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    Need a dentist

    Hi I'm looking for advice on dentists in Melbourne. I'm based in brunswick and I need a few fillings. I've been quoted $150 per filling. I'm on the working holiday visa. does anyone have any recommendations for a cheaper dentist or is that about average here? Very expensive compared to the UK
  2. Bernies88

    Mates in Melbourne.

    Hi all I've been in Brunswick just over 6 weeks now I find it safe and quite quirky lots of cafes and bars, people seem friendly enough. Sydney road is fun always busy lots going on. good access to the city via train and tram.
  3. Hi what would people say the best bank is to go with over here? i signed up with ANZ but they charge me a monthly fee for having the account and have just charged me for transferring money from the UK when ive already paid fees to my UK bank for the transfer. I find this appalling.
  4. Hiya I've recently moved to Melbourne with my partner. We live in Brunswick. He is now working while I'm still looking, however between job hunting and the mundane cleaning up I could do with a few friends! I am originally from Newcastle upon Tyne and I enjoy the usual stuff, eating out, drinks, cinema and shopping. The budget is quite tight due to the lack of a job however it would be nice to have someone other than him to talk to and hang out with. I'm 26, quite easy going and talkative. If anyone in the area is in the same boat and wants some company gimme a shout.
  5. Hi I've been in Melbourne for just over 6 weeks now. I have been on seek, indeed and gumtree as well as a few others looking for work in retail or hospitality. Ideally a little cafe or shop close to public transport. I'm living in Brunswick. I have several years experience in both up to a supervisor level, however I am finding the minute they hear working holiday visa I'm seen as no good. I will be getting sponsored by family here within 12 months so I don't intend on leaving anytime soon. If anyone has any advice or contacts I would really appreciate it. Thanks