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  1. bhupendra

    Movement Records for Citizenship Application

    @LouDYorkie can you give some timelines, date when you applied & date when you received, thanks
  2. bhupendra

    Movement Records for Citizenship Application

    travel records, it's to show as an evidence for your length of stay in Australia https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/entering-leaving-subsite/Pages/Requesting-travel-records.aspx
  3. Thought to start a new thread for Citizenship application preparation questions Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get your movement records? I'm getting my citizenship application prepared & I'd applied to get them through an agent in June 2020, haven't heard anything yet
  4. bhupendra

    October 190 Visa Thread

    Wow that's elaborated, thanks for the precise details. It seems like they've started now after the New year and Christmas break.
  5. bhupendra

    October 190 Visa Thread

    Congratulations JanetteCox, I hope you have a great start ahead. Can you please share the details like when you submitted the visa, Co allocation date, CO initials, team etc. It would be really helpful, really appreciate your help.
  6. bhupendra

    October 190 Visa Thread

    @Dugles, I think keep patience is the only key, I would like to discuss that I'm thinking to visit Australia next month. So if I apply for a tourist visa, would it affect my current visa application. Is it advised to visit on a tourist visa when you're in the final state of your Skilled Visa. I'm thinking to go as my grand parents are going there.
  7. bhupendra

    October 190 Visa Thread

    Thanks for the information Dugles. I've uploaded all the documents, all the educational documents, employment documents(offer letters, appraisal letters, duties letters, relieving letter of past employer, pay slips, id cards, tax documents), Police clearance certificate, medical, IELTS, basically every thing that my agent asked for. My CO is team 33. From Brisbane I guess. What would they do in external check of job references , how much time they usually take to settle the medical, as I did my medicals on 17/Oct. This waiting game is terrible. good luck to you too.
  8. bhupendra

    October 190 Visa Thread

    Hi, I'm a bit confused. My SS approved on 20/Sep/2012, EOI Lodged 21/Sep/2012, Visa lodged 10/Oct/2012, Form 80 submitted 15/Oct/2012, Medicals done 17/Oct/2012, PCC 22/Oct/2012. I haven't received any information of a CO allotment. When my agent enquired about my application on 8/Dec/2012, he got a reply on 11/Dec/2012 mentioning "Please be assured that this application has been assigned and is being action. Routine processing continues on this application and I will provide you with an outcome at the earliest opportunity". Since then I've been waiting however haven't got any information. Can anyone explain what does above said exactly mean?????????