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  1. Thanks for the reply. I just couldn't understand Yr last point about ID for AHPRA verification. I've recently done my presentation in person to AHPRA n got my ahpra registration. Thank you
  2. Hi there, Just wanna know about finding job. How do we get the job, is it state /or ourselves, mean do I've to search job. Just want to work out the time frame n procedure.
  3. Hi everyone, Just wanna know which Visa option is best for nurse with family, PR or working visa. What are the general time frames and possibilities (easy/difficult) of getting visa. Thank you.
  4. Dipi

    Modified skill assessment for nurses

    Thank you so much.
  5. Thank you so much. I was very confused, now its clear. Before, I was thinking of getting the job before visa application.. Thanks again.
  6. Dipi

    Modified skill assessment for nurses

    Thank you very much for the valuable information.
  7. Hi there, I would like to know how long it will take for the modified skill assessment as a nurse. Thank you
  8. Hi there, So this means, I've to apply for state sponsorship 491 visa without job. Also expression of intrest, is this I will apply after skill assessment and after submitting EOI, n state will nominate me then I will apply for visa or state will apply for visa as there will be no job. Thanks
  9. Hi there, Thank you so much for your reply. At present, 491,regional visa applicant, started November 2019, will be eligible for PR in 3years time, ie. 2022. So I will apply for the same visa. Now my problem is finding the job for sponsorship, looking for job search options, possibly then visa 491.pls correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks
  10. Hi there, I'm currently looking for nursing (Peri operative/ Theatre) jobs in Perth. I've applied for skill assessment 2 weeks ago. I live and work in UK now for the last 12 years. I've recently received AHPRA registration too. Can someone please share any ideas how to look for the jobs in Perth: website... Also I'm thinking of applying for Regional/ state sponsored visa. In this case, I guess I still need to have job sponsored before I apply for the visa?? Any suggestions pls about job search and visa type. Thank you
  11. Dipi

    Nurse visa to Australia

    Thank you for your reply. I've already finished the nursing registration process with AHPRA, been there for ID check too. Now I will ve look and apply for job and visa. So just wondering if I need to do modified skill assessment from NMBA before applying for visa. Does employer apply for sponsorship? I read that now regional visa is easier to achieve than others, I'm thinking of applying for 491,regional visa, effective from 16 November. Which areas are regional, very confused. Can you please tell me the better/grammar schools university areas, my daughter will be joining high school next year I've not decided yet where to go.. Any ideas! Thanks a lot.
  12. Dipi

    Nurse visa to Australia

    Hi there, Thank you for your kind response. I would like to make a clearer picture of situation so that you would know what exactly I'm looking for or suitable for me. I've just received my AHPRA registration last week. Now I will be doing NMBA skilled test soon. I'm a perioperative theatre nurse/ scrub , working in UK for 12 yrs, holding UK passport. I'm looking for job and visa, preferably PR in Australia. I would like to know the proper website or right ways of applying permanent job on my own. Also is there any ways to know what kind of employer would sponsor me for the visa procedure. Do I've to follow the agencies? About visa, what kind of visa will be best. Do we've option for PR visa straight from beginning? If not PR visa in the beginning eg TSS (temporary short skilled visa) visa. would I be able to apply for PR at the end of that visa . Is there any criteria that we've to stay in regional / territory to be eligible for PR visa . If so, which territory would be best to stay. About weather, which area would be best to stay except Sydney. I prefer bit of county side. I've family with young kids. One of kid, 10 yrs old just passed the selective eligibility test/ Gifted and talented test in UK Grammar school. She will be joining high school, yr 7 next yr from September. So I'm wondering if this is able to contribute in Australia education system or what will be good option to get same kind of school there and which areas have got good grammar schools. Will she be able to apply and sit in the test online from UK as our visa process may take time. Thank you very much, waiting for your valuable response. Regards Dipi
  13. Hi, I'm very new to this site. Currently, I'm looking for job in Australia as a registered nurse. I live in UK now. Does anyone know proper government website to apply for online job in public hospital, Perth and Melbourne. Also, I can't figure out what is the actual system at present for working visa for us and further processing for PR criteria. Do we need to work in regional? Thank you.