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Found 96 results

  1. I can score 50(+10) points and am looking forward to apply through 489 invited path way. My siblings are willing to sponsor me(Brisbane: Accepted postal code). Dose anyone recently got EOI for 489 invited pathway...?? Normally how much time will take to get the EOI(Processing Time) specially for 489 Invited pathway...???? I ll brief my details for information too. Age 30 -30 Marks Degree : Bsc in Civil Engineering-Accepted in skill assessment -15 marks Experience : 4+ -Accepted in skill assessment - 5 marks Total :50 + sponsorship 10 =60 Thanks
  2. Cootsy88

    state sponsership? electrician.

    I have a supervised electrical license, and ive heard of an state sponsership, mainly up in brisbane or rural areas, does anyone have any information on this? cheers, Paul.:wink:
  3. hey all.. im 26, recently just passed my Vettasses in brisbane, thinking of trying to get work in either melbourne or Perth. im really want to stay in Australia for good, so looking for sponsership. if anyone can point me in the right way.. know of any job vacancies so i can start my A - Grade process.. ive looked up 'seek' Etc, and they all want A- Grade electricians.. ill only be a supervised one, probably dont want the hassle. Cheers, Paul.
  4. LauraH

    Job Sponsorship Advice Please!

    Hi there. Im another pom desperate to stay in Australia! I'm on a whv which doesn't run out until June but I just want to be prepared so increase my chances of being able to stay. At the moment I'm just doing shop work (which I love!) and I wondered if it was possible to be sponsored for this type of work? I thought you had to be in a skilled job to be able to be sponsored but a friend of mine is being sponsored in a waitressing position. I have an environmental degree but little work experience in this field. My plan was to apply for jobs within this area with a hope of finding a company to sponsor me. Would this be a better option? Any advice or peoples experience very much welcomed! Thank you xx​
  5. There are 3 of us basically sick to death of England and round about 3 month ago we decided it would be a good idea to try and move to Australia, we went about looking at different Internet sites and events visiting expos regarding moving to Australia. We eventually found some information telling us the best way to get into Australia would be getting a working/holiday visa, we are currently waiting to apply but first would like to know if this really is the best way to go about it. We would like to stay over in aus permanently (if possible) however we found out we would need sponsorship and we aren't even sure this would guarantee a permanent visa. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or even telling us where wasting our time it would be helpful. We are all 19 but are extremely dedicated and don't mind having to work hard to get this. we are also all unskilled (which we know doesn't help our situation) but willing to learn we also will have round about 7000/8000 British pounds if this helps once again any help or advice would be appreciated
  6. Hey all, this is a general enquiry on information about visa and the like. I'm pretty certain I know there is little options viable for me but maybe someone on here can highlight some possible routes I may have missed or misunderstood. I am currently 8 months in to my 2nd year Working holiday visa (4 months left :sad:) and really wanting to extend my stay if possible. I know about the obvious route of sponsorship, but I'm currently working through an agency so it's hard to get to know a company employer well enough to grab the chance of sponsorship as I move jobs every so often. I know there could be a route of studying but I'd prefer not to to be honest. And I can get an Aussie girl to go out with me for a defacto! Haha Any amount of insight from people's experience would be great. Thanks for your time peeps!!
  7. It is coming upto my 1 year here in Fabulos Australia, and my sponsership company, who brought me out here ( i am a Nurse) on a 457 visa, said i can apply for PR after one year. Could anybody out there give me some advice how to start this process, i would really appreciate your knowledge. Thank you for your time......
  8. I would be grateful, if you could help me with getting another nurse employer or point me in the right direction. I am here in Brisbane since November 2012, and my new employment is a nightmare, really unhappy there. I am an aged care nurse of 7 years but 20 years in the trade, could anybody point me to where there is other sponsership nurse employers in Brisbane. Thank you for your time xx
  9. Hi all, Just got back to England from travelling and realised this is not for me. I'm looking to do the move to Aus. Having worked in London for 5 years, at a packaging branding company. If anyone knows anybody or got any tips that would be great. I am free and easy looking to do the move this year (sooner rather than later). I've contacted several recruitment agencies and design companies already. A question I would ask is - would it be better if I get a work visa and head over with my portfolio under my arm? Cheers, Nick
  10. stephaniepomroy

