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  1. LouDYorkie


    I find it a little surreal in Brisbane, all the shops will play Christmas songs and you might see Santa (in flip flops), then you go outside into amazing warm sunshine [emoji4] I used to do a full Roast Dinner for Christmas but in Australia I stick a joint of meat on the bbq (and maybe a potato bake although that takes a lot longer), then we jump in the pool with a drink until it’s cooked then we sit outside and have that with some light foods I prepped earlier, interesting salads, etc I also find we get lots of Christmas Dinner invites.....so despite not having family here permanently, we have a big bunch of friends who don’t want us to be alone at Christmas [emoji4]
  2. LouDYorkie

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    You queried the potential of your visa being revoked, therefore you must have had some concerns about the legitimacy of your visa. But hey, congratulations...you have residency and didn’t have to live or work in the state that sponsored you. Unfortunately, those who follow will pay for that I’m sure...
  3. LouDYorkie

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    If your sponsoring state does review individual cases in this way, are you happy you have good enough reasons for it not to be revoked? You don’t say in your post whether you applied for dozens of jobs in your sponsoring state, flew back and forth for interviews, kept getting knocked back and then eventually widened your search to include the state where you were living, but without that detail it sounds to my untrained ear that you just intended to get to Australia, not your sponsoring state.
  4. LouDYorkie

    Immigration with 2 wives

    I’m pretty sure there have been questions asked on here before where someone had sponsored their partner, partner received PR, couple split, same person wants to sponsor a new partner and so on. Despite the OP wanting to do it in a way that isn’t compatible with Australian law (or values), bringing 2 partners at the same time, there are obviously people who try to obtain residency for multiple partners which still results in all those people being resident in Australia. I wonder how many sponsorships draw the attention of Immigration? [emoji848]
  5. LouDYorkie

    Summer is coming - are you a fan of the heat?

    That’s what I like about Queensland as opposed to being back in the U.K. The weather rarely stops people doing things. I find I do things earlier in the day instead, I walk the dogs anytime from 4:30am, then I can make sure I’ve cooled down enough to get ready for work without continuing to sweat after my shower [emoji23]. My OH really felt the cold for the first time this winter, or at least it’s the first time he’s admitted it. We’ve worked out that the clear skies and cold nights make for great winter camping [emoji904]
  6. LouDYorkie

    Applied for Citizenship but want to move back to UK

    Immi has now increased the timeline to 90% granted within 20 months-its blown out every time I’ve checked it, think I should stop looking!! Congratulations on it being done so quickly, hopefully they get a move on with the backlog. It must be hard for the OP, it does make sense for many reasons to wait for citizenship but the way the processing times have and continue to be blown out, it is not a small ask.
  7. LouDYorkie

    Summer is coming - are you a fan of the heat?

    I’m a fan of the heat but humidity is no friend of mine. I find a low temperature high humidity day far more unbearable than a day with a high temperature and low humidity. In Brisbane a couple of weeks ago I walked to and from work in over 30 degree heat but just 20 something percent humidity and I loved it. But as the humidity rises, the harder it gets. There seems to be 6 weeks or so around February that I enjoy the least in the year....
  8. LouDYorkie

    How is Trump doing so far?

    He is, he sulks like a petulant child, bullies, threatens, denies and lies and then resorts to name calling! He’s one of the very few people I can’t stand. I find it very sad indeed that he displays such unprofessional behaviour and it appears to be just accepted as normal. I find it anything but normal!
  9. LouDYorkie

    Immigration with 2 wives

    This is where you definitely need expert help. Australia may not recognise your second wife AT ALL, although I would guess they would still recognise your children. You may be in a situation where you can only bring one wife and your other wife may struggle to visit because they think she will stay. This is pure speculation on my part but it would be awful to think your family could be split because you did not get expert advice. Please, contact a registered agent.
  10. LouDYorkie

    Immigration with 2 wives

    It looks as though your first wife is “your wife” as far as Australia is concerned, it doesn’t look like you can choose which one you want to be your wife based on best migration chances (unless you divorce wife number 1) -but that’s just the way I read it. If you need to know for certain how you could/should proceed, you should engage the services of a MARA agent.
  11. LouDYorkie

    Immigration with 2 wives

    To me it reads that regardless of your intentions (to have one wife, or whether you have plans for a second concurrent marriage...), your first marriage will be recognised, any further wives won’t be recognised as wives.... I suspect that will pose a challenge in bringing these two ladies over and even if that were possible eg. If one obtained a skilled visa in their own right, recognising them as your wife would not happen.
  12. LouDYorkie

    How clean do shoes need to be for shipping?

    We took walking boots and golf shoes, we made sure the dirt and grass were completely removed, we didn’t worry about stains on them. We used Jeyes fluid to clean the soles (which is a very distinctive smell) and they all came through fine.
  13. LouDYorkie

    The role of a migration agent

    What the MARA agent did for us is successfully get us our temporary, then permanent visas. He handled the employer nominations too so he was covering both angles and knew the requirements for each. No one came back to us for more information, the application wasn’t referred or rejected and we did not need to appeal or resubmit (and therefore pay again). No one can really say whether they would have had the same outcome without using a MARA agent, but to me it wasn’t worth the risk.
  14. LouDYorkie

    AU tax on a second P45?

    0T is not untaxed, it means no personal allowance is applied so you pay tax at your rate (whether 20%, 40% or 45% (or for a Scottish taxpayer add a further 1% to each of these rates) ) on those earnings. Yes, you would then need to declare on your Self Assessment. Your employer could hold off issuing the P45 until you’ve received your final pay instead?
  15. LouDYorkie

    AU tax on a second P45?

    Just to be aware: They shouldn’t issue a second P45 regardless of the circumstances so either they will be doing so incorrectly or they may just tax you using a 0T tax code (and not issue another P45) which may also mean your tax is incorrect for the year overall and you may end up owing tax or courting a refund depending on your circumstances.