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  1. LouDYorkie

    Australian Tv in Uk

    We have two TVs that we brought over from the U.K. The oldest was purchased in 2005. We originally bought a free view box so we could watch ‘normal tv’ in Australia but then got a FOXTEL Box for a while before moving on to Apple TV (so a Chromecast would also work). Through this we can watch anything!
  2. LouDYorkie

    Flight help

    There is a force majeure clause and I’d expect they would cite the pandemic as the reason.
  3. LouDYorkie

    What's The Question?

    Oh, already been answered [emoji2360]
  4. LouDYorkie

    What's The Question?

  5. LouDYorkie

    Movement Records for Citizenship Application

    it was 5 days from sending to receiving
  6. LouDYorkie

    Movement Records for Citizenship Application

    You don’t need an agent to obtain movement records. You can submit form 1359 to obtain them-mine arrived within days. https://www.abf.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1359.pdf
  7. LouDYorkie

    Divorce after visa grant

    Please carefully consider taking your children somewhere you don’t know you will settle and be happy because as Quoll said, there are many horror stories out there. I know someone who would love to return to Ireland where they have family support and friends, but can’t take their son as their ex said no, and so their time in Australia is not pleasant and they have many more years to go. Realistically it could happen to anyone, but I think the risk would be far greater if the relationship is rocky before moving.
  8. LouDYorkie

    Electric Grills

    You could always go for something like this situated near your bbq... Then you can connect it to your gas bottle easily enough and you can cook anything you want.
  9. LouDYorkie

    Good current adverts

    I like the squeaky gate olive oil advert .... makes me laugh every time I watch it.
  10. LouDYorkie

    Impossible decision

    We moved around a bit when I was young and I never found it easy. I pined for friends right up until I had left the next lot of friends in the next place, who I then pined for too. Had my parents not considered our feelings, teenage moods and what school year we would be reaching in our next destination, I would have, with hindsight, done so many of the things I have tried so hard to do since! I guess what I’m saying is, I was a sullen child who struggled with change. But, my only regret is that my parents didn’t make me live in other places and learn more languages and be part of more cultures even though we had the chance to, and given the opportunity I would be telling my child self to be positive and embrace all of those opportunities. I would say it might be hard to stay until you have citizenship for your family, and your daughter may not appreciate it in the next few years, but it’s even harder for you or your children to start from scratch years down the line. I personally would stick it out!
  11. LouDYorkie

    Iocksmith problem advice needed

    Can citizens request a certificate if they were born here? Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t sure.
  12. LouDYorkie

    Holiday plans - where to ?

    Really disappointing to have a trip cancelled but hopefully better all round in the longer term.
  13. LouDYorkie

    Holiday plans - where to ?

    Yes, we’ve booked a couple of weeks on North Straddie, a trip out west Queensland and planning one to Cairns! So much to do in Queensland without venturing out of the state!! Im actually enjoying planning them all seeing as they are low cost and beautiful places.
  14. LouDYorkie

    Holiday plans - where to ?

    My OH wants to visit the U.K., I’m thinking of stopping with a relative in Oman. Beautiful place, people and food but I didn’t go to Muscat last time - I will next time!
  15. LouDYorkie

    Iocksmith problem advice needed

    It’s not necessarily an issue that it’s informal in the U.K., that’s why I suggested a conversation with TAFE in whichever State you intend to move to. It is possible that Recognised Prior Learning based on your experience and knowledge will take you 90% or even 100% of the way to being certified.