    HELP!! Plastering? Mining? QLD

    Hello, my partner is coming out to QLD sept on a WHV, hes staying with a family friend whos lives in the runaway bay region! hes currently a plasterer here in the UK, with 9 years experience! we no that plastering isnt done the same out in Oz but where do we start? would he have to become a labourer to learn the new skills?? whats the average wage?? were also lookin into the mining industry but with no experiance how difficult can this be? iv read lots of positives and negatives online but could do with some helpfull advice!! our main aim is to obtain sponsorship so that myself and our kiddies we have together can join him out in Oz. are we asking to much?? and how hard can this really be? .. T.I.A X
  11. Hi does anybody know of any companies or agencies that sponser people from uk ? Mu partner is a dryliner/ceiling fixer with 15 years experience but has no formal qualifications and as you are all aware pathway d is nolonger around, we are looking into different routes and ways around this problem. so if anybody out there can help we would greatly appreciate your help.:arghh: Thanks
  12. apickerell


    OMG I had to tell someone! I just finished my second interview for my job in Canberra and It went well! They want to offer me the job! I have one more final interview and if all goes well I get the sponsorship! WOOHOO! ! God is soo good!!! Next its time to process the visa. Question. I am going to a childcare position on a 457 visa. I have my AAS and my BS in Early Childhood Education. Will I be asked for a background check? I am from the US and i know it takes time to get it. Soo excited right now!!! :biggrin::tongue::goofy:
  13. Hi Im a carpenter and I am looking to sponsor an employee on a 457 visa. A few questions that I am hoping others with experience in this can help me with; Is it possible to sponsor an employee when registered as a sole trader? What forms a neccessary to provide when applying to sponsor online? Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Jack
  14. So many people get nervous about shipping in general and always have lots of questions. So hopefully this thread will help you if you are being sponsored by an Australian company. My OH was offered a job with a mining company whom I coincidentally have worked for in the past. I thought they would be pretty reliable so we thought nothing of letting them handle all the relocation stuff. That included visas, shipping all our stuff, flights and a month in furnished accommodation here in Kalgoorlie. So he took the job and I was also offered another job with a different company. My company would have handled the relocation too and knowing what I know now I wish we had let them do it all. So, the job was offered in about July last year but we made them aware that we wouldn't be able to move until October, as we had to get our UK house ready to rent out and my OH was working overseas which made handing in his notice difficult. They agreed to all that and we started the 457 visa process. Visas were approved in about 5 weeks. Then we pushed them to start thinking about booking flights, as OH knew from experience they get full fairly quickly and we wanted flights with qantas and at a certain time of day. They delayed in that regard, but then wanted a start date of mid-September. We said, er, no you agreed to beginning of October at the earliest. Anyway that was pretty stressful but they did concede and agree to a start date of 3rd of October. Then they booked the flights and sent us the details, it was the flights we wanted so all good. So, about 4 weeks before flying we decided on a shipping company (they let us choose which one). We chose Britannia as they had a depot nearby which was important as we are shipping a motorbike, and it was much easier to deal with them at the depot. They came and packed up on the 21st of September and everything was great. Nice friendly removal blokes and they took care in packing everything. So we waved goodbye to our stuff and then did a tour of the country saying goodbye to families etc. For the last week we stayed with OH's sister in Devon. A week before our flight the company sponsoring us contacted us by email to say they'd changed our flights, now they were with singapore and at 11am (being in Devon, that meant a much earlier start to the day than we wanted). At this time we were also tiold by Britannia that our stuff would be taken to the port the next week pending payment from our sponsoring company. So we flew on down to Kalgoorlie and settled into our temporary accommodation, and started the process of setting up anew. Stressful at first finding a rental, a car and all the rest. But in the back of your mind you know your stuff won't be long, we were expecting it to arrive by mid-December. 3 weeks later, we asked our company to provide us with a ship's name so we could track our container. They said, "hmmm, we haven't paid for it yet, by the way we have our own insurance so we don't need to use Britannia's insurance". We were livid, and so were Britannia. Especially after the contract including their insurance had been signed, and our stuff had been with them for 4 weeks at that point. So we got pretty angry at them and they still dragged their heels, and didn't pay for the shipping for another 4 weeks. At that point we'd wished we'd paid for it ourselves! Having to put up with beanbags to sit on all that time (and still am!)! Anyway, we finally got news that our ship had set sail, estimated arrival date 26th December into Fremantle. Better late than never but it meant having Christmas in a pretty empty house (our friends came to the rescue though!). More troubles this week. The shipping company for the Australian side of things gave us the wrong ship name (we did wonder why our stuff was on a ship heading to Antwerp!). And they thought our stuff was being delivered in the Perth Metro area. It goes to show that you might have a great shipping company at the UK end, but it's kind of pot luck when it comes to the Australian side of things. Having said that we've done 3 international moves in the past and never had any problems. Maybe our luck ran out.... Now our ship has been delayed by another 2 weeks.
  15. Hello, Does anyone know how long it is taking these days to process Victoria State Sponsership? We sent our application ages ago but just recently sent the skills assessment. They have confirmed they have all the paperwork they need and that they will get back to us with their decision .... Fingers and toes crossed! my husband is a nurse and we hope to apply for 176 PR visa. Any experiences would be much appreciated. Arthur and Amanda, Manchester
  16. pommysteve

    Sponsership - Out of work

    We received and validated our 175 Visas last year. Then we had a baby! Then I lost my job so decided it's time to leave the UK hoping there's more work in Aus. Just applied for baby's visa (subclass 101) and have had to put on her sponsership form that I'm "unemployed - looking for work". Does anyone have any experience of this kind of thing and could it be a problem getting Babys visa? Hope not - her medical is tomorrow! Thanks.
  17. Guest

    wa state sponsership

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone could answer my query. We are lookin at state sponsorship in western australia and understand that we have to show we have adequate funds to settle there. I think its $20000. My question is when do we have to show we have the money? Is it when we apply for the sponsorship or when we arrive?? Thanks in advance Nikki
  18. Guest

    Would I be eligible?

    Hi folks, I am just looking for some advice really. I have just finished a 4 year uni course where I gained a BA hons in psychology. I have work experience working with people with special needs but would like to come to Oz to work as a psychology assistant and maybe continue my studies to gain my PhD and continue my career as a psychologist. I have relatives in Perth and have sat a mock visa questionnaire to find out if we had enough points to come over, the we being my wife and daughter. Apparently I have enough points, my question for now is, how accurate are these questionnaires? It was from the migration expert website if that makes a difference. I have always wanted to move to Oz as there is no prospects for my daughter here. I would also be grateful for advice on where to look for employers, if any, who may sponser. I apologise if I sound as if Im rambling, my head if full of web pages and information overload lol. And then I found this site that may be able to steer me in the right direction instead of me going around in circles Thank you in advance for any advice at all. As you may already have worked out, I am just starting on this journey that hopefully will end up with me in Oz Gary
  19. Guest

    NSW state sponsership

    I was just looking at WA state sponsership Oops typo! I mean NSW, and i noticed you cannot live in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle etc so I wondered where you would all be living as we want to go to the central coast but where to live if you cant live in the main areas to find work???
  20. Fully qualified beauty therapist, NVQ Levels 2 & 3 with ten years working experience. Currently living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, willing to move anywhere! References and CV available.
  21. Over 10 years experience working in the Uk & have been working around QLD for the past 12 months. Currently living on the Sunshine Coast. Hard, reliable worker and can supply references. Phone John on 0457346125
  22. tommyc868

    Joinery In OZ!!

    Hi, My names tommy and ive recently returned from a 2 years trip in oz and loved it i planned to only go for a year to travel ended up in a job i loved (not joinery) n by the time i knew it i was onto my second yr. I didnt look to hard for work whilst i was there i just wanted to see as much as possible. Having seen a migration lawyer whilst over there i fell short by 5 points on the skilled migration visa. I really want...and frankly need to go back there i hate the UK so much ive only ever been held back here whereas in oz i flourished!! My question is, how do you go about getting a sponsorship set up i imagine by emailing employers your CV but how successful is this and are there any tips to making yourself stand out?? are there any scheme's or any other ways ways of getting out there!!! Im 24 and a fully skilled Lv 3 Bench Joiner. I fell short with points because i haven't worked in my trade in the last 12 months (because i was to busy living and travelling oz) Any help with this would be incredibly appreciated as the UK offers nothing to people who wish to work hard and its become a very depressing place in the 2 years ive spent over in Oz!! thanks tommy
  23. paulette

    Query about 457 sponsership visa

    My son is hoping to get a company to sponser him on a 457 visa in Australia the last company he worked for employed him for 7 months as he didnt realise he could only be employed for the 6 months does any body know if this will effect his application for the 457 visa
  24. makita199

    SA State Sponsership.

    hi peeps,does anyone know how much research is needed for state sponsership? with the deadline set for 2nd of may i really need to get my skates on and am srtuggling to get pen to paper.any help would be good kind regards.