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Found 36 results

  1. Dear Lovely Fellow Members, I am a Mechanical Engineer who has migrated to Australia from Japan 4 months back. I am currently looking for work and find it very difficult. Somehow, I did get invited for interview at couple of places but after a few interviews I get rejected due to lack of local experience or very specific requirements of employers. so I am thinking of changing career to being a tradie/sparky. May be the tradie work such as fitter/electrician/plumber might be more stable and has a future here in Australia. I see that a lot of engineering work is unstable, gets outsourced and there is a huge supply of engineers here in Australia. I guess tradie work is always going to stay and can’t be outsourced to India/China so might be good in long term. Would you mind sharing your opinion and how to get in this field? Below are some specific questions 1. For a Mechanical Engineer which would be better field from employment perspective? I feel like HVAC/Refrigeration is very much in demand these days. 2. What is the process to be a tradie/sparky? 3. One of the electrical contractors has shown interest to provide me with pre-apprenticeship. Is it worth it? What would be a good way for me to move ahead? I will really appreciate if you can throw some light on my queries.
  2. Cootsy88

    Whats the point?

    What is the point in victoria/melbourne having the restricted electrical licenses, when no one will even look at you. for some reason a grades here think there some sort of machines (best in the world). its all about a grade this a grade that. working in circles.
  3. Hi all, I'm a qualified sparky in the uk looking into making the move. I'm going to be startin to convert my quals before the end of the year. Just wondering what is the difference between a general spark n a electrical mechanic? On all the lists I've seen for staye sponsirship it mentions general electrician but not electrical mechanic. Do they not want electrical mechanics? It sounds to me there the same thing Any help much appreciated Thanks Nick
  4. Where to Start? Im 22 and a qualified electrician from the UK. I went to college on a 1 day at college 4 days at work course.. which i started when I was 16 back in september 2007. and got an apprenticeship with a company. I carried on my course and once i finished my apprenticeship 2 weeks later the company I was working for went into liquidation June 2010. So as soon as i found out i spent Hours calling and going round to various companies asking if they had any work. after a lot of hard work i got an interview with a company which i went to and they offered me the job on the spot. and i started the following day after a week I got a brand new work van and phone! i had landed a good one here! anyway i worked for this company for just over 2 years until 4 days before I came to Australia. i gained alot over the 2 years working in places most electricians would love to work in Harrods, Selfridges, various multi-million pound houses, hospitals all over Essex and London. carrying on... I got to Australia on my working holiday visa (subclass 417) and travelled for a while then ended up in Brisbane. i started looking for work. and within a week i found a job as a trades assistant just outside of the city. so i started working and have been working for this guy for 8 months now on and off. as well as with another company for the past 4 months on and off. my issue is i can only work for one employer for a maximum of 6months at anyone time. i have done my Rural work and been granted a 2nd year visa. the Guy i have been working for on and off for 8months has offered to sponsor me if i get my electrical license. so since then i have been looking into it no end! I recently found out about Skills Shortage Solutions in perth and gave them an Email and sent Jason copies of my certificates he said he can get me a licence with my qualifications but i need either 7 years experience from the UK or a Formal completion of apprenticeship certificate. which i don't have either as I started the course myself and then got an apprenticeship afterwards. and i have only 6 years experience from the UK although i have gained a lot of experience in them 6 years... more than some do in there whole electrical career. basically i need advice! what can i do to be able to stay in Australia and get my license without having to go back and do another year or so in the UK! then having to apply to come back on a different visa!? i love Australia and and don't want to go back to the UK to live.!! any help would be great!!
  5. i'm an expat, i work in recruitment industry and i have three clients who need around need 8 experienced auto electricians. I need heavy truck electricians and light vehicles - cars. Clients pay for visa and will offer ENS down the track. interviews to be held in Ireland , Scotland and UK within one month.
  6. I am planning my move out to Australia later next year :biggrin: (provided all goes well with my 309/100 visa application) and obviously looking at job prospects for when I'm there. For the past 13 years I have worked in aviation, firstly for an international cargo airline, then for a flight support company. It is quite a specialized area of work and from what I noticed when holidaying in Australia last April, not a very 'in-demand' role in the current job market, therefore I am looking to increase my prospects by re-training, in a trade career. Back in college I was interested in electrical work, and did technology courses and a summer of work experience working with a 'sparky', it's an area I've always found interesting. :GEEK: So, essentially I would like to ask all of you here who are electricians in Oz where do I start? Is there anything I can get 'started' on from here in the UK before moving out. Presently I do not have any qualifications in this area, but understand from what I've read online that UK qualifications aren't recognised in Australia anyway? Thanks for your thoughts and assistance.
  7. Hi All Im new :winkxmas: This is my first post, but my wife practically lives here.I am a qualified maintenance electrician and will be doing my Vetassess practical at Blackburn college,Lancashire on the 17th Feb 2009.I would like to hear from other electricians who will be doing their practicals the same time from South Yorkshire.I am in Doncaster and would like to arrange a meet up at the local pub to get to know each other before the big day and brush up on our skills.I feel that we could help each other as we all have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Interested? Regards Mylady's O/H
  8. Hi all, I know this isnt a straightforward post about immigration, but wondered if anyone could help me with a little advice on a problem i have. As need qual advice to put compensation claim in if required.:arghh: I am in a last ditched attempt to get some common sense from someone qualified. I am a disabled lady, who lives in adapted housing through a UK housing trust. I recently had a new kitchen fitted however this has brought many problems with it, of which I will go into on another post. However at present my main concern is the following scenario:- Under the sink is the new sink base, waste, washing machine inlet for waste connected with metal clip, and 1 single green/yellow wire poking thru from a hole at the rear of the cupboard. When tracing this exposed wire I see it leads out of the cupboard back, and into a small hole in the plaster on the wall, under a copper pipe. It is not connected to the pipe that I can see just adjacent to it. I can see that the wire is exposed at the end laying bare inside the undersink cupboard, ie sheath back exposing copper wiring. My major concern is: - IS THIS SAFE??? I am unable to confirm where the lead goes as i is incased in the wall palster. When asking the housing trust electricians, he said, "oh dont worry its just an old earth wire, its fine". If so why is it there in the first place? My other concern is, the wire is in close proximity to water, from the sink, however reading another web page help thing it states it can be dangerous if it should touch a live?? There is a small scorch brown burn mark on top of the plastic sheat appx 1cm long. From what I can work out myself, we have 2 fuse box RCD's in the house. the main 1 in the hall and secondary in the bedroom. main - fuses bed 1, lounge, kitchen, bed 2 secondary - fuses bathroom, shower pump the kitchen has the following sockets and appliances. 5 double sockets - 1 used/1spare fridge, 1 used toastr/1 used ktl, 1 used mwave/1 spare, 1 frzr/1 spare, 1 spare/1 spare 1 single socket - washer (fused 13A - switch box) 1 single socket fused - cooker 1 fused 5A switch box - extractor 1 fused unknown amp switch box - fridge? When using the washing machine since this new elec socket layout, the washing machine trips out, and power is lost to bed 1 and lounge area. However when set up was done, we were advised the dbl socket marked above in red was to be routed through bathroom conduit to secondary RCD. However the electrician said earlier the secondary RCD was not changed. So therefore the dbl socket above in Red, could this have possibly caused the trip, in the fact an overload has een caused by turning on the Washing machine? Even though the red dbl socket is spare at present, but still sourced?? Please help me put my mind at ease.
  9. Hello all here is our story! in a nut shell! myself and hub decided last yr to retrain and change our lives! myself as a hairdresser (thanks for those of you who have been really nice as I was GUTTED its being taken off) anyway, our plan B lways was if that hapens to go down my husbands new carrer as an electrician. SO! questions!! my hub been working as a datacabler enginneer before retraining , currently finishing off Level 2 city and guilds, due to start job with Roc and do day release to do Level 3... Go Matilda and vetasses themselves say that he will need 2 yrs exp and basically his data cabler exp might be enough, it depends weather he passes his assesment or not. This is good news for us, and light at the end of the tunnel if you like... As my skills are no longer taken into consideration we will have to go state sponsored, not PR as 1st hoped, also thinking of going to South oz not Queensland as 1st hoped, but dont mind too much, am i right on thinking south oz is easier for lisence? but he doesnt really mind being a sparky mate for a year. Just wondered what your thoughts are, thanks for your time Txxxx
  10. Hi Firstly Id like to say what a wonderful site & soooo much brilliant advice, ideas & views. I dont know if my partner & myself are looking on the wrong sites etc, but basically my other half is a fully qualified city & guilds electrician, but has only been working in this field for 3.5 years, but with only 2.5 years on the books, he sub contracts himself to another electrician. He is going to be 40 this years, so time is against us. Would anyone know how much work experience is needed before we can apply, we have been to seminars in the UK & been told it is 7 years. If this is the case, can he apply before he has 7 years experience, knowing it easily takes a couple of years for the process, or does he have to wait till the 7 years are done, in which case he has passed the 45 years old age deadline? :unsure: I hope this makes sense, any replies would be very much appreciated.
  11. Hey everybody How are you all? Im wondering if any of you can help me with something. As the title suggests im looking to move and work in Australia. Im currently an electrician working in Glasgow Scotland. Afew mates and I have decided that its time we got out of here for afew years and spread our wings abit. After much discussion we decided that Oz is our best option in terms of obtaining visa and geting work. We're not set on an exact loction yet, although one of the boys has family in Brisbane who is a manager or supervisor working in the mines there and his family is sure we can get work out there. As this is obviously a big step so we're aiming to head over this time next year (Jan 2011) to give us plenty of time to save and obtain visas and so on. So iv afew questions that im wondering if you can help me with. 1: Whats the wage like in Aus? iv had a look around job site and its looking like $30-$40 an hour. 2: Whats the sparky work like? Im sure they use the same system as we do here. 3: Whats the living costs like? 4: Ive heard theres sparky work down the mines, whats it like? 5: Do I need to sit any trade test to become legit in Australia? Thats all I can think of just now. If anyone knows of any useful website of numbers that would also be great. Thanks very much for any help, its much appreciated!
  12. Guest

