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  1. LouDYorkie

    Medical Records

    I brought mine and have used them with a GP to work out which vaccinations were due when I had to work overseas.
  2. LouDYorkie


    [emoji23][emoji1787] Caught out. People are so naïve [emoji23][emoji1787]
  3. LouDYorkie

    Aussie moving to UK permanently with British husband

    You are supposed to have a minimum of 10 years to get any pro-rata
  4. LouDYorkie

    Aussie moving to UK permanently with British husband

    Yes this is right. The proportion of the pension you receive depends on the number of years you have contributed. But the freezing of the amount you are paid is as Ramot has said.
  5. LouDYorkie

    $9 avocados in australia🥑

    Soda and lime? Can’t remember how anyone drank it when we were there but seem to think it was a simple mix.
  6. LouDYorkie

    $9 avocados in australia🥑

    Frozen slices of lemons or limes?
  7. LouDYorkie

    Never have I....

    3 for me
  8. LouDYorkie


    We were asked for our letters along with our ID when we arrived for our ceremony. Unfortunately I don’t know what would have happened if we hadn’t had them.
  9. LouDYorkie

    Salary Packaging

    If salary packaging is available to you, I would make the most of it!! Health and not-for-profit (plus some other organisations) allow it. The year finishes on 31st March because it is aligned to the FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) year rather than the Tax Year. Depending on where you work, the annual cap is different, but it can make a difference of thousands in what you take home because you can legally avoid paying income tax on the cash value of many normal outgoings, including rent or mortgage for some sectors! They key to making it work for you is only using it for things you pay for anyway, not adding new things to your living expenses. Here is a good website to get you started on understanding it and a calculator to see what you personally could save based on sector, salary and expenses: https://www.salarypackagingplus.com.au/
  10. LouDYorkie

    Notice Period

    Really it depends on what you actually do...if you could go to a competitor, a six month notice period is a common way of 1. Dissuading you / the competitor and 2. Preventing you making decisions in your old/new job based on knowledge of your previous / next job. Notice period can be negotiated in the same way as any other part of a contract. NB. If the job you are going into falls under an award then the notice period in your contract cannot be less favourable. However, it is unlikely a Senior Manager will fall under an Award.
  11. LouDYorkie

    Do you really need a migration agent ?

    ...and I guess whether you can afford the cost if you have to re-submit or then get an agent to fix mistakes would cost financially and time delays. We had an agent do all ours, it was more than worth the cost. Fairly straightforward in some ways but sequencing of events might well have caught me out as well as the lesser known detail of the Act. Also having someone to go to to ask questions was important to me.
  12. LouDYorkie


    You do need them for your passport but they are supposed to be less than 6 months old. Not sure if they compare?
  13. LouDYorkie

    Bungalow in Britain

    We had a bungalow in the U.K. It was in a lovely village. When we first bought it we were surrounded by elderly people along the whole street but gradually over the years as they moved on (one way or another [emoji53]) they were replaced by young families buying them to extend. Lots of loft conversions /dormers and back rooms for additional family space added.
  14. Do you rent via an Agency or direct through the landlord? Certainly sounds odd that they don’t want their details providing!
  15. LouDYorkie


    I just provided my passport number
  16. LouDYorkie

    Info on Moving to Australia

    We knew a couple who moved to Sydney from Huddersfield, they found it too expensive in Sydney but got as much of their weekly shopping as possible from the British Shop because their kids wouldn’t eat smiths instead of walkers crisps etc. Then there’s another couple who live in Birkdale who moved out to be near family and nothing is ever as good as ‘back home’. I try to avoid these kinds of people, they do put a dampener on life!!
  17. LouDYorkie

    Happy Australia Day.

    We did our Citizenship ceremony this morning, this afternoon we are having lots of friends over. We have always hosted on Australia Day but obviously our first as citizens
  18. LouDYorkie

    Thai Resort / Dubai

    Even though it’s a honeymoon it seems a shame to go All-Inc somewhere like Thailand unless there isn’t much close by once you get outside of the hotel grounds. There are usually so many restaurants and bars that serve high quality food and even the street food is plentiful and delicious. Just avoid buying pre-cut ‘fresh’ fruit street side [emoji1785]
  19. LouDYorkie

    Maternity benefits

    There are many factors, residence rest, income test, work test. Visit the department of Human Services website for the details to see whether the criteria for each are met and therefore what the expected payment may be.
  20. LouDYorkie

    Thai Resort / Dubai

    Thailand and Dubai are both great places in my opinion. I’ve been for short (3 or 4 day) trips to Dubai but also did a 10 day trip once. There really is more to do than people realise including souks, museums, beaches, golf, sand-boarding, 4X4 driving, shopping, water parks, big bus tours, cultural experiences etc and the proximity to other places make it great for using as a base and travelling to see the truly beautiful Fjords of Oman or the sights in Abu Dhabi...fantastic. Like others have mentioned Thailand is also good to visit and Pattaya is one of my favourites alongside Bangkok.
  21. LouDYorkie

    White Privilege?

    Found an article about the Avon police recruitment issue I was referring to. https://www.personneltoday.com/hr/avon-and-somerset-police-chief-admits-to-recruitment-blunder/
  22. LouDYorkie

    Qantas Temporary Ban on Snub Nosed Breeds

    I don’t like the idea that any dog is left on the tarmac in the heat, regardless of breed. If it was a distressed dog in a crate outside a shopping centre in the sun, the public would probably (hopefully) get involved quickly. There is no option of anyone helping a distressed dog at an airport, even the owner it seems. This story (and others previously) have really upset me (I’m a boxer owner), and although proportionally the number of deaths must be small, I wish there was a much better process.
  23. LouDYorkie

    White Privilege?

    Yes, I remember years ago Avon and Somerset Police (I think) being called out in the news for auto-rejecting any applications by white males. Not sure where it ended up.... I agree there need to be much more variety in the force but I’m not sure I would find much satisfaction in getting the job as the best women, over being the best person for the job.
  24. LouDYorkie

    Should this be illegal ?

    My OH flies a St George flag when the World Cup (football) is on or the cricket. It becomes a topic of conversation with our neighbours as they follow the progress of the teams, lightheartedly hammer us when England lose etc. Some of these people we don’t really speak to at other times so it’s quite nice. We don’t fly one all the time though.
  25. LouDYorkie

    White Privilege?

    Yes, It’s terrible. The divide is still very real unfortunately. The best I felt I could do in some of these situations was stay stood in the queue instead of letting myself be ushered to the front, pass the wine list to a black colleague for them to choose from time to time. Small things but they equalise us.