ask for an agent to help us in 2013. Back in August 2012 we were all set to leave the UK for Brisbane on our PR136 visa when my wife Tracey needed to have an urgent operation, this caused us to cancel everything including flights, quarantine for 2 dogs, accommodation etc. After her operation we only had a few weeks before our visas expired but Tracey was not allowed to fly for a few months so it meant that our visa's did expire. I called Australia House and explained our situation and they said we could apply for an RRV but I may require a job offer as our total time in Australia was only 9days which was our visa validation visit back in 2008. Since then we tried 3 migration agents (1 very well known on the forum) to help us through the process but none was willing to help or take our case until by chance I received an email in September 2014 inviting us to an Australian open evening hosted by Hannibal from Thames Migration in London, this was odd because I had never heard of the company before so I emailed back explaining our situation and a lady called Deepika replied asking for all the details of our case. A few days later she telephoned me and said they would be willing to take our case and sent us all the forms to start the process. During the next few months I managed to acquire a job offer through one of the agency's that Thames Migration recommended to us and this was added to our application along with all our other paperwork. Anyway our application was submitted and we got the visa granted a few days ago and are over the moon, we have now started to prepare to leave for Oz as soon as our dogs can be processed for quarantine. Thames Migration sorted everything for us and I cant praise them enough because without them we would not be getting ready to leave for Australia, from the beginning there attitude was very different from the other agents we had tried as our case was not easy and I am so glad we found them and I would totally recommend them to anyone. We are all Hoping to be in Adelaide by Christmas and look forward to meeting up:hug: All the best Phil, Tracey & Jessica :smile::hug::smile:
  18. Andler Bierhoff

    Help from a Registered Migration Agent

    Hi all, Is there any migration agents willing to chat tonight over the phone about a possible cancellation issue with a visa It will not take long and it is urgent. I will offer remuneration Andler
  19. Hi...me, my husband & our 2 year old daughter are planning on moving to Brisbane in 2015. We had initially looked into migration agents to assist with our 189 visa application however, we are now wondering if we could do this ourselves (to help save some cash for the big move!). Wondering if anyone is willing to share their experiences of applying themselves without an agent & how you found the whole process?? Thanks x
  20. vaherveybay

    Migration Agents

    I have just had my prospective marriage visa granted and my agents :wink::wink:IAN HARROP & ASSOCIATES were AMAZING !!!!!:wink::wink: My story was a complicated one as i had been a backpacker and had stayed illegaly and got locked up in immigration detention then shipped home. i had a girlfriend and a little girl there, but there were some complications and so life took a turn for the worst .. When shopping around for an agent i found a company called:wacko: CONCEPT AUSTRALIA and spoke to their manchester office. and the chap i spoke to there made me feel like crap and it was quite upsetting:wacko: . luckily i found IAN HARROPS and spoke to a lovely lay called Jenny and she has helped me all the way through. cannot praise her enough !!!!
  21. Hi My husband is organised and excellent at paperwork (he's meticulous) so is keen for us to do the visa application without an agent. I am understandably nervous because that majority of people use an agent (and once it's submitted I know that you can't revise/refund). Has anyone out there applied for a visa without the help of an agent, and I would be forever grateful to know any pitfalls/ advice! :wacko: Many Thanks Alena
  22. Hi I'm looking for a good migration agent in the Melbourne region to help process my visa. Someone that's good but not too expensive. Thanks
  23. biffo

    Migration Agent on GC

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good Migration Agent based on the Gold Coast please? We need help with identifying potential visa options for Parents but the case is not straight forward so we need someone experienced in getting complex cases approved. The parents are visiting at the moment so we would like to jack up an initial interview whilst they are here. Many thanks in advance.
  24. Hi All, Can i please have people views/experiences/knowledge regarding 457 visa's? (my partner is on the skilled trade list and we also qualify for visa as our points are both over 65..) We was been advised against a 457 visa buy most migration agents, (whether this is because we dont need to pay them as much i dont know) but looking into this, 457's do appear to be a great stepping stone, yes?? Can anyone confirm that what i have been advised is correct please? '' with a 457 visa, if your employer was to end your employment with them, you have 28 days to find a new job or you will be deported. If you are unsuccesful finding a new employer within the 28 days, the employer that ended your employment by law has to pay for your flight, any dependants/spouse's flight, pet shipment back to home country and also your container of all belongings fetched over too'' - please confirm this is correct... Im so confused and my head is starting to hurt! We are ready to start the proces and settle with a migration agent - but which and which VISA??? Any help appreciated!!
  25. Hello and thanks for having me! Can anyone recommend a Migration Agent who can I can consult with and discuss visa options? I'm currently here as a student and my visa is up in August. Not sure where I stand once I finish my diploma. Reputable and reasonable in the Melbourne/Eastern suburbs area.. Thanks.