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  1. GazNorth

    Visa advice, submit directly or use an agency?

    I know that every case is different, but I submitted a 189 visa application my self and it went through with no hitches. It seems that it is only worthwhile getting help if either a) forms and processes really aren't your thing or b) you have a complicated family/background/employment etc. The skills submission was a worrying wait, but the Visa process was a breeze. And as for notaries - I submitted high resolution colour scans of everything without a single signature and there was no question asked whatsoever - I think this requirement harks back to dodgy photocopy days possibly. I couldn't find a hard and fast requirement anywhere of when to to have notarised copies, just advice of who can notarise. Good luck.
  2. GazNorth

    Reg which job category fall for database developer

    I have always developed databases, usually SQLServer and Oracle. I also build reporting cubes and develop reporting solutions (reporting applications rather than simply drag and drop wizard style reports). I went for Developer Programmer 261312 for my ACS assessment and it came through without a hitch. I took a copy of the criteria and using these headings I evidenced everything using examples. I hit 9/10 of the headings and it was obviously enough. I did struggle to decide which code to go for - nothing seemed to fit database developer clearly.
  3. GazNorth

    £900 for Medical Assessment

    Two adults, 11yr and a 7 yr is coming to just under £1k for me - that is with no extras.
  4. GazNorth

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    First IELTS results came through today - 8.5, that's a relief.
  5. GazNorth

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    I feel like real newbie - today I booked a hotel for Saturday's IELTS. So early in the process:biggrin: