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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, We are Lee and Fiona, new to this blog and currently in Maidstone UK but we have been granted Family Sponsored Visas for Regional NSW, so basically we have the whole state we can live/work in, but not Sydney itself. Fiona is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience and would like some sort of lead on finding a job before we move out. We are looking Woolongong/Illawarra region ideally, but would also be happy Newcastle/Central Coast etc. We are happy to go where work is most available. Does anyone in any of these regions have any advice/details of recruiters/companies she could get in touch with? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I'm in the process of Applying for my Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia including a Relevant Work Experience Assessment. On the Engineers Australia website, I've seen the excel spreadsheet which lists the summary work experience. However it also talks about having a more detailed "endorsed" document which should detail exact periods of work, specific duties etc. which needs to come on Company Headed paper. I'm lucky to have worked for the same employer for over 10 years and for a lot of that time I have worked predominently for one manager who is personally willing to assist me with a statement but i am reluctant to "officially" inform the personnel department by asking for a formal company statement until our Visa is either well underway or granted. Can anyone out there advise me on their experience of RWE statements or possibly share a copy of one? My specific queries are (a) typical content of a statement (b) who it needs to come from? I.e. does it need to come from the personnel department or can it come from a direct manager provided it is on headed paper? The company I work for is a large multi-national and we have little contact with the personnel department so the person writing the statement from personnel is unlikely to know me and will just copy facts from the Company payroll system etc. Your help much appreciated Ashley:hug:
  3. Hi there, I will be finishing employment with my sponsor next week and I wish to transfer from my sponsored 457 visa to a working holiday visa. I have never had a working holiday visa and plan to travel to New Zealand the weekend to apply for the 417 visa. I am Irish. I can only leave 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) for my 417 visa to be processed as I am still working during the week. Are there any issues I may face? I've heard of a lot of peoples 417 visas being processed in a few hours. Does this only happen Monday - Friday? Can I work my notice with my sponsor on a 417 visa instead of the 457? Thanks in advance for any advice with this!
  4. hi guys im 22years old currently in Brisbane on a holiday working visa. im a roof tiler/ slater by trade with 5 years exp, I have minor exp n roof plumbing roof tiliing or slater isn't on the skills list. im wanting to get my permeant residency here in Australia just wondering if anyone can help me out and give me some advice on what to do, I don't care where I have to live in oz aslong as I stay here I love every place ive been too much appreciated
  5. Jenna1002

    Advice on migration

    I am a microbiologist looking to emigrate to Australia. Where do I start?
  6. Hi I've been in Melbourne for just over 6 weeks now. I have been on seek, indeed and gumtree as well as a few others looking for work in retail or hospitality. Ideally a little cafe or shop close to public transport. I'm living in Brunswick. I have several years experience in both up to a supervisor level, however I am finding the minute they hear working holiday visa I'm seen as no good. I will be getting sponsored by family here within 12 months so I don't intend on leaving anytime soon. If anyone has any advice or contacts I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone I am in the process of filling out my 820 partner visa application online. From a prospective marriage visa 300. And I was looking for some advice from people who have also completed this visa application. The main part that has me struggling is the 'Nature of commitment' part. What did everyone put? So far I have included details about maintaining contact while spending time apart (I had to go offshore for 7 months while 300 visa was processing), being beneficiaries on tax and superannuation and then about our future plans, buying a house, kids etc. This just doesn't seem enough? And should you include every single phone bill/ skype call information etc or just a selected collection from random dates? Also should this part of the application be completed in a third person perspective i.e 'the sponser and applicant have known each other for etc ' or is it acceptable to write it as ' my husband and I have known each other etc'? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm new to this site and am posting in the hope that someone could shed some light on what I have been trying to find out! Ive searched the immi au website and the web and cant find any answers, no surprise really as my situation is not the 'regular' run of the mill situation. So here goes; Ive been in Australia for the past 12 months i was granted an e676 visa (6 month holiday visa) My, then, partner also from the UK got sponsored through her work, she had a working holiday visa I didnt as Im 37 and could only get a tourist visa, I was not working and she was supporting me financially, anyway i was included in the application as a de facto partner, so we were put on a bridging visa whilst the immi were deciding processing the application, but before the visa was granted my girlfriend and I split up and she has since withdrawn me from the application, so I am now having to depart out of the country within 28 days so ive booked a flight to NZ. I intend to travel NZ then come back to Australia to do some sight seeing around oz as I didn't get to the first time as I thought my girlfriend and I would be granted the visa and settling down ect bla bla .... The question is: Will i be able to re enter Australia for another 3 months after having spent the past 12 here on, firstly a tourist visa and then on a bridging visa? If I can re enter for 3 months after having been in NZ for a while how long will I actually have to be in NZ for before i can come back in to Australia to travel around? If anyone has experienced a similar situation it would be great to hear your advise, Thanks in advance Any advise appreciated, thanks for reading
  9. rsmsissues

    Rsms help please !!!

    Hello Everyone , I am new to this forum. I want help regarding RSMS Visa. My situation. I did Bachelors in Business (Accounting) and currently on 485 Graduate visa. My degree is not fully assessed because I couldn't get 7 bands in Academics to assess my degree. I have a potential employer in regional QLD area who is ready to sponsor me for RSMS visa as a Store Manager ( Petrol station and Food store). My questions: 1. Am I eligible to apply for RSMS as a Store Manager because I did Accounting degree? 2. Do I need full degree assessment for RSMS visa? 3. If my RSMS visa get approved do I get visa as a Permanent Resident? Please help me out with this questions becuase my visa expiring in OCT this year and I am really worried. Thanks in Advance. 3.
  10. James Gardiner

    Migration options?

    Hi, I am currently looking into possible routes of migration, whether it be initially on a temporary basis with the view to permanent residency, or permanent. My situation is that my trade isn't directly included on the SOL, I'm 23 and I'm English. What are my options in regards to migration? My sister is also a permanent resident. Ideas? Thanks.
  11. Mrdebond

    Drink drive ban.

    My Name is Dean, Im 26yrs old. I'm after a bit of advice, Im a Fully qualified Refrigeration & Air conditioning engineer. I work on all climate control equipment & ventilation. Ive recently been given a driving ban for 17 months-for driving under the influence of alcohol (Idiot!!) I'd really like to secure a working visa in Australia as Ive had enough of this dump & need to get away! However will this ban & subsiquent criminal record (no previous convictions of anykind, first offence) stop me? If im banned from driving in the uk, does that apply in Aus too?? I'm just clueless atm & hope someone can spare some advice?? Thank you.Dean
  12. Hello and thanks for having me! Can anyone recommend a Migration Agent who can I can consult with and discuss visa options? I'm currently here as a student and my visa is up in August. Not sure where I stand once I finish my diploma. Reputable and reasonable in the Melbourne/Eastern suburbs area.. Thanks.
  13. Hello!! Is anyone in the process of applying for the 489? I have done my English test and got a band 9 so 20 points there... I am 24 so 25 points there... I have a degree from UK so 15 points there.... But it wants a skills assessment for my profession! I was a Marketing & Sales Manager in the UK but I don't have any paperwork to prove that. Do you know what kind of assessment it is I need to do and where I go to do it? I have been reading and reading all sorts of info for visa and my head is set to explode... if anyone has done this or is doing this I would love some advice as I feel am going round in circles now! Any advice or information would be Ah May Zing!! :biggrin:
  14. I want to find some information about hiring a full time qualified nanny to take care of our two kids at home. We have tried to get info on the internet but most of the agencies want us to sign up first and then give you information after... what I would really like is to find how much it would cost full time, insurance needed, if I have to pay pension ~ super contributions, how do I find one? how it works and if any of you had any experience with a nanny... what was it like? Can you recommend someone? have to be experienced and fully qualified with references.... Any advice is very much appreciated, regards Jessica
  15. Hi I am moving to Townsville from UK in Oct (2012) with my 4 yr old boy. I have a friend who is relocating to Townsville from Gold Coast next week and I will be staying with them when I arrive so we could both do with some advice on areas, schools etc. Are there any particular areas I should avoid? Does anyone have any advice on good areas with good schools close by? My son will be starting Prep next January and I will also need before and after school care as I will have to work. I am looking for real family orientated areas as I am going to be 11,000 miles away from my family. :confused: Any advise is much appreciated :biggrin: Zoe x
  16. Hello all, Just signed up to this today so this is my first post, but my husband and I have been reading threads on here for a while and there seems to be a lot of good advice going around so I thought it was time we tried to get some for ourselves!! :laugh: I completed my nursing degree in the UK in September 2011 and have been working as a registered nurse since my registration was confirmed in October 2011. My husband and I are very keen to make the move out to Australia as soon as we can after spending around 6 months travelling there a few years ago - we both fell in love with the country and lifestyle! We both used our working holiday visa while on that trip so would be looking at probably a 457 visa if sponsorship from an employer can be found. I am really looking for advice on what we should be doing first! I'm a bit confused about the registration process in Australia and what the differences are between the NMBA, AHPRA and ANMAC!? I've got the form to register with the AHPRA as an overseas qualified nurse. Is this a good starting point? Am I right in saying that due to having completed my degree and secondary school education in the UK that I do not need to complete the English test? I have started to apply for a few jobs but am jsut not sure when to be doing what in terms of registration and visa applications etc. Any advice or information from those who know or who have been through it already would be hugely appreciated. Thank you in anticipation! The Reids.
  17. Guest

    House hunting - Maroochydore

    Hi. We're arriving in Maroochydore on 23rd November (visa came through last week) and I'd really appreciate any advice anyone has on house hunting. We're looking for a short term furnished let for first 3 weeks whilst we find a house we want to live in longer term. Any advice on the best places to look or people to contact please? I don't want to be homeless when we get there!! :-(
  18. Guest

    Advice needed

    I am a Business owner in the UK and my businesses are now self sufficient and run by managers whom I trust. I am looking to move with my fiance and son to Brisbane, Australia. We would like to have a look for about 6 months to 1 year and investigate the possibility of applying for a business visa and relocating there in the near future. we would be self sufficient and our income from the UK would mean we would not need to work in Aus. Not sure if immigration rules would allow this. Any advice would greatly appreciated! Thank you, Darren, Monika and Seweryn