    Sparky needs work

    Hi there, I was wondering if any-one knew of any electrical job going arond Melbourne. I am a 46 y/o electrician and am in the process of getting my A licence sorted (what a chore that is). I have been here since March and am having no luck in getting any electrical work as yet. If any-one knows of any temp or permenant work that might be going perhaps they could send me a pm. I will consider all types of work, thanks. Kevin.
  13. Hi all, I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone could help. My wife and I decided a couple of years ago that we'd like to make the move to Oz but as I work in payroll I decided to retrain and gain a skill which would help us in our move. I am currently finishing my NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations and aim to start my City & Guilds 2330 (electrical insatallation) course in September. I have since discovered that when I do qualify as an electrician that I will require at least SEVEN years experience before I would be taken into consideration for a Grade A License in Australia. This means that we'll have to wait another 9/10 years before we can make the move and it be actually worth our while. The only other alternative is to do a 4 year apprenticeship. What I'd like to know is what are the chances of being offered an appreniceship in Australia? I'm aware that there is a Trades Skills Training Visa available which could enable me to do the apprenticeship in Australia but are these oportunities often available to migrants?? Has anyone been in a similar situation or has anyone had any success in gaining an apprenticeship in Australia?? We're looking into various avenues of emigrating to find what is best for us. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Shane (Ps: I'm 29, my wife Nicki is 28 and we have two boys, Nathan is 4 and Leyton is 17 months old)
  14. Guest

    Sparky and beautician

    hi, hopefully me and the mrs will be moving to Perth to join my brother out there. I have no idea where to start really,i am an electrical engineer, but started out as a sparky which im more than happy to be again and my other half is a qualified beautician. I have a Advanced modern apprenticeship,NVQ3,city and guilds 2330,Btec national diploma in mechancial/electrical engineering, HNC in electrical engineering, a HNC in mechancial engineering and A HND in engineering. Just wondered where to start really,i keep reading things about doing trade tests etc,how do i get my qualificatins accredited to the ozzy ones?or do i even need to do that? My brother never had this problem as he is a gym/fitness instructor and he got a job straight away. Any helps would be much appreciated.
  15. First of let me say hi to everyone and also to say how jealous I am of all of you who are already in Australia. Im a sparky looking to come to Oz with my small family and I wondered if anyone could help me with what englsih electrical qualifications are regarded highly over there. I have tried varoius other routes but the info seems to be pretty ambigious, and what Im hoping is someone can help by saying "qualificatio x is the one most valued". If anyone can help it will be enormously appreciated. all the best P
  16. Hi, i am currently waiting to sell my house in the bleak selling times in England, i have gained my skilled visa sub class 136 and activated it recently when we visited Melbourne and stayed with my cousin in Seaford. I am a 44 year old electrician hoping to be back asap with my wife and son of 14 as we are busting a gut to get back. We may have to rent our house in the present climate / recession in the new year to achieve our dream. We have found the place we want to settle and found the school our son will be happy at in the Mornington Peninsula. What i need from someone who has been through all the stresses of achieving our goal is for them to point me in the direction of what i need to get ie tests from Victoria to do prior to coming out, exams or anything i can do to make it easier to get a job when we come. Obviously the TRA have already approved my paperwork and qualifications to get the visa but what steps should i be doing from now on to make the transition easier when we come? Exams / Tests etc I think i will have to train on a lower wage for sometime before earning some decent dollars, maybe under supervision for a period of time Many Thanks:wacko: Andy Head
  17. Guest

