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  1. Cootsy88

    2nd year working holiday visa

    Only 1 in 10 get looked at well that's what it used to be. Maybe it's more when your out th country but if you've done it and you was paid for it with money into your bank account and all your forms etc been sent to your emails. I got like two forms from them signed etc
  2. Cootsy88

    2nd year working holiday visa

    You'll be fine if you done your 88 days. I only gone 79 days then my girlfriend from now has a brother that has his farm so he signed me off..
  3. Cootsy88

    Medical help

    Thanks, if it was a blood test, like hiv, the panel doctor wouldn't get the results or would they? I thought the hospital just uploaded them cheers
  4. Cootsy88

    Medical help

    Hi, I know someone that works for the immigration and they said to do it after 4 months and because ive been off thought why not. Thanks mate, yeah it said that it was completed - no action needed bla bla. I thought they would have to call you if you had hiv or something can't really let that slip.
  5. Cootsy88

    2nd year working holiday visa

    Ah... probably take a while tbh. They're looking closely to all these second year visas as they're a lot of fake ones these days
  6. Cootsy88

    2nd year working holiday visa

    Aslong as you apply for it before your first year visa runs out you'll be fine, as you'll go into a bridging visa until they accept or reject it
  7. Cootsy88

    Medical help

    Hi, ive just completed my medical on wednesday and got an updated on emedical saying completed, on all 3 things. And on the immi website saying that "health clearance provided- no action needed". I won't get a case officer probably for another 5 months, but was told to do my medical by a friend after 4 months of submitting my defacto visa I'm a bit worried about the medical it says that I'm good just now until a co is assigned, but do you know if I had a serious disease that they would tell me or wait until co is assigned, like if I had hiv, and they tell me 5 months down the line that my visa is refused I'd be a bit pissed of as it's a serious disease thanks
  8. Cootsy88

    English test help

    Howdy, im a 27 year old Scottish male, I've done my vetssses last year so I could get a Victorian electrical license , try and maybe get sponsored, then moved up to Sydney for work but still not much luck. I talked to a visa guy and he said I needed 20 points in my English. so 8s out of 10, I think, anyone got any good advice so I can start "revising" maybe sit it start of March. Is 8 a easy target. I would say I would talk more English than Scottish obviously no one can under stand you haha. If anyone in Australia has any books or anything I could borrow would be grateful. thank you, paul
  9. Cootsy88

    Electrician -sponsership?

    Hi Pom queen. Not yet.. I don't really know how to go about it, times flying by, I only have a month left so really losing much hope. Plus there's not much work on in Sydney just now by the look of seek and indeed. Pretty annoyed, as I've always wanted to move here since I've been a little kid. Ah well.. Back to the cold it is
  10. Hey, currebtly in sydney working my ass off, haha. I'm working for this company in Sydney as a spark, he said he would sponser but turns out he can't so I've been wasting my time. Just having a look if anyone knows of any sponsership electrical jobs, I love it over and have an Aussie girlfriend (but not going to be here long enough to apply for de facto ) and expensive. Thanks pals
  11. I've looked at numerous jobs in Perth, regarding the compex test! As im from Scotland and may eventually go back, if I'm going to do the test I want to the world wide one! I've looked on the Internet for several hours but can't find compex in Australia, or am I missing something?? How can they advertise for compex sparkies but not actually do the test! Sums up Australia if you ask me! If anybody could help would be grateful! As I need this compex for work in the oil, thank you!
  12. Cootsy88

    Whats the point?

    What is the point in victoria/melbourne having the restricted electrical licenses, when no one will even look at you. for some reason a grades here think there some sort of machines (best in the world). its all about a grade this a grade that. working in circles.
  13. Hi, im an electrician from scotland but in melbourne on my second year visa, i am licensed. looking for a full time job. was wondering if anyone has any information on how to get on industrial sites, all these 'Seek' job adverts are all mostly domestic or technician jobs. There must be some jobs going surly on these industrial sites. if anybody has any info, would be grateful... give me a pm or whatever thaaaaaaaks:arghh::arghh:
  14. Cootsy88

    state sponsership? electrician.

    yeah thats true, atleast i wouldnt be stuck down to brisbane haha, i love melbourne way more. yeah sometime soon im going to have a go atleast,but its pretty expensive when your on such crappy wages. im pretty sure if i sat the english test and passed, i would get 60 points. thank you
  15. Cootsy88

    state sponsership? electrician.

    hey mate. yeah im only just going into my second year holiday visa, i just recently done the vettasses thing, with future skills to get an electrical license so could try getting a decent job (saves being a labourer on site sweeping) and hopefully get sponsership of some kind. i could go for the skilled visa, but honestly dont think id pass the english test, my spelling is atrocious, and im scottish haha.