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  1. LouDYorkie

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    My thoughts on reading this is that she appeared to know what she was doing when she left the U.K. and that as far as she is concerned it all lived up to her expectations until recently. I do think 15 year olds lack some of the foresight of older people so the question of “what happens when I don’t want to do this any more” is answered in a child’s way, “I’ll just go home”....simple. But at 18 and not having explicitly condemned what she has seen and been involved in (either directly or by virtue of being there), she must be considered dangerous!
  2. LouDYorkie

    Who Dares Wins

    It’s surprising that even though he was there training Nigerian military that they are able to get involved in a live fire mission at such short notice. Surely there’s things to discuss beforehand like who is responsible if something goes wrong, a civilian dies or a blue on blue!
  3. LouDYorkie

    Move back to UK before citizenship test

    Unfortunately I don’t have an answer but given that the process is now taking so long from start to finish I could imagine this will be an increasingly common occurrence. I hope those in charge have put some sensible thought into policy changes!
  4. LouDYorkie

    Be Honest

    No. My sister once parted her (very dark) hair to the side, clipped on a cut down moustache out of a Christmas cracker. The likeness would have been laughable if it was a Kardashian but this went down like a lead balloon in our house....
  5. LouDYorkie

    The role of a migration agent

    I’m not sure which agents you have contacted, and whether it was publicly via this forum or privately but they are well respected on here and tend to answer general questions/provide general advice on here as things crop up. For personal advice, a consultation is required, they will not talk specifics on a forum.
  6. LouDYorkie

    New Year

    For the last few years we have gone to a local pub for a few drinks then gone home by about 9pm to see in the new year in the swimming pool [emoji2] Our friends all have an invite, they come if they want to or aren’t doing anything else. It keeps it relaxed and means we don’t have to organise anything really!
  7. LouDYorkie


    No me either, we did it the first year and decided never again when we sweated through the prep, cooking and then after eating when the whole house felt like an oven! We have an excuse for a roast Dinner with all the trimmings followed by home made Christmas pudding when our friends host Christmas in July...although that’s a crazy idea too -not sure where that originated[emoji2960]
  8. LouDYorkie

    Immigration with 2 wives

    Yes, I genuinely could not bear the thought of 2 partners myself, I’d rather have none than two. Although there was a tv interview I watched recently about a Throuple (yes, it’s a thing apparently)....3 people in a relationship. It didn’t resonate with me but they seemed perfectly happy!
  9. LouDYorkie

    Citizenship application but moving

    I think if I was in your position I would just make sure I am able to return to Australia once I’ve sorted out my U.K. affairs ie. That my travel facility on my permanent visa is in date, or that I have a residents return visa in place, then I would just apply for citizenship once eligible on my return. If you apply before you go, check whether you have to notify them that you are going to be out of the country, you may have to return at fairly short notice for your interview/test and then return for the ceremony, have to wait in Australia for your Aussie passport before returning to the U.K. in order to re enter Australia as your visa will no longer be valid.... it all sounds a bit hard [emoji4] That is of course if it were all to happen in that space of time, given that citizenship processing times are averaging a lot higher than 12 months.
  10. LouDYorkie


    I find it a little surreal in Brisbane, all the shops will play Christmas songs and you might see Santa (in flip flops), then you go outside into amazing warm sunshine [emoji4] I used to do a full Roast Dinner for Christmas but in Australia I stick a joint of meat on the bbq (and maybe a potato bake although that takes a lot longer), then we jump in the pool with a drink until it’s cooked then we sit outside and have that with some light foods I prepped earlier, interesting salads, etc I also find we get lots of Christmas Dinner invites.....so despite not having family here permanently, we have a big bunch of friends who don’t want us to be alone at Christmas [emoji4]
  11. LouDYorkie

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    You queried the potential of your visa being revoked, therefore you must have had some concerns about the legitimacy of your visa. But hey, congratulations...you have residency and didn’t have to live or work in the state that sponsored you. Unfortunately, those who follow will pay for that I’m sure...
  12. LouDYorkie

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    If your sponsoring state does review individual cases in this way, are you happy you have good enough reasons for it not to be revoked? You don’t say in your post whether you applied for dozens of jobs in your sponsoring state, flew back and forth for interviews, kept getting knocked back and then eventually widened your search to include the state where you were living, but without that detail it sounds to my untrained ear that you just intended to get to Australia, not your sponsoring state.
  13. LouDYorkie

    Immigration with 2 wives

    I’m pretty sure there have been questions asked on here before where someone had sponsored their partner, partner received PR, couple split, same person wants to sponsor a new partner and so on. Despite the OP wanting to do it in a way that isn’t compatible with Australian law (or values), bringing 2 partners at the same time, there are obviously people who try to obtain residency for multiple partners which still results in all those people being resident in Australia. I wonder how many sponsorships draw the attention of Immigration? [emoji848]
  14. LouDYorkie

    Summer is coming - are you a fan of the heat?

    That’s what I like about Queensland as opposed to being back in the U.K. The weather rarely stops people doing things. I find I do things earlier in the day instead, I walk the dogs anytime from 4:30am, then I can make sure I’ve cooled down enough to get ready for work without continuing to sweat after my shower [emoji23]. My OH really felt the cold for the first time this winter, or at least it’s the first time he’s admitted it. We’ve worked out that the clear skies and cold nights make for great winter camping [emoji904]
  15. LouDYorkie

    Applied for Citizenship but want to move back to UK

    Immi has now increased the timeline to 90% granted within 20 months-its blown out every time I’ve checked it, think I should stop looking!! Congratulations on it being done so quickly, hopefully they get a move on with the backlog. It must be hard for the OP, it does make sense for many reasons to wait for citizenship but the way the processing times have and continue to be blown out, it is not a small ask.