    Sparky in Cairns

    :cool:LIFE COULD NOT BE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moved to OZ in april 07 with my wife being 30 weeks pregnant was a BIG decision to leave and have the baby in OZ .... But hey new start n all,,, So glad we did livin in the tropics is GREAT... shorts n t shirt all year not like down south still gets cold like the uk.... Minimum temps in Cairns is about 16 degrees bbbrrrrrrrr HA HA HA... I moved before Vetasses so very lucky I did.... Sorry to here what you guys are having to go through now they really sound unorganised. (MUPPETS)..... Although I myself had problems on arrival had to get trade recognised again for licencing purposes they said, although the references I had sent for my migration papers had not enough info on them. Had to phone back over 14 years of employment for new ref's... I got my QLD licence in my hands in Nov 07 and have just completed my contractors course Oct 08. If any of you guys are havin doubts DONT its a great life here in OZ just wish I had done it earlier. Advice that I can give ------------------ DO IT YOURSELF dont use any migration companies honest it aint that hard I DID IT, a load of CASH for them filling in the same forms that you can download of the net seems a waste save the cash for beers n BBQ in OZ
  18. Guest

    Vetassess passed sparky

    Hi there just got my results this morn couldnt sleep as i was hoping they would arrive today and they did. Get in there ive passed :biggrin: Took my test on the 27th at Blackburn. Wish everyone all the best and hope you get the right results . By the way got my results thru www.tradeassess.com.au site which is same as vetassess
  19. Hi Was wanting to pick some brains.I am looking at coming to brisbane on a rsms visa as i have not been in the trade for a few years.This visa meaning i get sponsored off a regional firm in brisbane and there is only so many postcodes i can work in.Some of these areas are boronia heights.greenbank,jimboomba,beaudesert to name a few.Has anyone else came on this type of visa or know what my work chances will be like in these areas. many thanks chris
  20. Ok I/we are knew on here and i'll do the formalitys of the virtual drinks round later For now can any 'pozzies' in QLD please let me know there experiences and the process of becoming a electrician there? I have trawled this site for ages and have learnt a little so far.... I need to apply for a TRA thingy ??? Some sort of license's etc etc To be fair i got caught up in a whole load of abbrevations that i didn't understand:arghh: as lots of different people were at different stages of there process. So top re-cap i need to know where to start as we have made the decision to move for sure but can someone with 1st hand experience please let me know how to begin?? TIA for your help guys Dougie PS Or if i have missed the 'exact process of becoming registered in oz'thread without abbrevations can you please point me in the right direction? PPS I'm currently a supervisor on a petro-chemical site but have good first hand knowledge of industrial / commercial / domestic installations, Thanks again
  21. Guest

    July Sparky Practical Done!

    Just done the electrical practical on Tuesday. Really struggled with the theory side. A lot of 3 phase questions which im not to well up on. My advice is to do plenty of revision on ohms law including 3 phase.. The DOL starter was quite hard as i do not do these every day... Everything else is a doddle. Fingers crossed, i will keep you posted.
  22. Hello to all, Yesterday was the big day of the Vetassess General Electrician test (sorry-assessment)and thank God it's done. The day had been looming for some time and it has been a bit of a worry. I didn't sleep too well, what with a bit of nerves and some noisy hotel neighbours, all I needed for an important day like this! For anyone who is going to do this, do plenty of revision on Ohms Law and power equations for the multiple guess questions is my advice.The practical installation was straight forward enough having been given a drawing with measurements etc to work to. Just a 2 way light and single socket circuit with a bit of plastic conduit work completed with an earth continuity and insulation test. Thrown in with this was the wiring of a DOL motor circuit, a safe disconnect, test and reconnect of a tubular heater, and the connection and measurement of a resistor circuit. A few general questions were thrown in through the day and the last thing was to write a description of the main work that I do. All the lads on the course finished a couple of hours ahead of schedule and seemed as relieved as I was to have finished. So now what... a wait for the letter to arrive with a positive outcome so we can proceed with the visa. Hopefully not too long a wait as we were advised we should know in approx 10 days. Woohoo!! Good luck to all who were there on the day and to all those that have there day to come. Fingers crossed - look out Oz!!!! Mark
  23. Guest

    Sparky Practical Next Week

    Just a quick thread for all the sparks who are to undertake the practical next week. If any one has any suggestions or areas that could be improved prior to the date please drop a line and we could all help each other.. For myself the only thing to worry me is a DOL starter... Only ever done one in my career so any advise or links would help me. Best of luck to you all...fingers crossed..
  24. Guest


    Hello Can anyone give me any info on the procedure us sparks have to go through when we get to Oz? I know we have to obtain a blue card and then sit tests when we get there but I would like to know if Australia is now using the AS/NZS 3000:2007 regs. If they are I'm thinking of getting a copy to try and give myself a bit of a head start. Any info please. Cheers David:err:
  25. We moved to Brisbane from the UK in September. I work for a company on the north side of brisbane called Langfield industries and at present they are looking for Electricains and Air con engineers. They are prepared to help people to get there licences which you need in Australia. If you are intrested email me on davids@li.com.au and i will forward your CV onto our HR department. I hope this will help someone as they help me and i haven't looked back since we arrived. :jiggy: