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  1. LouDYorkie

    Retuning to London with a dog

    Same....I don’t have human children, only fur babies
  2. LouDYorkie

    Slow cookers and slow cookery

    I use my slow cooker a lot. Cheap cuts of meat can work very well in there because the fat breaks down over that longer cooking time. If you do cook a cut you know is fatty, you can slowcook them with a base of onion and herbs and spices and stock, then let them cool right down, you can easily remove the majority of the fat as it goes like a harder crust on top. Then heat it up again and thicken to make a lovely gravy [emoji846] I do ribs, lamb shanks, stewing steak, etc although I prefer chicken done on the stovetop or in the oven, haven’t found a way I like in the slow cooker yet. My slow cooker can go on the stove top so I can sear the meat in the same pot I’m slow cooking in to keep all the flavours together. I’ve put some roast joints in the slow cooker and finished in the oven after too. Makes for very tender meat with a nice roast finish.
  3. LouDYorkie

    Do you get restaurant food delivered since Covid-19?

    We have tried to get more takeaways. Any restaurants we used to eat at regularly have been our first choice of takeaway and they have not disappointed. Many Chinese dishes do not travel well but my OH picks ours up from 20 minutes away and it is amazing still. Others who deliver are very conscientious and don’t let it get cold on the way over. It’s not quite the same as eating it in the restaurant but we support them as we want them to keep trading.
  4. The chat room thing could be explained away as a mistake. We’ve all forgotten to include someone in something at some time. So without evidence it was intentional and that the group chats primary function is work related (eg. Sending rosters, asking who can fill shifts etc), this cannot be used as evidence of anything. With respect to Jobkeeper, as Bulya said-it is one in all in. So they are doing the wrong thing. If I were you, I would email them (or some other written method) and ask them to review their decision not to register you for job keeper. See what reply you get. If they don’t review their decision or give you a satisfactory answer and you choose to report them, I can’t say what they may do about your visa, but anything you say to them should be in writing so you have evidence to back up your side of the story should anything come of it.
  5. LouDYorkie

    Moving in Queensland

    Do you have to be in a regional area for the visa you have in progress? That would narrow the search a little?
  6. LouDYorkie

    HELP! Advice needed for career (Perth)

    Try this website as a starting point: https://ablis.business.gov.au/service/wa/electricians-licence/32545 You may need to go to TAFE (to do an electrical fitting course) but also seek to have your qualifications recognised under RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) as this can vastly reduce the number of modules you need to complete at TAFE, they may even decide you don’t need to do any at all to get a WA licence depending on your proven skill set.
  7. LouDYorkie

    Anzac Day and the Virus

    I’m watching too. Hell of an effort with the WA symphony orchestra all playing from home with Birds of Tokyo! Very odd Anzac Day compared to previous years but all of my neighbours were out twice this morning which was good to see.
  8. LouDYorkie

    Whiskey Decanters

    You can bring 2.25 litres in per person (over 18) But it has to travel with you and you would have to meet the requirement of each countries airports you travel through. All unaccompanied alcohol is subject to duty which is not cheap. You should be able to work out the cost though to help you decide. Also bear in mind that a container can get to 50 degrees -it might not bode well for some things!
  9. We were emigrating with my OH’s employer, everything paid for by them. They worked in the U.K. for the company but we were told that as strictly speaking the Australia company was a separate entity, that my OH should resign from the U.K. and sign a contract with Au. They did this, then 2 weeks into the notice period, which was also two weeks after all our home contents had been taken away in a container (leaving us with an empty house and two suitcases), my OH got a phone call to say “go home, stop working, we’ve gone into administration”. So we waited until the evening to speak to Australia and they said they were still operating but it may happen to them in the next week or so. So we already had flights booked, our contents were at sea, we’d rented out our home and now we were advised it might be safer to cancel and that someone could ‘try’ a company credit card to get us our belongings shipped back otherwise we would have to pay for them to be returned to us!! (How I regretted that big container at that point!) But we were stubborn and said we were coming anyway unless the business in Au had actually gone into administration and we had almost nightly calls to see what was going on. No news was good news in my view and my OH’s Au boss would tell us each time he has successfully used the company credit card to purchase fuel-in other words, it was still active! When we arrived, we were told they couldn’t arrange the promised accommodation so had to find our own, and to hold off flying to HQ as was originally planned whilst they ‘sorted a few things out’. Turns out we’d been very lucky, whilst we made our way over (and had a two day stopover in the Middle East), a buyer had been found for the Au business and my OH was already listed as an employee-hurrah! More turmoil after but nothing quite so surreal!!
  10. LouDYorkie

    Job Keeper Scheme discussion.

    Hi Cal, I also saw that CentreLink have revised their eligibility criteria for Jobseekers, waiving the the 4 year waiting period amongst other things. It was on their website: https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/subjects/affected-coronavirus-covid-19/changes-claims-and-your-obligations-due-coronavirus-covid-19
  11. LouDYorkie

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    I don’t understand... She got a visa approved (offshore) Then her boss shut the business Then she received a letter to say the visa was cancelled So how did she get Onshore to Australia? On what Visa did she get here?
  12. LouDYorkie

    5G - Loads of stuff coming on line

    I must admit I was surprised at how much I liked Birmingham when I had to work there for a few spells around 2010/2011. I was staying in hotels, eating alone at restaurants but it was nice to feel safe wandering around the city. When I was there once it was the week before Christmas and there were Christmas markets, lights hung up and even for a grinch like me, it looked lovely and the atmosphere was great. And yes-beautiful curries!!!!
  13. How could the company sponsor you if they have gone into liquidation? I’d suggest speaking to your RMA as soon as possible!
  14. LouDYorkie

    Covid 19 financial assistance

    Someone from CentreLink was on the news the other night saying they had relaxed eligibility rules around waiting periods on some benefits including Jobseekers. https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/jobseeker-payment/who-can-get-it/residence-rules